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The Imbecile Lord Is Married to Five Beautiful Goddess – Chapter 262: Challenge 2 Bahasa Indonesia

“Little fireball, please don’t embarrass me in front of everyone. Your Lady Lord is peeking from the side so don’t disappoint her.” Alex muttered and the ball of flame flickered gleefully.

Alex clenched his fist and the big flame condensed into a small egg that started to rotate on his finger while pointing in front of him, he tossed it out.

The bluish fireball went through the wall firewall in front of Alex like a sharp sword cutting through a city wall like butter.

A metre-wide passage was smashed open in the raging firewall which didn’t close even after the ball went out


The egg-shaped mini fireball collided with three giant fireballs in the mid-air and exploded into dazzling fireworks.

The little cute seemingly harmless fireball had released such terrifying power that even the big exploding fireball power was overpowered by it and the firepower pushed forward.

A strong burst of flame cloud occurred which spread towards Joey trying to engulf him.

Joey quickly chanted a wind spell and blew strong high fast winds to extinguish the cloud of flames.

As soon as the cloud of flames dispersed, Joey was startled to see Alex disappear from the stage and a confused expression appeared on his face.

“Did I knock him out? Maybe the rebound was too much for him to handle.” Joey muttered inwardly while looking around.

At that time, he felt arms pressing on his shoulder and a small current passed through his body.

“Kayak!” He squealed like a pig and jumped back in fright but stammered and fall back.

“I thought that the small spark was enough to keep you down but I guess, I underestimated you,” Alex spoke and walked towards him with a smile.

Joey’s whole body stiffened and he tried to cast a spell straight at Alex without thinking about the consequence but he was horrified to see his whole body paralysed and he wasn’t able to make a sound.

Alex bent down and raised his forefinger and thumb and placed it beside Joey’s ears and snapped.

The small waves that emerged were distorted by Alex’s spell that started to get amplified beside Joey’s ears, which was loud enough to burst his ear drums.


Strong sound waves spread like shockwaves blowing away the air.

“Aaaaaaahhhh!” Joey screamed with a pained expression as if he was burnt alive and sent out a loud reverberating noise.

Everyone felt pain on hearing the loud sound waves and closed their ears.

The screeching sound was quite painful to the ear and the frequency of the transmitted waves was way above what the human ear could endure but Alex had no problem as he could change the frequency of voice reaching his ears by changing his surroundings as sound depends on various factors.


With a loud thud, Joey fell to the ground.

Everyone could see Joey had fallen unconscious due to the unorthodox spells and in a way, he was thrashed around brutally and led by the nose.

All Alex did was lift his fingers and even his chant was over as soon as it started which made him look in a different light to many.

‘You are lucky that you are in the academy and I have been mercifully otherwise if this was outside the campus I wouldn’t have left you until I beat you to my heart’s content.’Alex snorted and walked down the stage gracefully.

Professor Nina checked Joey’s condition and breathed in relief seeing him fine and there wasn’t even a trace of any injury.

He was simply knocked out by Alex without any harm.

On getting her signal, a stretcher was brought and he was moved into the infirmary meanwhile the classes resumed as usual.

After this many challenged one another and fortunately, Alex didn’t receive many challenges as others have picked their opponents whom they have grudges with and no one wanted to waste time on him.

This was good for him as he could observe everyone and gleefully take the job to mark the good apples.

Dave, who was the peak disciple ranked, got on the stage and challenged Hurt.

A hush silence prevailed as soon as the challenge was issued.

Even Professor Nina was flustered by Dave and spoke softly”Dave, I think you should speak to another challenger.”

“Now, I want to challenge him only,” Dave shouted stubbornly.

Alex noticed everyone’s weird gaze on Dave.

There was a mix of mocking, worrying, and pity.

‘What is the matter with that Hurt Kid.’Alex muttered and looked around to see everyone standing aside and a man with brown hair and blue eyes walked forward.

Alex could feel a sense of intimidation emanating from the guy and this guy was at mid Master rank.

At glance, he could see that this guy was special.

Hurt stood on the stage with a cold look as if he just came out after being frozen into statute for a thousand years.

“Only those who strive for the best can soar high up in the sky and my goal is to defeat the absolute best and get on the top by defeating you,” Dave spoke with a solemn expression.

Alex heard his speech and sincerely clapped for that guy who was showing praiseworthy courage before being martyred.

A huge sphere of wind was summoned by Dave which swept away high-speed winds in the radius of 100 metres like an oncoming cyclone

Alex’s hair fluttered and he felt his hair getting dishevelled by such strong winds which seemed to be blowing over 100km per hour.


Dave launched the huge sphere of compressed wind at Hurt and to Alex’s surprise, he found Hurt doing nothing and standing there like a statue.


The sphere erupted sending frightening wind blades which were enough to slaughter low-level monsters and beasts into pieces.

Alex’s eyes narrowed as he saw Hurt remain standing there on the spot motionless without a single scratch as none of the sharp wind blades passed through him.

Alex inferred that the sphere must come in contact with something that could burst that thing but surprisingly Alex couldn’t find any encapsulation or barrier around Hurt.


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