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The Imbecile Lord Is Married to Five Beautiful Goddess – Chapter 251: Enrollment Letter Bahasa Indonesia

Zenith wasn’t peaceful due to recent events.

Alex had just entered Zenith and a storm had already been set in motion.

And the person who was in the middle of the storm was trying his best to keep calm.

He was called for the coronation ceremony but instead of being crowned he was going to be thrown into the academy and that means he cannot leave the capital and this matter had already brought him headaches.

And it also delayed his meeting with Yvonne’s parents. Now, he was ashamed to face them.

“The way things developed is quite bizarre, I almost imagined you coming with wounds or an arm missing.”

“But thank god, you came out safely from the den.”Athena teased Alex.

Alex laughed bitterly hearing Athena’s words.

“I don’t know why I have an inkling that the thing was going to turn like this in the end.”

“Perhaps, The Emperor wanted to enrol you in the academy from the beginning,” Catherine said.

“Why do you think so?” Both Riya and Christina stared at her with questioning gazes.

“You might have already known about the law of the Crown Prince, have to graduate from the academy. I just thought that Alex would be an exception but I guess, I was wrong this time.”Catherine murmured.

Alex swept his glance at everyone around and his stare stopped at Catherine.

“Out of everyone present here, only you have attended the Academy so tell me how it is?”

Catherine nodded and started to explain”The main class will be divided into groups depending on your choice and talent.”

“Magic class, Knight Class and Literary Class.”

“Magic class is for those who wanted to become a mage and their body had an aptitude for magic. Knight is for those who wanted to walk the martial path to become warriors and Literature is for those who are unawakened and opt to become scholars.”

“And you were in Literature Classes filled with worthless and outcasted ones,” Alex spoke with a smile.

Catherine nodded proudly but stopped in the mid as she realised Alex’s hidden meaning.


The entire room burst into laughter as they stared at Catherine who made a fool of herself.

“Alex!” Catherine glared at him angrily clenching her fist and refuting.

“It’s not filled with worthless ones, rather it is a class of scholars. Don’t underestimate scholars.”

“Scholars were also taught how to fight. There were many awakened ones in literary class also and without scholars, the civilization wouldn’t have progressed to what it is today. There wouldn’t be any difference between, demons beastman and us.”

“Hmmm!” Catherine snorted.

“Since, we are already doing this. I have to think of some ways to profit.”Alex spoke.

“Don’t tell me you are going to kidnap some people,” Christina asked with a startled expression.

Alex gritted his teeth seeing her expression and muttered”I will try to find a way to groom students and request them to work for us.”

“I think you misspoke the kidnap as requested,” Catherine spoke with a teasing smile.

“I wish Alice was there. When would she enter the academy?” Alex asked.

“Next year,” Riya answered.

At the same time, they heard a knocking sound on the door.

Christina stood up and went out to look into the situation and returned with an envelope and passed it to Alex.

Alex squinted his eyes and took the envelope.

Alex closed his eyes as he saw the shining letter which almost blinded his vision.

“What do we have here?”

Alex read the letter and his expression turned solemn.

“Haaaa!” Taking a deep breath, he threw it towards the table and messaged his forehead.

“What’s in there?”Everyone asked.

“Is the content too heavy even for you?”Athena spoke.

“It’s the admission letter.”

“Ohh!”Everyone grasped a cold breath.

” And Riya, you also have to enrol.”

“What!” Riya shrieked with a panicked expression.

“Me…I have to enter the academy with My Lord.”

At first, she was frightened and wondered if she had heard something wrong but as she thought about it more, her eyes glistened with delight.

‘Wouldn’t it mean, I can accompany My Lord?’

‘Ohh, God! I am so lucky.’

Alex along with others noticed Riya’s trail of thoughts and poured a cold bucket on her.

“You are going to enrol in Knight Class.”

Riya’s expression turned ugly and she started to grumble about it.

“Which class are you assigned?” Catherine asked curiously.

“Magic!” Alex answered nonchalantly.

“How did he know you had magic affinity?” Catherine asked.

Even Alex was suspicious about it. Except for the healing spell, he hadn’t used any magic spell in front of others and his enemies who might have seen it always ended up dead.

And a healing spell is only possible with Goddess’s blessing so it doesn’t matter whether one had an affinity or not.

“Maybe they have tested your affinity before when you were a child,” Athena muttered and looked toward Riya.

“Have they ever tested it?” Alex asked curiously.

“I don’t know about it?”

“There were times when you were taken by people who were ordered by the Emperor to go somewhere and I asked you whether you remember anything.”

“You always replied incomprehensibly and said you were taken into a study room or something and after that, you don’t remember anything,” Riya answered.

“Hmm!” Alex nodded and rubbed his chin falling into deep thoughts.

Alex does have a magic affinity, otherwise, how could he use magic? Surprisingly, he could use most of the elements.

Fire, water, wind, rock, lightning, plants, ice and light. These were the basic attributes of magic spells.

He didn’t have any affinity with light elements but with Goddess Rebecca’s help and Hirt, who is Goddess of Nature, he was able to develop an affinity with light elements.

Inborn attributes were quite strong but one can also develop by using external means.

Unlike others, he spent a lot of time in the Sanctum of Goddess where time flows slower and he had a lot of time to develop other magic attributes.

Any person who has a greater number of affinities has an aura that can be identified with a single glance.

Maybe, someone that day was able to notice this in the Throne room or those people who secretly observed his battle against Amidon noticed something.

Out of everyone 1000 mage, only a couple could use more than four elements.

And his affinity for lightning and fire elements is the strongest while the wind is the lowest but that didn’t mean he didn’t have any affinity with wind and cannot use wind spells.

Alex didn’t know about another member of the Royal family but he heard from Alice that she had an affinity with three nature elements currently and Prince Sean had all except light and plant, who can be considered genius mages.

Alex stared at the letter and spoke.

“And we have to enter the second year and we are already six months late.”

“I could already feel a headache.”

He could ace the practical but he didn’t know if he could keep up with writing exams and papers and documents piling up in Leonhart, he felt as if he was undergoing the greatest crisis in his life.

Alex stared at others with a bitter smile”We were able to meet up after so long and that scum old man forced us to depart again.”

Alex’s heart became heavy and tore up.

Although they can stay in Zenith, Leonhart will be ignored at this rate.

And either he or Catherine’s presence was required to handle the matters otherwise their long absence may cause all the development in vain.

Athena noticed his expression and spoke, “Don’t worry, a family may be separated but can never be broken.”

Alex got up and opened his arms and hugged each of them once and said”I am lucky to have wives like you but it might be your bad luck to have me as your husband.”

Catherine unknowingly felt a bit emotional and snuggled in his chest.

After meeting Alex, she always had the feeling of being protected and didn’t need to keep up her guard.

“Next, the time I return I will draw a grand magic circle whose activation can transport me directly from my dorms to Leonhart so we can meet every day,” Alex spoke with a smile and tried to spend some pleasant time with his wife.

Christina just enjoyed his warm embrace without any words still she felt a little sorrowful about it.

When Alex moved toward Athena, she smiled and spoke in a heavy voice.

“Don’t forget us and don’t dare to pick up girls. Riya, if you find any vixen drawing near or if this fellow dares to seduce, just cut the thing and nip the bud.”

Alex screamed and flinched back.

“What do you mean cut the thing? Aren’t you destroying your future happiness?”

Except for blockhead Christina, everyone understood the underlying meaning and their faces became red.

“I am talking about the girl. Riya just cut that girl.”

“Dirty Minded Pervert!” Athena stuck out her tongue and teased Alex.


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