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The Imbecile Lord Is Married to Five Beautiful Goddess – Chapter 205: Wild Dog 2 Bahasa Indonesia

“I have enough of you, a measly worm who is trying to crawl in my way.”

“Open your ears and listen to me carefully, I don’t have a hand in whatever shit happened out there.”

“So, get your facts straight. I don’t waste my precious time here in Bright playing around. I have an important coronation ceremony up ahead.”

“Did you understand?” Alice spoke in an enraged tone while glaring at Edward.

‘Wild dog!’Edward muttered inwardly.

If not for the situation, he would surely make this bastard pay for his rude behaviour.

Duke Walmart who stood aside to observe the scene tried to maintain an indifferent expression, but inwardly he was just too shocked.

This man was behaving like a true gentleman before but now he was just barking like a dog without any shred of elegance and dignity.

It was as if his noble status was just an illusion and this was his true self.

‘He is just a thrown dog. What can we expect from him? Is there anyone who could teach etiquette to the idiot?’Duke Walmart snorted inwardly.

“Calm down King Alex.”

“Anger is not good for your health,” Edward said, trying to appease Alex’s anger.

“Just tell me what happens and I will decide after that. After all, you destroyed my good night’s sleep. I should at least know what useless thing happened at night that gives you headaches and dark circles.” Alice shouted.

Edward bit his lips to swallow his anger and control himself from punching this pretty face.

As the guy’s face was too close to him, Edward noticed that Alex’s face seemed quite girlish when looked closely.

Edward with a heavy heart decided to narrate the events to Alex and others while trying to observe the minute change in their expression.

Hopefully, he can notice something amiss in their behaviour but contrary to his expectations.


Four subtle sounds of swallowing saliva resounded in the place which even baffled Edward who saw Alex and his wives staring at him with a face filled with shock and disbelief.

For a moment, no one spoke after hearing what happened.

“Ermm…” Catherine’s rasped voice broke the silence that prevailed in the tense atmosphere.

“You mean to say that the Fortress was taken down and the enemies made a small hill of corpses piling them on top of each other,” Catherine spoke with an uneasy expression.

“And there was also a message on it.”

Edward sighed and nodded his head.

Alice and others grasped in shock and found it hard to swallow the breathing.

Though the worst-case scenario for Alex blowing away everything didn’t happen, still, Alex’s way of messing up coincides with the tyrant’s way of doing things.

More than that, Alex is still outside which means soon there is going to be chaos all around.

And the message that you are going to be next was very easy for them to understand.

He might be going after Edward’s head for real this time which horrified them.

Though he behaves like a tyrant and mad hound, he was very good at masking his true feelings.

Most of the time, the things one is seeing was what he wanted to show.

Now since he had issued the decree he might be going for it.

‘What the hell are you doing out there Alex?’Catherine cried inwardly.

‘Are you going to kill Edward out of nowhere without consulting with me?’

Somehow she felt as if she had been betrayed.


After plunging the whole Bright into chaos, Alex was still out there moving towards his next destination along with Riya.

Recently, he found some information and decided to take a look at it.

If what he thinks was correct, then he will have a chance to turn the whole Bright upside down.

Alex and Riya entered the capital in disguise. Alex’s hair became short and he changed its black colour while he wasn’t too worried about Riya as no one had seen her face except a handful of people.

If not for her eye-catching beauty that attracts too much attention, Alex would have taken a stroll with her but since they had to finish up things quickly, he won’t have any more time to waste.

Alex sneaked inside the capital and headed towards the castle.

“My Lord, what if Edward’s father and brother aren’t present at the castle? He might have already dealt with them or kept them hidden.” Riya asked Alex.

“I don’t think so.”

“They are already useless and discarded. If Edward tried to hide them away now others would be suspicious of him.”

“So, he can’t dispose of him now,” Alex answered.

“Let’s get into an inn and get some more information.”

Alex and Riya, wearing cloaks, entered the inn and sat down at one of the corners after ordering something.

“Another cloaked bastard.” One of the men sneered as Alex passed through them.

Alex just smiled bitterly while observing around the inn.

Alex remembered the last inn he entered in Wright which was comparable to a top-class hotel suite contrary to this rusty and pungent smell inn filled with drunkards.

His sixth sense which had been honed by reading countless novels, and mangas and watching anime were already screaming about the upcoming event.

And according to Dao of Protagonist, soon there is going to be a drunkard who will harass ladies and he is a guy who reached the peak in Dao of Chunni Boys and had to act on behalf of the protagonist to save her and make her fall in love.

Alex shook away his thoughts and got up and walked towards the centre where a group of drunkards were speaking about useless things.

He just sneaked in quietly and muttered”I heard His Highness Edward is meeting with King Alex.”

As soon as Alex threw a spark on the oil, the fire was caught quickly.

“Yeah, I heard all the nobles on Duke Walmart territory welcome him.”

“Welcome, my ass. All of them went there to gang up on that harmless lamb.”

“I don’t like that Second Prince, he looked like a cunning fox who could do anything for his greed.”

“Did you hear the rumours? It was said that the First Prince poisoned the King but the Second Prince saved him from eternal slumber though he went into a coma.”

“And then we heard the news that the First Prince had lost his senses and became a maniac.”


“All of you shut up, you idiots.”

“Talking ill about Royal and Noble is asking for a death sentence.”

“By the way, who was that asshole? Who the hell started the topic?”

Even though they asked the question, Alex had already sneaked out after fueling the fire and the drunkards were too drunk to notice that and started discussing it.

Alex took note of all the rumours and important things.

As he was pondering about it, he heard a loud shriek.

Alex didn’t even need to take a look at what happened out there and just sent a signal to Riya.


A man who was harassing a lady trying to force her to come with him suddenly disappeared into thin air and everyone noticed the wooden doors vibrating to and fro leaving behind the woman.


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