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The Imbecile Lord Is Married to Five Beautiful Goddess – Chapter 217: Betting Is Bad Except For Me Bahasa Indonesia

Underground Battle Championship.

It was conducted two times a year with a gap of six months.

It was conducted by Underground Alliance consisting of a group of psychopaths who were here to enjoy the show and gain some money in the process.

They would take 15% of the winning bet and would earn a lot of money from here.

Since they don’t have to spend a single money except for hosting the competition. In short, they make a lot by fooling others.

The winner of the tournament earns 5000 gold coins. The second and third place earns 1000 and 500 respectively but there were rarely second places as the winner kills the other side most of the time.

The winning prize may not look high and the real money came from gambling. The odd and return play a good role in it.

The winner’s name will be published throughout the place.

The battle is divided into groups according to the ranks and what made things worse was there was a group of 12 consisting of Transcendent rank.

Except for him and Riya, no one could enter the group and this was the place where heavy bettings were made.

Riya can’t enter into public eyes as her fighting style was quite similar to the assassin gang and could give away her identity as their member and Alex, was held back by others.

But if worse came to worse, he just had to burn his handsome face and use disguise to seep into it. There was a lot of time for it so Alex could loot some money to soothe himself before that point.

The place was like the gladiator’s arena of ancient Rome.

Most of the people were spectators.

In the preliminary round, 100 would fight against each other and 16 would be selected.

And all the participants have to stay here until the end of the match allowing others to play dirty tricks even before the matches.

“Welcome to the battle of bravery. Did you come as a spectator or as a participant?”

Alex gritted his teeth”For now I am a spectator.”

The man raised his eyebrows and said: “The first round of squire rank begins now but if you are a higher rank you can be a spectator for now.”

Alex nodded and handed over the entrance fee and entered.

“When will betting start?” Alex asked.

“Once, the match starts or if you are participants wanting to bet on yourself you can begin now.”

“I see. Then I will take my leave.”

Betting and gambling are bad but he was an exception.


The spectator’s seats around the battleground were filled with noisy people.

Alex had no squire rank under him now. Though it was a good thing but not for this situation.

Alex used his experience and observation to bet 2 gold coins and earned 8 gold coins.

There was no heavy betting so the odds weren’t good.

Most of the settings were done with silver coins and even the spectators were not interested in it.

The next match was for Disciple rank and here it was time for mad bull Max to charge in.

“Go Mad Bull Max!” Alex cheered.

Catherine and Christina who sat beside him tried to cover their faces and distanced themselves from him.

“Hey, where are Alice and Riya?” Alex asked.

“They went to have some fun,” Catherine spoke while averting her gaze.

Alex stared at the people praying as fanatics who believe in God even though they have never prayed in their whole life.

After a series of matches, it was time for Max. His opponent was quiet for a disciple rank and Alex could see that the person had gone through a lot of his own to reach here.

Max charged ahead like a maniac but his opponent avoided him and he collided with the wall.

Alex told Max to use only brute strength without any thought so the other thing is that his speed and thinking are his weakness.

After engaging for some time, Max was panting heavily and due to hitting here and there he had wounds all over his body but surprisingly he won the match by outlasting the other in stamina.

Many thought him lucky while many crossed out his name from the list.

But surprisingly Max with a swollen body reached all the way to round 16.

“Max, show them that you are not a loser anymore who has lost nine thousand and ninety-nine matches. Show them that you can use your mind instead of strength.” Alex shouted.

The people who wanted to bet on him after hearing Max’s losing streak again refrained from betting and the odds for his win became fifth

Alex used this opportunity to bid on 20 gold coins along with others.

And surprisingly again the match was won by Max who slipped while dashing forward slamming his opponent and knocking him down.

The fight went on. The match stopped only with the opponent’s life or his confinement.

Max against all odds reached the final. His body was in very bad shape. His face had been swollen like a pig. Blood trickled down from all over his wounds.

Most of the walls had been damaged by his mad dash.

But still, Max stood steadily forging his way to the final making others believe in his unstoppable luck to the point that his winning odds were quite high.

“Poor Max!”Catherine spoke with a sympathetic expression.

“Does he need to suffer like this for your greed? Don’t you even have a shred of mercy for him?” She glared at Alex.

“Catherine, that’s a part of body tempering training. He is in the phase of developing a steel body.”

“If he keeps on getting beaten, he will develop a steel body which will further evolve into a golden body once I beat him…I mean once I train him.”

“Christina isn’t correct?” Alex stared at her but she just averted her gaze, unable to think what to say seeing Alex’s shamelessness.

This guy’s skin was thicker than the bricks of the wall itself.

“Shameless, scoundrel. All you do is talk and behave scrupulously.” Catherine shouted in anger.

But Alex just rubbed his nose with a satisfactory smile.

“Thanks for the praise.”

“Shameless is an art while having a thick skin like me is blessed by heavens in itself. You can’t understand Catherine.”

Catherine growled at him like a fierce tigress but decided to keep her mouth shut otherwise she felt that her IQ would be decreasing if she kept talking to this guy.

As the final match begins, Max and his opponent get the signal to fight but as soon as the match starts.

Max stared at his opponents viciously as if he was going to tear him down, arousing everyone’s expectations but as soon as he took a step, he spit a mouthful of blood clutching his chest with a painful expression.

“I concede defeat,” Max muttered and fell to the ground as if he was too tired to even stand, shocking everyone.

Those who have spent most of their fortune on him and wanted to turn their life around were struck by thunder and almost collapsed on the floor spitting litres of blood.

Catherine already burnt a license for the underground alliance while wondering if Alex even wanted to raid their treasure vault.


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