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The Imbecile Lord Is Married to Five Beautiful Goddess – Chapter 317: Break The Undead Sculptures Apart Bahasa Indonesia

Two of them quickly stood up and tried to take on Alex but Alex raised both of his fists and slammed them against their chest.

Alex’s punch was packed with terrifying power and blew their bodies into a bloody mist immediately.

Alex knocked out Duke Less and Count Yeon quickly and dragged them towards Lamar.

Seeing the three, Alex fell into deep thought wondering whether to kill them or keep them alive.

Alex looked down at Lamar who had almost lost his senses due to the pain.

He needed to dig out the information that was hidden in Lamar’s brain, but Alex didn’t want to take the risk of using soul search again.

His internal condition was really bad and if he was hit again by a soul attack, he may either be comatose or die for real.

Moreover, he was sure that Lamar might not have any useful information. What he needed was to know the real reason for the experiments.

“It seems I have to resort to other means.” Alex looked at the three-figure and pulled them up.

Alex followed the cave and arrived at the Steele and immediately destroyed it and purified the place.

Alex squeezed all his strength to purify the entire place getting rid of all the miasma.


With the setting of the sun, the undead became restless and everyone was tense as the undead became stronger at night.

But as they engaged, they found that the vast undead started to decrease.

Unlike the vast numbers pouring out of nowhere, their growing numbers have seemed to be halted.

Moderk, who had charged into the front lines so that Christina could take a break, was organising the troops.

They need to save up the stamina for any crisis, after all, unlike other wars where the battle stops after evening, the undead have no such principle and would keep on pouring out their attack.

Morderk, who was leading the front of the charge, stabbed his sword into the Death Knight’s collarbone and uprooted its neck.

Moderk, while pulling the sword, grabbed the dead body and threw it towards a surprise attack.



The body shattered into pieces and Morderk’s expression hardened as he saw slimy tentacles charging a few metres away.

“What kind of monster is this?”

Even with the forty years of his life, he had never seen a monster this ugly like this.

“All of you be alert and gather on the ground forming a squad of ten. Don’t fight alone. There is an unknown monster ahead.” Morderk commanded and went forward to catch a glimpse of this monster.

The tip of the tentacle was as sharp as a razor which seemed to aim for his life.

Morderk dodged the attacks coming towards his way while charging at it.


Something sharp brushed past his cheek giving him a cut.

Morderk frowned as cuts started to appear all over his body.

Gritting his teeth, he stepped aside and raising his palms clutched the slimy tentacles with metallic knuckles.

The tentacle-like substance wriggled trying to go out but Morderk didn’t let it out and wrapped it around his palm and pulled it towards him with a yank.


With a violent shriek, a bloated dark figure shot out from behind a tree towards Morderk.

Morderk raised his sword and sliced the figure that came towards it.

Blackish blood spurt on him emitting a foul rotten disgusting odour much to his surprise.

Morderk observed the corpse while wondering what kind of being was this when he heard a loud howl that looked towards the source.



A loud piercing cry radiated throughout the battlefield and they saw Max running away like a frightened cat.

Behind him, everyone saw a nefarious slimy figure that couldn’t be said to be a living being by any means.

Its appearance was so horrible that even Morderk felt chills.

Max felt as if he had been put into some kind of nightmare.No matter how many times he sliced that figure, it would just mould again into that horrible shit.

The slimey figure that wriggles towards Max was suddenly struck with a sword that pinned him down.

A small beam of fire erupted and burnt it into nothingness.

“For God’s Sake, Max, are you a child?” Alex’s figure appeared from the sky.

“Your Majesty!” Max almost threw himself into Alex’s arms seeing him come to his rescue but he was pulled back by his men who stopped him from approaching him.

“Take this crybaby away.”

“Hey, someone takes these deadweights away.”

Alex threw three broken and torn bodies on the ground and dusted his hands.

He looked towards Morderk and found the creature of darkness.

‘I have to get rid of their dead bodies.’Alex muttered inwardly while he started to clear the battlefield walking towards Morderk.

“Uncle Morderk, give me a report of the current situation.”

“And before that please wipe your stained face.”

Morderk gave a bitter smile and got rid of those pungent-smelling liquids and spoke.

” Your Majesty, currently 1200 men of ours are injured and till now we have 164 casualties.”

Alex nodded with a blank expression.

“Our numbers weren’t that bad considering their vast number and restless attacks,” Morderk added, trying to appease Alex as he noticed his grim expression.

The number wasn’t bad but it could have become worse if he hadn’t arrived and gotten rid of the source.

He purified a major chunk of the land which had almost exhausted his light power and he needed further help to clear the whole mass.

“Morderk, ask everyone to assemble. We will finish everything by tonight. Ask Athena to take charge of the priest and bring them here.” Alex ordered.

Morderk blinked in confusion and asked”Your Majesty! Priests are treating the patients and bringing them to the battlefield is dangerous for them.”

“This is the last batch of the undead. You will see a lapse in their attack pattern from now.”

“Now, go!

“By the way, send a messenger to Catherine, she might be under too much stress now.”

“I will send a messenger to Her Highness Catherine, “Morderk answered and nodded his head while moving to relay the orders.

Meanwhile, Alex took charge of the battlefield.

“Listen, everyone, if you find a piece of shit like this just kill them and bring them here. I will burn them immediately. I can’t bear watching these disgusting monsters.”

“And yeah bring that bastard Max and Albert. Albert, that piece of shit where the hell are you dying? If you don’t appear before me in three seconds, I swear that I will make you dance without wearing any clothes in the capital.”

As soon as Alex’s loud voice filled with anger reverberated, the soldiers felt emotional after remembering the way their king gave commands.

“Majesty, Alex I am here.”

Alex heard a loud howl from the back and raised his head to see a puppy jumping up and appearing before him.

‘Nice puppy!’

“Albert, freeze them. Your job is to freeze them only. Ian, I remember you can use Ice spells now, so help Albert to freeze them.”

“Max, Antwan, Ben, as soon as you see ugly undead sculptures just break them apart.”

“And yeah if you want any of those sculptures as decorative pieces to give as a gift. to your beloved, you can take as many statues as you want.”

Everyone who heard his words thought about one thing,’ Your Majesty, do you want to break our relationship and get beaten by our loved ones?’


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