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The Imbecile Lord Is Married to Five Beautiful Goddess – Chapter 281: Faceoff Against The Creatures Of Dark Bahasa Indonesia

Hurt lips twitched after hearing Alex’s words and thought that the kid was trying to act cool and show off.

When it comes to showing off, he thought that he was number 1 but this kid was miles ahead of him.

Alex and Hurt bickered back and forth until Hurt was unable to handle it anymore.

He was still sceptical about Alex’s identity.

The boy’s previous behaviour made it hard to discern his age. And even if the boy was just 19 years old, how could he know so many things?

Hurt felt as if he was talking to someone who was a powerhouse instead of an Epic rank and he seemed knowledgeable about the extent of the power of the upper realms quite easily.

The thing which annoyed him most was that in his every question, he would use the Goddess’s name to deter him.

Alex even said that they could prove this if Hurt came to Church with him.

If a scapegoat could be sold off many times, Alex would have already labelled it and sold it to the market many times.

Alex could even find a mini angel sitting on his right shoulder whispering to him not to sell the Goddess’s name otherwise he would be struck.

In response to the cute little angel, Alex would just look up to see if any lightning was coming for him and witnessing none, he would just flick the baby angel Alex and listen to the baby devil Alex on his left shoulder.

If only Alex knew that The Goddesses were fuming with anger, up in heaven and were itching to shower him with lightning strikes for his insolence but they were forced to restrain themselves as Alex was going to engage in a very important battle ahead, Alex would have already locked his mouth with a lock.

“Do you know the location of the sacrificial altar?” Alex asked.

Hurt nodded and asked him to follow him.

Hurt lit up small fireballs which revolved around him like small orbs.

The lit from the fireball showed the way through the forest and they appeared in an area devoid of any vegetation which was a few miles away from the fighting spot.

When the duo walked around, there seemed to be piles of bones and corpses of people, beasts and monsters which seemed to be rotting in the open.

Surrounding the carcass were black fumes of miasma hovering around it.

Alex could occasionally hear a cacophony of bones giving one an eerie feeling.

The aura of death was all around him and could give rise to undead automatically on several occasions.

Alex assessed the situation, he remembered the horror tales of bloodthirsty evil monsters and ghosts.

If this place cannot be labelled as a horror scene then Alex didn’t know which place would qualify to be called haunted.

His previous self might have wet his pants and been knocked down just by the scene.

The stench of rotten and putrid odour assaulted Alex’s nostrils.

“This place is a treacherous area. Should I cleanse them?” Alex murmured.

“No, let’s leave it for later. The creature of the dark may be alarmed if we do anything here.” Hurt suggested.

“Good choice! You are officially qualified to be my assistant, Grandpa.”

Hurt almost tripped over the piles of bones. He suddenly had a feeling that staying with this stinky boy was bad for his health lest he might be angered to death.

“Look at that cave.”

Alex glanced at the ominous cave which was emitting strong miasma from it.

“Are you sure you don’t want others to accompany you or ask for help? We don’t know the level of the enemies inside. So, you may die.” Hurt asked with a solemn expression.

Although Hurt looked young he was really old from the heart and he had already decided to believe half-heartedly that the boy was a kid not reborn being like him.

Alex had a bright future ahead and he may contribute greatly to this world.

Alex noticed Hurt’s train of thought.

The best case for them would be to ask for help. Alas, they cannot.

Only people above the Mythic realm would be told about these creatures’ existence because if their presence was known worldwide, everyone would panic and fear.

And once the sacrificial altar was activated, many of them might be in danger.

Alex only hoped the people inside the place just offered sacrifice through rituals, otherwise, if they had set a continental-level spell to trap people and pull away their souls, the damage might be too hard.

Alex had to blindly believe in the Goddess. Since they had issued the task, that means Alex was capable enough to finish things and with a sidekick by his side, he felt more confident in dealing with this matter.

“There are two guarding the place,” Alex informed Hurt.

Hurt had recently gone through a series of tough battles so Alex decided that he would draw out the enemies whereas Hurt would sneak inside the cave and search the place.

Alex trusted Hurt strength and prowess and if something went wrong, he was more than capable enough to come out alive.

If it gets worse, he could just teleport and both of them flee and Alex would visit Church to ask for Goddess guidance.

“Use a noise barrier so that their screams didn’t alarm others inside.” Hurt advised.

Both of them had a tacit understanding.

Alex strode towards the entrance slowly.

From afar, Alex could vaguely make out a hunched, humanoid form. It wasn’t short, it was bloated and heavy.

Its body was blackish green emitting a foul odour. It was covered in scales that glowed menacingly and there were claws in its limbs as long as a scythe.

Besides, it stood another one.

While the other one was similar to it but it was more gruesome than the first one and looked like a disfigured, vengeful woman that haunted people in nightmares.

Alex’s body suddenly froze for a moment.

This…This sight was too ugly for him to bear and he even had an urge to puke.

The creatures made by the God Of Darkness were so utterly disgusting and hideous that it even took Alex by surprise.

Alex had seen many gruesome sights and had already been used to ugliness but this was something beyond the level of his wildest imagination.

Even ugly ghosts from horror movies or aliens in sci-fi looked more handsome than these.

‘Can’t that old bastard at least make a proper creature? What kind of shit is this? No, even shit looks better than these.’

‘The saying was correct.’

‘Ugly brain gives rise to ugly existence.’

‘I fear even my handsomeness might be affected by them.’

In the span of a second, Alex had cursed the God of Darkness’s whole ancestor countless times.

The creature noticed Alex from a distance.

Lunging forward, it extended its gnarly arms at him intending to slice his throat open with its claw.

As the creature moved towards Alex moving away from the cave, Hurt who was nearby used spatial magic to hide and sneaked into the cave.

Note:As you know, Tier 7 to 9 are known as advanced spells, and after them, spells can be categorised into legendary spells.

Continental spell is above the legendary spell.


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