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The Imbecile Lord Is Married to Five Beautiful Goddess – Chapter 308: Embodiment Of Darkness 2 Bahasa Indonesia

All of a sudden, there were collapses in various places in the phantasm behind Arion.

Arion felt that the power released by Alex contained enormous pure and vast power of faith which invaded his power.

His power of faith suddenly became disordered, and the phantasm around him which was rapidly pulling the power to fight to exert his strength was also rapidly weakening.


‘How can you utilise the power of faith?’Arion muttered inwardly with a panicked tone.

The space around the place seemed to be responding to Alex and all the creatures instead of worshipping him were bowing their heads towards him as if they were awe-stricken and hypnotised by his presence.

That kind of incomparable power of faith and the vast vitality exuded in each breath was not an illusion.

Arion felt the world around him revolving due to the sudden change.

Arion’s eyes flashed a trace of blood colour and he transformed his hand by covering it into a huge gauntlet and exuded a vast breath.

In his current state, the attack and defence were already doubled but he would suffer a recoil after the effect wore out and would fall into a period of weakness.

The scene of the phantasm had not faded because of Alex’s suppression but Arion had almost used up the power of faith in it. So, he wanted to make an all-out in a blow.

Alex had a bad omen of extreme danger. With a tap of his foot, his body rose into the sky.

The space behind him started to distort and was rapidly changed by his power.

[Wrath Of God]

In the rage of Arion, the phantasm behind him emerged with a length of hundred of kilometres which appeared in Alex’s sight covering his vision entirely.

A huge roar resounded that shook the entire world as its body almost covered the entire sky of the world.

When its palm emerged from the top of the sky, the nearby spaces showed signs of being torn, revealing the magnitude of the strength the attack held.

Alex stared at the huge palm descending on him with an indifferent expression

Huge pressure was already upon him to try to pin him down to the ground.

The situation was similar to Monkey King taking on Buddha’s palm.

Still, Alex wasn’t affected. He raised his head and widened his eyes which gleamed viciously.

[Roar Of Crimson Demons]

The dark sky became red and the space behind him was already full of violent breath like the law of destruction and so on a blood sea emerged from behind.

The entire area became an ocean of blood and inside it hundred of the phantasm of warriors of Knight appeared with an armour of blood.

At first slime of blood appeared which started to change its shape into demonic beings covered in Knight armour with fiery glowing eyes.

The figure of hundreds of demons materialised who raised their weapons in the palm consisting of swords, spears, bows, whips and daggers.

Each of them were ten metres in length and exuded a terrifying strength and they also roared towards the phantom of God.

Soon, with a burst of crimson light, they shot towards the palm trying to tear it apart.


The sound of shattering glasses along with thunder echoed and travelled all across the world.

When the two powers collided, a huge mushroom-shaped cloud rose in the sky and the terrifying shock wave spread out all around.

Everyone on the ground felt a violent tremor and their eardrum burst out and they were unable to hear any sound. The aftermath of the shockwaves swept them all away and almost annihilated them.

There were large and shocking cracks in the nearby space, inside the crack, there was a terrifying space and turbulence.

The space of the world was unable to take the blow and it started to shatter like glass and the huge clouds of flames were sucked into it.

The fierce battle did not last long. Although the giant phantasm tore up several demons with its ferocity in front of the bloody maniac demons, it was unable to maintain its strength.

The huge palm gradually started to dim and the momentum also began to weaken. On the other side, the demons started to fall one by one and started to vanish.

But before the clash could finish, the huge crack in the void started to pull everything inside the world towards it.

Alex noticed the severity of the situation and immediately moved.

Fumes of condensed mana emerged from Alex as Alex started to fix the crack as quickly as possible.

While Alex tried to fix the huge crack in the space, Arion didn’t sit at a standstill and started to squeeze every remaining drop of mana.

“Kill him!”

“Kill that bastard!”

Arion screamed with a tear in his eyes, the fighting experience with the human had utterly horrified him and left him in a devastating state.

All of his hard work was destroyed by humans.

With an agonised scream, he ordered the phantasm to kill Alex.


Arion, who was shouting like a beast, suddenly froze as he heard a deep heavy voice that almost split his head.

“You have the guts to order my projection.”

“Useless Trash!”

“Wh-who..are you?” Arion screamed in horror but his answer wasn’t answered and that was the last thing he spoke.

His body suddenly swelled like a balloon. He had overestimated himself too much.

No human could use the power of faith, it was merely because of the Projection taking the load he was able to survive but during this process, a trace of sentience appeared in it and it immediately took away the protection.

Unable to maintain the power, Arion burst into pieces and the dense mass of undulated power rose and mixed with the phantasm.

Alex noticed the sudden death of Arion and almost pulled up his hair like a maniac and shouted.

“Son of Bitch!My expppp!”

Fortunately, the system words calmed him down as he wouldn’t get any exp in this state.

Alex thought that everything was over and was about to breathe in relief when he saw the small mass containing violent energy merging with the phantasm.


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