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The Imbecile Lord Is Married to Five Beautiful Goddess – Chapter 288: The Beginning Of Hunt 2 Bahasa Indonesia

Staring at the group below him giving their all to find him and him, Alex thought about Hurt’s whereabouts. To survive in this place, one needs knowledge along with skills and strength.

Unlike him whose knowledge was quite shallow about these creatures, Hurt seems to know more about them and along with the legendary realm strength, it would be more than enough to deal with trouble unless he encounters any mishaps.

Hurt might have been dealing with these pests for a long time and might have known about their weakness.

Alex looked around at the sheer number of enemies walking all around him and clenched his sword to plunge into action.

It was time to reverse the situation.

The group down below had completely let down their guards thinking that Alex might have escaped.

They were simply unaware of the fact that the hunter had set their eye on them and Alex with silent steps caught up to them.

The atmosphere was already dark, and even Alex’s partial concealment skill worked wonderfully here.

Alex jumped down from the tree and landed silently on the ground.

Alex glanced at the group, walking forward leisurely, turning their backs on him which proved to be quite fatal for them.

Alex first marked the zone with a sound barrier and then took the opportunity to stab the sword at the enemy that was the furthest back of the group and assassinated him swiftly and without anyone unaware of his death. Alex killed it too silently.

Alex quickly grabbed the corpse and flew up towards the tree and placed the corpse over the branch carefully to hide from others.

He decided to assault the rest of them like this playing from the shadows.

He stared at the ugly baldies with their back to him. They were looking left and right in search of him but they didn’t look behind.

Alex would silently appear out of nowhere and pick up the last man in the line and disappear into the darkness.

Alex uses this tactic to kill several dozen more one by one.

For him, it was like picking up fruits from a bunch and storing them somewhere.

The game of hidden seek went on for a long time. Out of all those who had a come for his life, Alex took out a hundred of them.

It took almost two hours to reduce their number which was quite an exhausting job as he was fighting people of the same rank.

Even small ants when united could harm an elephant let alone people with the same rank.

Alex also gained some benefits from killing them, which were none other than experience points and levelling up. His experience bar which had been struck for two months was refilling at a faster rate and he had already levelled up to level 14 in Epic rank.

On top of that, using partial concealment skills and assassin techniques learnt from Riya, he was getting more and more proficient in it.

His Partial concealment rose to E from F. Even if he could master the concealment skill it would still fall short before Riya’s who could use the darkness element.

Unless Alex could use the darkness element, his concealment skill would be stuck at partial, which was nothing more than a cheap copy of Riya’s skill.

Still, it was more than enough to deal with them. Alex wiped off the sweat from his forehead and walked nimbly like a cat at a small speed without producing noise.

Alex’s footsteps were quite silent and even after this he was still as agile as ever while picking them up one by one.

The prey had long realised that something was amiss but since all of them were scattered, not many realised their situation.

Alex had carefully picked the stronger ones first and disposed of their corpses.

He also used some to make them lean against the tree for others to view and as they halted in their tracks, Alex would come down and send them to the afterlife.

Although Alex tried to do this as cleanly as possible, there was bound to be some kind of mistake.

One of them was searching around the tree, and suddenly a drop of liquid fell on his bald head.

He touched the liquid and sniffed it.

His eyes popped out of the socket as he found the familiar scent of blood and looked up towards the branches of the tree.

His scale became numb as he looked up.

Several dead figures were hanging on the branches up above and that was not just on one tree, rather many trees in the surroundings were filled with dead bodies.

He tried to scream but he felt his soul leaving his body after seeing such a horrible scene. Their unity coupled with their hunting tactics was their strength but who knew the human would separate them down slowly and steadily take down one at a time until dozens of them were left.


Unable to hold back anymore, it screamed in fear.

His loud noise echoed and reverberated throughout the forest.

Naturally, his voice attracted others’ attention and getting the signal they dashed towards him.

As they started to get closer, they didn’t know whether it was due to a natural phenomenon or it was due to someone playing tricks. A strong gust of wind started to blow out from above.

The momentum of the wind was so strong that even tall and sturdy trees started to sway left and right.

And at that very moment, corpses could be seen sprawled throughout the forest one by one.


The scene looked like ripe fruits falling from the trees one by one due to the strong gust of wind but instead of fruits, there were corpses from all around.

Only after the creatures were frightened after witnessing such a scene, did Alex figure take a step out from the dark and enter their sight with a smile on his face.

“Let’s clean the leftovers.” Alex’s smile widened and with large strides, he moved forward.


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