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The Imbecile Lord Is Married to Five Beautiful Goddess – Chapter 233: This Big Brother Is My Husband Bahasa Indonesia

The crowd that had gathered there suddenly turned silent.

No one was able to guess what was going on nor did they want to interrupt the precious moment.

The Saintess had done so much for them and helped to alleviate their lifestyle and taught their children while blessing them by getting rid of minor diseases and pain.

They could see her genuine smile and happiness on her face.

Athena smiled a little and raised her chin.

She wished that she could see Alex’s current appearance and discern how much Alex had changed.

Athena raised her hand while Alex lowered his face so that he could perfectly fit in her palms.

“I miss those chubby cheeks of yours.” She spoke with regret.

“A year ago, you were just a shorty and quite a chubby boy but now you have grown tall and become a handsome boy.”

“I have watched you since the age of ten.”

“I regret not being able to witness your spectacular growth,” Athena spoke with a sorrowful voice.

“Sister, who is this Big Brother?”

The children around her surrounded both of them while staring at Alex with curiosity.

Alex wondered how Athena would address him.

There are quite a few people and he wouldn’t feel bad even if she introduced him as an acquaintance.

Athena giggled and spoke, “Kid, this Big Brother is none other than my husband.”

” Athena!” Alex almost cried seeing her accepting him.

“Ohhhh!” The children just stared at Alex with expectant eyes but the people watching the scene almost stumbled on their backs.

Many even choked while taking breath and some thought this was a joke.

“Saintess Athena, you mean this gentleman is….”

Athena nodded and raised her hand and Alex took it and clenched it tightly as if Athena will run away if he loses his grip.

“Let me introduce myself.”

“I am Alex Von Leonhart!The King of the newly established Leonhart Kingdom.Nice to know you all.”

“And thank you all for taking care of my precious wife,” Alex said, giving a small bow.

The people were stunned for a moment and wondered whether the rumours were false or fabricated but Alex himself assured them that everything was true and his life just changed due to the Goddess mercy and blessings.

After chatting with them for some time, Alex followed Athena to her room while the children went to the orphanage to the side giving them some privacy.

“These children are quite clever considering their age, “Alex said on their way.

“Why won’t they be? After all, who was the one that taught them?” Athena muttered.

Athena sat beside Alex who stared at her with a guilty look as she took out her blindfold.

Alex saw her opening her eyebrows and her red eyes glowed for a moment similar to him.

“Athena, I am ashamed of myself. You lose your eyesight because of me.”

“It’s just temporary,” Athena assured.

“Why do you use a blindfold? Isn’t it a bit uncomfortable?”

“I can see only blurry images that mess up my senses. You know I can feel and see people’s aura. If I use my sight, it gives me a headache and messes up my senses. So until I can see clearly, I decide to use it.”

“By the way, you seem to already know about my abilities. How did you know?” Athena cast a mischievous smile.

Beads of sweat formed on his head as he wondered who was going to be the scapegoat this time.

“Is it Goddess Rebecca? Have you already met her?” Athena raised her brows with a questioning gaze.

Alex swallowed his saliva seeing Athena’s frightening senses.

‘Sure enough, she is the most dangerous one among my wives.’

When he was in Sanctum, he had already been warned that Athena was quite formidable even if she doesn’t look like it.

According to common sense, it should be Catherine but in truth, she isn’t.

Being wise and knowledgeable doesn’t mean one is unfathomable. A scientist and scholar who has dedicated all of their lives to studies may lack common sense in other matters making them dull and they find it hard to mingle around but does it mean they are an idiot?

Wisdom and intelligence always refer to a particular field and depend on how many fields one has mastered.

Athena was kind of a mix of the four. Unlike, the novels which describe Saintess as naive and stupid, Athena’s character description doesn’t follow the general trend.

If you think of her as stupid, you may not even know when you die.

‘She is fierce, don’t mess with her.’

That was Goddess Rebecca’s request, not advice.

Alex sighed and simply nodded his head.

“I see, I can already see the Goddess’s presence in you.”

“You also carry a strong peach smell which is proof that she had blessed you.”

“Really!” Alex asked with a surprised expression and sniffed himself. This was the first time he had heard something like this.

“What is your next plan Alex?”

“I wanted to visit Church with you and then make a meeting with Yvonne.”

“After that, I wanted to take you to Zenith for the coronation,” Alex replied.

“Alex, I think you should prepare yourself from now. Your stay in Zenith may be prolonged.”

Alex glanced at Catherine and asked, “What do you mean by that?”

Athena didn’t reply and just smiled.

“By the way, Alex I have requested” Athena spoke in a coquettish tone.

Alex suddenly became alerted seeing her sudden change of behaviour.

“Alex, I haven’t seen you for so long. So, I think I should examine you carefully.” Athena spoke with a cheeky simile and raised her hand.

“Wait!” Alex shrieked and tried 233to stop her but Athena has already pounced on him.

“Let me check your muscles and see whether they’ve developed well, “Athena spoke and started to molest Alex.



‘Oh my god! Is she a saint or a pervert?’Alex screamed but all his pleas fell to dead ears while Athena checked Alex’s well-toned body and muscles.


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