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The Imbecile Lord Is Married to Five Beautiful Goddess – Chapter 325: Gentleman Or A Scoundrel Bahasa Indonesia

“Alex! What the hell!”


Catherine felt her cheeks heating up becoming rosy.

Due to the unexpected situation, she was finding it difficult to even breathe. It was so embarrassing, that she thought of finding a small hole to bury herself to get rid of the shame of this event.

While her heart was in a state of turmoil and her emotions, the perpetrator was thoroughly enjoying himself.

As soon as Catherine came, Alex asked everyone to leave so that both of them could have an important discussion on a secret topic.

It was their usual routine where both of them discussed the plans for the future and talked about politics but little did she know Alex wanted to do some other discussion first.

After everyone left, Alex, who pretended to be a gentleman, immediately bared his fangs and pounced on Catherine and hugged her from the back and snuggled his face on her neck while getting a feel of his beloved wife.

Catherine tried to protest and scold him but Alex closed her lips with his hands.


Alex groaned and immediately removed his hand and saw teeth marks on it.

“Darling Catherine, I didn’t know that you like to eat your hubby so much. “

“If only you had said sooner.”

“Shameless, get the hell away.”

“Someone might see us,” Catherine spoke in a panicked tone.

Alex chuckled a little and said”So what if people see us? Can’t a husband even hug his wife?”

“And stop pretending? You could have already pushed me if you didn’t like it.”


“I was just showing a big heart.”

“Yes, that is to allow me to hug you till my heart’s content, isn’t it?”

Catherine’s words choked in her throat.

“Catherine, I really missed you so much…” Alex spoke with a soft tone.

Catherine, who was struggling a bit, stopped and finally gave up.

It would lie if she said that she didn’t miss Alex.

She was not good at conveying her feelings and every day he would remember the way, Alex would tease her while working, took care of her meals when she forgot, ask her to take a break and help her to train.

Those small but sweet memories were missed by her.

Athena had already suggested to her to stop pretending too much, otherwise, she may push Alex away unknowingly and break her heart.

Listening to Alex’s genuine tone filled with affection, her heart softened for a bit.

She sighed and gave up resisting which surprised Alex for a moment.

“I can’t believe you accepted my advances,” Alex said with a startling tone.

“If you stop behaving like a scoundrel and behave as a proper gentleman, I might let you off.” Catherine snorted.

This guy’s hands were not honest at all.

“I am a born gentleman.”

“Your behaviour is similar to a gentleman by the standards of a beast, not a human,” Catherine spoke and turned her gaze as she felt faint stares from outside and her eyes widened as she saw three foreheads peeking from outside.

Catherine gritted his teeth in anger and stomped Alex’s feet and pushed him away with all her strength.

“You three stop peeping for the back.”

“You knew that they were peeping and you still behaved like this. Athena was right, you are a pervert.”

Alex looked back with a bitter smile. It would be a lie if he said he didn’t know about them so as a good husband, he took Catherine’s scolding head on.

Athena walked softly with a graceful smile.

“Oh my, my! Did we interrupt an important moment?” Athena spoke with a teasing tone followed by Christina and Riya with shy expressions.

“Catherine, you don’t need to mind us. We are all family so more or less, we should all get used to it. The sooner, the better isn’t it?” Athena gave a mischievous smile while staring at Riya and Christina.

Both of them nodded their heads meekly.

Coming here in the middle was already too much for them after all they were not thick-skinned like Athena.

‘Sure enough, only Athena can match Alex shamelessly. Just what kind of trap did I walk into? I should have kicked Alex as soon as he hugged me.’ Catherine’s face heated up thinking about the embarrassing situation that happened a moment ago.

“Haaa!”Alex cleared his throat and stood upright with a graceful posture, trying to give an excuse.

“You are misunderstanding, we were just having a body-to-body! Ouch!” Alex squealed as his feet were stabbed in by some pointy object.


“Sorry, I mean the matter was very important so we have to take proper precautions. I was trying to pass the words straight from mouth to mouth….Cough, I mean mouth to ear.”

Catherine was unable to handle any more and stabs Alex’s soles and feet as if she wanted to crush them to a pulp while giving Alex a hateful look.

Alex bit his lips to stop the pleasuring sensation passed by his wife to leak out from his eyes.

‘Sure enough, she still had the characteristics of Ava.’

Ava was a master in toe crusher. Only God knows home many people’s toes had been broken by her including him.

Seeing his sorrowful look, his friends used to console him saying that it was better to get your toes crushed after offending a lady rather than getting your balls crushed.

“Hmmm!” Alex cleared his throat and spoke, “So, where were we?”

“We were talking about the official letter that came from Kinley,” Catherine spoke while passing the letter to Alex with a glare.

“Did the messenger bring anything else or did any envoys come with them?” Alex asked.


Alex was a bit curious about the letter and hoped that it didn’t contain any complaints from the academy as he took leave without following proper procedures.

Alex’s expression hardened a bit as he read the letter and he stared at Athena for a moment.

“Have you not read the letter?”

“It might contain something important so I saved it for you,” Catherine said.

Alex raised his chin under everyone’s curious gaze and said”They are officially requesting Athena’s presence.”

“It is also mentioned that we cannot say no in this matter.” He spoke with a foul expression.


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