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The Imbecile Lord Is Married to Five Beautiful Goddess – Chapter 290: Humans Who Became Servant Of Darkness Bahasa Indonesia

Desh, who was at the front of the charge, took out a huge scythe. Its edges were sharp, threatening to tear the opponent.

Arose and Moab went around and the trio formed a triangular formation trapping Alex from three sides.

Alex simply walked towards them calmly, instead of focusing on them, he directed his attention to Khim.

He was afraid of being sneak attacked by Khim when the opportunity arose. He wouldn’t be lucky enough to dodge the blow due to his perception always.

The group who saw his calm walk were flustered. They didn’t know the reason for his arrogance in the face of three Epic ranks and they weren’t even the least bit interested in finding out.

They just wanted to tear his limbs and bring him back quickly so that they can relax.

Alex waved his hand and the sword that had fallen off immediately came flying to his hands.

Arose and Moab rushed toward Alex. The gap between them was covered in an instant in the blink of an eye.

A moment later, the scene that appeared in Alex’s eyes was two people aiming for his vitals.

As their weapons advanced wanting to cut him down, Alex swung his sword towards them giving a horizontal slice.

Alex’s sword met with the sharp edges of the other two swords and the sounds of metal clashing against each other rang out shortly.


Arose and Moab’s eyes were filled with shock and disbelief as Alex parried both of their attacks with ridiculous strength and impetus which he struck, forcing them to lose the grip of their weapon.

Their arms became numb and the weapons shot out from their hands and fell a few distances away.

They were defenceless without weapons.

With weapons, they were not Alex’s match, so how could take him on without a weapon? Alas, they were too late to find it.

While Alex’s strength was 170, the other Epic rank’s strength ranged from 90-110 and in a way Alex’s strength was double theirs due to additional stat points and mass training.

Unless Alex was in the mood to play around, no Epic rank stood a chance to even raise their weapons at him for the second time.

And currently, to their bad luck, Alex’s mood was really bad after finding out about the real identity of these people.

Alex didn’t let go of the opportunity and went for the kill instantly.

Alex without any hint of mercy slashed out his swords at Arose and Dest who jumped back in fright. Although they reacted fast enough to create distance between themselves before Alex moved his sword, but the arc of his sword still reached them drawing a faint line on their neck.

Blood spurt out from their necks.

They clutched their neck trying to suppress the wound and their neck from falling.

Their perseverance surprised Alex a bit as normal human beings may have already died.

Alex stared at the duo who moved back weakly as if they were on their last breath.

Alex’s intention to kill them is reflected in his eyes and he charges towards them.

But Dest came between them and swung his scythe.


Alex felt faint drops of liquid falling over his skin that were starting to burn his skin.

“Resistance is futile. The poison will soon render your senses and paralysed you.”

His words fell on deaf ears and Alex’s sword struck him heavily.


Dest tried to parry Alex’s attack but Alex’s sword swing became faster and faster and soon with a clean swing, Alex sliced the handle of the scythe, drawing a cut over Dest’s chest, much to his horror.

Dest was stupefied for a moment seeing the poison not affecting Alex.

Before he could finish the job, Khim pointed his bow at Alex.

The bow didn’t have an arrow and instead of an arrow, countless specks of light appeared around him which joined together to form an arrow.

Dark energy gushed out from his fingertips infusing the arrow and causing it to become a pitch dark arrow and increasing its strength.

Looking at Alex with a playful expression, the arrow immediately charged at Alex.

Khim thought that this small attack was enough to buy time for the others to escape after which he would join and finish the job but contrary to his expectations, the scene didn’t turn out as he imagined.

To his dismay, Alex didn’t even spare a glance at his attack and simply flicked his sword.

A beam of light appeared in the trajectory of the arrow. The arrow struck it and vanished after crumbling into pieces.

Although Alex was already a few steps away from the target, his hands moved like a whip invisible to the naked eye.

The sword skidded through the way, falling onto their necks like a knife chopping vegetables.

Three heads were detached from their bodies and flew in the air leaving behind a cleanly cut neck from which blood gushed up like a fountain.

Khim’s expression stiffened. He had thought that the boy would have exhausted himself after fighting for so long and become easy prey for them but in the nick of time, he had already killed three Epic ranks.

Panic was evident in his eyes and he lost his desire to confront him.

At this moment, a terrifying gaze fell on him which made his whole body shudder in fear.

He was at Transcendent rank but he felt that his strength wasn’t enough to kill this guy.

“Can’t we talk first?”

Without muttering a word, Alex dashed towards him with a bloody sword in his hands giving him a look of psycho murdered.

Khim raised his bow, firing a few arrows while moving backwards trying to escape.

Alex sliced off the arrow with his light elemental slash and slashed many light blades at Khim who tried to dodge it.

Alex raised his other arms and stretched out his hands and pointed to them at Khim.

More than dozens of mana wisps gushed out from his finger and intertwined in the air.

Many light arrows, swords and spears materialised behind that were meant for Khim.


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