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The Imbecile Lord Is Married to Five Beautiful Goddess – Chapter 203: Frightening Scene Bahasa Indonesia

As soon as the flames of the torch lit up the scene before them, every one of them froze for a moment and their brain stopped for a moment after seeing such a horrifying scene.

The soldiers and elite knights who had ridden through countless battles and had seen countless deaths were horrified for a moment.

At that moment, they felt as if they were seeing. the scene of hell in itself where countless people are stacked.

No one had thought that the huge shadow that was cast on them and a thing that blocked the pass was a small hill of corpses piled up one after another.

It was made of their comrade’s corpses. Blood, torn armour, broken swords, chipped blades, detached limbs, and decapitated heads were all piled onto each other uniformly by the enemies who all took their lives.

The soil under it had become damp and was soaked in blood The blood flowing from the corpses had formed a small stream running downwards.

On top of the hills made of corpses, a sphere was stabbed into it pointing at the back wall of the Fortress. Red blood dripped down slowly from the spear and most of the blood had already been solidified.

The leader whose heart was already in mess stared in the direction of the spear that was pointed and his along with everyone’s eyes almost popped out of their sockets as they saw the walls painted with a blood-red message.

“You are next!”

As soon as their eyes fell on their message, their legs became weak and with all the strength they had, left within in an instant and everyone’s scale went numb seeing the horrifying display.

“Who attacked them?”

“What a cruel way to kill and give a warning? He killed everyone?”

“No, he massacred almost all the soldiers who were stationed at the fort.”

These cavaliers who were proud of their bravery and strengths were on cold feet. They couldn’t think straight anymore.

As the night breeze blew through the trees to the ground, numerous leaves fell off the trees on the ground emitting a faint rustling sound.

The cavaliers felt as if numerous killers were hidden in the dark, preparing to give them a lethal blow. The scenery around was scary and ghastly since the enemies were able to take down an entire stronghold quickly so they thought they could also be wiped out.

The leader quickly saw the dangerous situation around there and started to inspect the corpses which had many claw marks and signs of scratches all over third bodies.

Each second felt like an hour, and they were afraid of the slightest sound. The night was cold and dreary making them all weary of the possible danger they might face.

So, they quickly rode their horses and escape from the murderous place as quickly as possible as if they would die if they stayed here for even one more second.

They came as fast as the wind and left as quickly as possible like a coward and they didn’t even bury it and took care of the corpses of their peers.

Standing on top of a mountain cliff, Alex stared at the scene with hawk-like eyes.

“Your Majesty, should we leave them like this?” Peru asked.

“Yeah, we want these people to beat the drums and relay our deeds to the whole kingdom.”

“We have already let some fish escape the nets. These cowardly dogs will surely meet them on the way and get the report.” Alex answered.

“Peru, my men have already made a path for you all. You can return safely and all the items we have hoarded, please transport them to Bassie.”

Peru nodded and stared at Alex with a curious expression and mustering his courage, he asked”Your Majesty, you trust us so much.”

“I mean letting us transport so many gold coins and valuables. Are you not afraid of us stealing it?”

Alex raised his brows and spoke with a harsh tone”Do you want to die of betrayal?”

Peru flinched back a little on hearing the voice and seeing Alex’s murderous gaze but at the next moment, Alex burst into laughter.

“Peru, to whom are you kidding? You guys stayed hidden in the forest for so long and didn’t plunder humans so why do you need all these when you have already gained so much?”

“Moreover, you can take a share if you want.”

“Okay, now leave and return safely.” Alex waved his head and went back to watch the fleeing cowards.

“They didn’t even feel empathy or sadness seeing their peers dying in such a brutal way. Instead of paying respect or trying to find the enemies, they ran away with tails tucked into their legs.”

“This place seemed to be filled with filth. It had been entirely rotten and had been made hollow.”Alex muttered with a solemn expression.

Riya nodded and stared at the group of cavaliers leaving the pass.

” The world is like this. Many will show you respect and praise you when you are strong and alive. But when you fall and die, most of them wouldn’t even take a look at your corpse or shed tears.”

Alex stared at Riya’s eyes that were shining bright like stars and asked”Riya, will you cry if I die.”

“My…Lord…” Riya stuttered hearing Alex’s words.

“Hmm! I am not going to talk to you anymore.” Riya snorted and turned her back and started to leave.

“Hey! Wait.”

“Riya! That was just a joke.” Alex, like a good husband, ran after her and tried to appease her and beg for an apology.

‘Girls in this world are firecrackers who would burst at the tiniest sparks.’



Edward who read the report slammed the table, crushing it down to pieces.

“Who….Who…Just who the hell”

“Who is the one responsible for all of this?”

“Who had the guts to commit such a crime in my Kingdom?”

“I will reap that bastard,” Edward screamed.

He was really in the pinch currently as this time, his honour was on the line.


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