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The Imbecile Lord Is Married to Five Beautiful Goddess – Chapter 223: Maniac 2 Bahasa Indonesia

Alex, who was worried about Riya’s safety and mustered his courage and asked her to forfeit the match, suddenly stumbled and almost fell on his butt on hearing Albert’s words.

He stared at him, unable to speak.

He just stood up and passed the message to Riya in her head but who knew this man after seeing him would challenge him outright?

“Why do you want to fight with me? I don’t know you nor do I have any grudge against you.” Alex asked.

“I want to fight you to get stronger. If you fight against me with all your strength irrespective of the result, I swear on my name that I will give you a treasure.”

‘Just where the hell did this maniac come from?’

‘Only a handful of people who can be counted on one hand are born with eye ability. Instead of calmly using it, this guy is going around trying to provoke people.’

‘Does this kid also have a mental disability?’

“Sorry, I am just a weakling. You can look at my rank.”

“I will be crushed by you like an ant,” Alex muttered and signalled others to leave quickly as soon as possible.

Alex signalled Riya who used her stealth technique to disappear but Albert who can still see through her suddenly roared in anger.

“Fight with me otherwise I will kill this girl no matter what it takes.”

Alex was turning to leave and suddenly froze on the spot and took a step, he shouted”What did you say?”

Strong killing intent radiated from his body blowing away everything.

The spectator’s seats started to tremble and they felt a strong pressure descending on them while pinning them down.

It was fortunate that Alex was wearing a mask or his identity might have been exposed.

Catherine, Christina and Alice who were beside him were suddenly pushed away like a feather and thrown to the ground.

“I said I will kill this girl. I can see the deep obsession and Lust for you deep inside her.”

“You hold an important position in her life, and so shall she. If you want to save her, fight me.”

Albert roared trying to intimidate Alex.

Alex didn’t speak further and his image blurred. He appeared directly before him and he threw a punch.

The man’s lips curled upwards and dodged it quickly, he threw his elbow but Alex ducked it and appearing behind him grabbed his neck and shoulder, flying up into the sky and disappearing from the other’s eyesight leaving everyone around here with a dazed expression.

After they disappeared, others breathed in relief but they were at a loss of words about the scene that transpired here while many screamed about the match result after all their money was on the line.

Alice and others stood up while dusting their clothes.

“Big Brother is angry. He might get out of control. He didn’t want to fight so why the hell did that maniac have to provoke him.”

“This madman!”

Everyone turned their head to see Mordek cursing Alex while coughing sand and dust.

“He wanted to fight him when he spoke about treasure. He might have looked for him in another time but that guy spoke ill about Riya” Christina muttered

“Though I am sure he wouldn’t die, his life from this moment will be filled with misery, “Catherine said.

“Still, from Alex’s expression, I can already discern that Albert is not an ordinary individual,” Christina muttered.

“Instead of thinking about that, we should get away from here as quickly as possible,” Mordek shouted.

Alex grabbed Albert’s shoulder firmly and with a swift breath flew out of the Clex city moving towards the forest.

Albert tried to get out of Alex’s hold but feared about dropping from such a height which may lead to game over for him.

He didn’t want to die before a fight or end up in an injured state.

Alex flew over the forest and found a suitable spot, descended quickly and threw Albert around.


Albert’s body crashed against the trees breaking them over again and again after which he slid through the ground for a distance.

Albert coughed heavily to take out the particles of dust and spit blood while standing up.


Alex landed in front of him with a loud bang.

His expression was quite scary as if he was going to fight a life and death match.

“I knew you wanted to intimidate me by spouting all that bullshit. But didn’t someone teach you that one should respect others first?”

“I thought of fighting you secretly but seeing you want to dig your own grave, who can stop you.”

Alex’s overbearing tone rang in Albert’s words.

Albert who looked suddenly felt a sense of despondency. The man’s expression became foul.

In the heat of the moment, he just did what he could think of. But now thinking about this he regretted it a little.

After all, if this man was close to that woman it would make sense if this guy was angry with him but now that he had already stepped forward, he cannot go back now.

“If you want me to apologise then defeat me. Give me everything you have got.”

“The bigger fist had the right to decide everything. The victory will decide who is right or wrong.” Albert shouted.

“Hmm! Good!” Alex muttered as his eyes glowed dangerously.

“You shameless piece of shit. You are trying to take down a junior like this when you can be my uncle by age.”

“Stop lying. I knew that you were hiding your strength. My eyes can’t see through you even though I am quite gifted in discerning others.”

“Cut the crap, let me tell you. I am an Epic rank and my age is less than 20.”

Albert who heard this was at a loss of words for a moment and shouted.

“Cut the crap, you liar. There is nothing wrong in accepting the truth.”

“This madman,” Alex grumbled.

“Let’s begin!” Albert shouted and in an instant, he appeared before Alex.

He pointed his sword tip which shot towards him like a cannon.

As the sword shot toward him, Alex felt great pressure under the sword. Alex could even feel the suppression due to the difference in their rank.


This guy found the wrong match today.


Alex thrust his sword and as both the tips collided, shockwaves emerged due to the crash.

Both Albert and Alex were pushed a few steps back.

As both of them separated, Albert felt his blood boiling due to excitement.

‘I thought I was the biggest madman but this guy’s level is way beyond me.’

‘No, it can’t be. I have to level up. I have to show him who is the real boss.’

Both of them didn’t make their move but released all their strength.

The overbearing aura of the mid-Transcendent rank of Albert crashed on Alex but it wasn’t even able to move back Alex by an inch rather his aura clashed against the man fiercely.

White misty fumes started to emerge from his body and Albert’s eyes became misty.

A layer of frost started to cover his sword.

Alex was a bit surprised to see a magic swordsman.

A reddish ensued Alex and his sword started to glow fiercely.

Alex and Albert’s images blurred from their places.



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