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The Imbecile Lord Is Married to Five Beautiful Goddess – Chapter 219: Riya’s Authority Bahasa Indonesia

Both Alice and Riya’s eyes widened hearing the man’s words and they became alert, wondering about the upcoming crisis.

Alice’s mouth was hung open and her jaw dropped to the ground.

She felt that she had heard something, she shouldn’t have heard.

While Riya was surprised that the person knew her identity, Alice was horrified to know that her Big Sis was the unofficial Queen assassin.

Still, she fell in doubt wondering how her sis with Epic rank earned the title years ago.

But Riya quickly snapped out of her thoughts and reacted as fast as lightning, her image blurred and a dagger appeared over the throat of the white-masked man threatening to slit his throat.

“Tell me, how did you know my identity?”

“I don’t care if you are the Vice President or the owner of the underground alliance. As long as I want, I can kill you without anyone knowing.” Riya spoke with a cold voice and a sharp murderous aura locked the man.

Even Alice’s whole body shivered due to fear and felt the temperature of the room going down by a few margins.

Her sister seemed to be quite fierce just like her brother.

“Queen, please listen for a moment. We are old acquaintances.” The man muttered with a panicked expression and pulled out his mask quickly in fear that he might be killed if he was a step late.

“Ken!” Riya muttered with a surprised expression.

“What are you doing here?” She asked.

“Can you please remove the dagger before we can have a formal talk?”

Riya pulled out her dagger and went back to her seat while Ken caressed his neck. He was just an inch away from death.

He swore in his heart not to play pranks like these.

“Who is he?” Alice asked.

“He is the third son of Count Iverfield. He mostly works behind the scenes and was in charge of the black market around Zenith.”Riya explained.

“You are that mysterious third son of the Iverfeild. I heard that the third son was useless, trash and a black sheep and that’s why the Count forbade him from making public appearances.” Alice spoke with a baffled tone.

Ken clutched his chest and felt as if his heart was shot with a series of arrows” My Lady, how can you badmouth me so directly?”

“By the way My Lady, are you a noble or a friend of the Queen.”

“I am obviously the younger sis…”

Before Alice could speak, Riya closed her mouth and said”She is one of my younger subordinates.”

“Isn’t it?” Riya asked with a cold look.

Alice just nodded her head obediently.

“Still Ken, how did you know about my presence here?”

“Don’t tell me you are investigating me and following my tracks,” she asked coldly.


“After you got the token, I modified it when you gave it to me.”

“When each token owner dies, the black market investigates the new owner of the token to determine whether they are worthy of being able to hold it or not.”

“They knew about your ownership and no one had squirms about it. Your token had two special symbols SQ which show your identity”

“Now, please take a look at the gift.”

Riya after clearing all the doubts opened the box carefully.

“Death Kiss!” She gasped in shock and stared at Ken with disbelief.

“You managed to get it?”

“How could I not when The Queen had taken a fancy to it?”

“Is it a precious treasure?” Alice asked.

Riya just pulled out a black dagger giving an ominous feeling.

“This dagger has a special poison effect that can kill a Mythic rank if he just gets scratched by it.”

“A Saint rank would be paralysed for days after being cut with it.”

“The stronger the user, the stronger the effect last. It was made by an ancient dwarf master. I found it in an auction and wanted to buy it but I couldn’t at that time.”

“I wanted it badly before but now I don’t know how to use it,” Riya murmured with a disheartened expression

“You can use it to protect your big brother,” Alice whispered.

“You have a big brother,” Ken asked with a frown.

“It’s just an orphanage which I used to look after.”

“After I backed out from the scene. I spent my time with children taking care of them.” Riya spoke with a stern expression while hinting to Ken not to look for that orphanage otherwise the consequence would be really bad.

“Let’s finish the usual talks. Since you are here, I need your help.”

“Just tell me what you need?” Ken asked with a resolute expression.

Riya placed a scroll in front of him and asked”Do you know about this scroll or the seller?”

“It hadn’t undergone Magic association approval.”

Ken frowned and picked it up to take a look. His back was already drenched in sweat.

A scroll had to undergo strict procedures to be released into the market so that it didn’t fail and didn’t cause any damage to the user.

Previously there were many counterfeit scrolls which had caused severe harm even though they cost a ton until the Magic association decided to take action.

A Magic scroll maker should have his licence and all the scrolls need to go through verification and would have a stamp on their back.

Even though the black market sells many stolen and smuggled things, the scrolls sold by it must have the magic association stamp otherwise the seller is punished harshly.

“The situation seemed to be troublesome.” He muttered.

“I have to inform everyone. If the Magic association found out about this, we would be in trouble.”

Magic association is a group that exists independently of the Empires and is open to all species. Its power can rival an Empire so its wrath wasn’t something they could bear.

“Are you sure it is sold here?” Ken asked worriedly.

“Are you doubting me?” Riya asked.

Ken shook his head in fear.

“We have some information that the seller had some connection with a man named Oreland.”

While Riya and Ken resumed their conversation, Alice on the other hand started to sweat profusely.

She felt as if her sweet and shy Big Sis seemed to be quite unfamiliar.

She even feared if her Big Sis would silence her to stop her from leaking the secret.


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