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The Imbecile Lord Is Married to Five Beautiful Goddess – Chapter 303: Let’s Drown In Darkness Bahasa Indonesia

[Atomic Fission]

It was the spell that Alex developed while training in the Goddess Of Sanctuary.

The spell was quite complex and needed a thorough understanding of nuclear physics and a proper application of magic otherwise, it was the caster who would die instead of the enemy.

And it was also the small brother of the Atomic Fusion Spell which Alex used to eradicate a portion of Hell.

Alex pinned all of his hope in the spell and in case it misfired, Alex along with everyone in his surroundings would die first.

The spell was only 60 per cent complete still it was enough to deal with a Mythic rank rendering him useless.


An enormous eruption as if the sky had been shattered and thousands of thunderstorms struck at once reverberated in the entire world as if the whole world was collapsing.

The entire dark sky was lit up but a humongous explosion where the cloud of flames enlarged and covered everyone’s vision.

The kids who witnessed such a scene fell on the ground with their jaws wide open, unable to get over the shock.

Out of them, the one who was terrified greatly was none other than Shrestha who stabbed Alex with the dagger.

She couldn’t believe the man who had fallen onto his knees with a simple flick of the enemy’s finger was able to cast an attack on such a scale.

The mushroom-shaped flame started to rise while flames started to rain on the ground.

It looked as if the sun had arisen in the world’s shooking away the darkness

Alex didn’t spare a glance and placed his hand on Hurt’s chest and stared deep into his eyes with a solemn gaze.

“Hurt, I am entrusting you everything,” Alex spoke closing his eyes to focus

“What!!” Hurt asked with a bewildered expression.

Hurt screamed but his words were cut short by Alex.

[Goddess Buff]


[Lady Luck’s Blessing]

Alex transferred all the important power in his arsenal to Hurt temporarily.

Restore could bring back one to his peak condition unless the person was on the verge of death but on the other hand, the amount of mana consumption was too high after all this was the spell that could even heal a person who had lost his limbs and arms to his best condition or when he was at the peak of his power.

On the other hand, Lady Luck’s blessing was a dangerous skill that needed to be used properly.

It could make a person extremely lucky by drawing out a person’s future luck to the current state and the amount of luck drawn depended on the caster.

But on the other hand, once the luck was finished the person would be unlucky for the corresponding days up to which the Luck is drawn.

And Goddess buff would further increase the efficiency of everything.

Alex’s expression became pale and his throat became dry.

Alex’s legs trembled and he felt weakening and exhaustion overwhelming him.

He stared at his screen to see that his mana was close to a single digit and was on the verge of draining.

Alex clenched his teeth and immediately put the 30 hard-earned stat points into the magic and 10 stat points into vitality.

Alex felt strength restoring him and he tried to finish things quickly.

Hurt whose body had been bruised and weakened suddenly started to change.

Hurt felt immense vitality gushing into his body.

The black flames and miasma around him dispersed instantly.

New hair started to grow from his forehead and the layer of his skin started to peel off and fall.

Snow white skin glowed after the charred skin fell, and the coloured of his hair changed to golden due to an unknown reason.

Alex tapped on Hurt’s forehead and a portion of information Alex had about the place was transferred to Hurt.

Hurt raised his hand to support Alex who looked like a dried fish that had been thrown out of the water.

“Listen, Hurt for the next 30 minutes you have indomitable luck and you can use light elements and the power of blessings would make you stronger but it will be only for half an hour after which you will become normal.”

“Take all of them and leave through the gateway quickly. Don’t waste a single second Hurt.”

“Okay, let’s go.”

“I am not going now.”

Hurt swallowed his saliva and a bad premonition arose in his heart.


“I need to finish off the things. He didn’t die. We need to get rid of him.” Alex answered Hurt screaming.

“You can’t defeat him, he is too strong.” Hurt refuted and tried to pull Alex.

“I am stronger than you can imagine. I am just holding back. Hurt, get out of here quickly.”

“If you find Riya, tell her not to worry and tell her that I swear on her name along with my other wife’s name that I will come back alive.”

Hurt clenched his fist and stared at Alex’s bright eyes brimming with confidence.

“Okay, I understand.”

With a heavy breath, he stared at the kids with an angered expression.

“What do you want me to do with those who betrayed you and changed sides?”

“Take them out. They are free to go their own ways. I will overlook them, once. Just throw them away in the forest near the fortress and let them find their way out” Alex said coldly.

“Now go!”

Hurt nodded and waved his hand.

The bodies of the kids started to float slowly.

Hurt looked at Alex for the last time and said”Bastard, don’t keep this old man waiting for too long.”

Hurt along with other figures was instantly teleported.

With Alex’s blessings and power, Hurt was able to teleport everyone to one of the gateways.

Alex with a smile on his face closed his eyes and fell as finally, darkness covered his vision.

As the cloud of flames dispersed, an obscure still floated in the air with a huge hole in the chest and both of the arms missing.

The smile on his face had disappeared for a long time leaving behind a cold look.

Mustering his strength, he muttered something.

The power of Darkness surged towards him and his body started to heal.

Arms started to sprout from his shoulder and the huge hole in his chest started to close slowly.

Arion’s eyes fell on Alex who seemed to be passed out. He ignored him and his figure directly darted towards escaped people.

His figure instantly reached the gateway but he was unable to draw closer as Hurt locked the entire place surrounding the gateway.

Hurt and others escape by the time Arion breaks through space.

His expression became worse and his eyes were burning with immense anger and hatred.

“Filthy bugs, you dare to raise your head before him.”

“I shouldn’t have played with you and crushed you thoroughly. It was my mistake.”

“No, there is still one left. I will let him recover and thoroughly enjoy torturing him. With his memories, I will find his kids and family. Anyone related to you will suffer in agony and pain. Everyone will criticise you for being close to them.”

“Hahaha hahaha!”

Arion burst into laughter but his laughter stopped in its tracks as he heard a voice filled with an immense coldness which seemed to threaten his entire existence.

A chilling intent locked onto him that sent chill down to his bones.

“It seems that the playtime is over.”

“Arion! It’s time to drown in darkness.”


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