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The Imbecile Lord Is Married to Five Beautiful Goddess – Chapter 208: Investigation Bahasa Indonesia

While Alex was finishing his tasks, Riya also didn’t leave any leaf unturned in digging out information.

She followed the maids, servants and other guards near the King’s palace trying to catch anything amiss.

She also followed the maid to the kitchen to observe the preparation of food and found that the head maid was acting quite suspicious.

The King was fed with a nutritive soup and after preparing it, without anyone noticing it, the head maid poured a drop of unknown liquid into the soup while no one was observing it.

But her actions didn’t go unnoticed in Riya’s eyes who smiled heartily as she finally found something that could help her.

The next thing she did was follow the maid into King’s palace where an Epic rank stood guard at the entrance.

Riya didn’t know whether this guard was also a part of someone’s grand plan or not.

Riya was standing on the roof of the opposite building next to the king’s palace, suddenly feeling a gust of wind and hearing a voice.

“Riya, knock down that Epic rank after the maid comes out.”

Riya nodded and began her operation.

Knocking out and killing silently was her fort for which she could even win a gold medal if it was some kind of game.

Riya waited for a patient while observing the Epic rank movement who seemed to sigh quite often and there was a little bit of sadness in his eyes.

Riya noticed the maid coming out of the chamber and leaving the place.

The Epic rank knight walking to and fro suddenly had a bad premonition. He shook his head looking here and there down.

At that very moment, a pair of soft hands touched his head and before he could react he felt a strong hit on the back of the neck.


His body felt down like a lifeless object.

Alex, who looked at the scene from the roof, wondered whether Riya had killed the man due to overuse of strength.

She asked Riya to go in and search inside while he was coming in a while.

Alex quickly left after witnessing Riya safely doing her work and moved toward the place where Edward lived.

Alex sneaked inside the room through the window and strolled inside it.

The room had a small bookshelf and near a window, there was a large table.

There was a bed on the corner and various other things filled the room.

Alex searched everything carefully from books to under the beds. He even pulled the book slowly one by one wondering if there was a secret passage in here that would open up suddenly but unfortunately there was nothing.

He pulled out the drawer and checked the letters and documents in it.

Alex sighed, finding nothing. He had expected this somehow.

“Which wolf would hide things in his own house?” Alex muttered and was about to leave when his gaze fell on the dustbin.

Hoping that something might be there, he started to search inside the trash can.

Inside the pile of things, he found burnt pieces of black soot which might have been the residue of the burnt letter and he searched carefully, he found a burnt envelope with half burnt small emblem in it.

Alex carefully picked it up so that it doesn’t crumble into dust.

“Which noble house emblem is it?”

Though half of it had been burnt still Alex was sure that he would be able to find the house with it.

Alex wondered whether the noble house was of Bright or somewhere else or whether it belonged to the noble house or not.

“At least, I got something,” Alex muttered and left.

Alex quickly arrived at the First Prince residence and entered the room.

Alex smiled a little as he saw a good looking man sitting at the other end of the bed.

After expelling the drugs and poisons in him, he was able to regain his sanity. Even though his eyes were still hazy and blurry, he seemed to be fine now.

This man has some good potential and can become a top-notch warrior in the future but he was almost ruined by his brother.

It was as if the saying ‘Heaven envy the supreme talent.’

As soon as Alex treated him, he wanted to get rid of the disgusting body odour and cleaned himself.

“First Prince, let’s visit the King,” Alex muttered.

“You can call me Harry.” First Prince spoke and bowed his head to thank Alex again.

Alex put his hand on his shoulder and snapped his hand.

Their image blurred, illuminating the whole place.

Harry felt a little nauseous and as soon he opened his eyes, he found himself back in his father’s chamber.

He looked around and saw his father lying on the bed.

His face had become haggard and full of wrinkles, his black hair had become white and he had aged a lot even though he was still in his 40s

“Father!” He screamed with a panicked expression and ran towards him.

When he had become an idiot due to the drugs, his father was still alright and used to visit him frequently but his visit decreased until no one came to visit him.

He had also lost all his senses and he didn’t even remember what he was doing until Alex informed him about him.

Except for living a life of hell and the sensation of getting beaten, he didn’t have any memory of it.

Tears trickled down his cheeks and his heart felt heavy as he saw his father after so long.

“Can you cure him?”

“Please treat him. I will do anything you ask for.”

“I can become your slave. If I became a King, I can give you my whole Kingdom. Just save my father.”

Alex patted his shoulder and spoke”Harry, I can cure him but his lifespan had been reduced significantly. Even if I heal him, at best he has 5-7 years of life ahead.”

“On top of that, I don’t know how he would react if he knew about the good deeds of his son,” Alex muttered.

“Don’t worry about that and heal him.”

“I will punish that bastard for his atrocities.”

“I will make him pay and repent in hell.” Harry’s eyes become bloodshot as he remembers all sorts of evil crimes done by his brother.


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