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The Imbecile Lord Is Married to Five Beautiful Goddess – Chapter 191: Birth Of Leonhart Bahasa Indonesia

The day to leave for Zenith had finally arrived.

Since the coronation was taking place in Zenith, there wouldn’t be any coronation ceremony in Nevan for people to celebrate so Alex decided to celebrate on the day he marched out.

Today was going to be a festival where all the citizens would enjoy themselves.


The giant bronze bell at the gate of the Castle suddenly sounded which spread like shockwaves.

The sound of the grand bell pierced the peace between heaven and earth instantly resounding throughout the whole city.

As it echoed, a sudden round of excitement began to spread throughout the whole city startling the group of birds and animals in the city.

In a distant place behind the castle, the big golden lion that was napping leisurely suddenly squinted his eyes, his ears suddenly erected with light bursting out of his eyes.

Besides her three beautiful maidens stood with an indifferent expression and suddenly had a pleasant look as soon as the noise resounded.

Christina raised his hand and following her signal armed knights and armed infantry started to move.

With Leo standing at the front, more than 100 roaring beasts and horses suddenly lined up in neat formation, they started galloping forward, trembling the earth and like a wave of the sea started their march.

On this day, various outsiders with different motives gathered and when they saw the scene, they at the same time revealed shocked expressions.

The bell rang marking the beginning of the upcoming auspicious period.


Everyone heard the sound of light footsteps beating the ground rhythmically shaking the whole city.

Before the Castle gates, hundreds of silver armoured knights headed by many golden armoured knights appeared whose armour glistened under the rays of the sun.

The City streets bustling with noises suddenly turned quiet and all citizens had already come out of their homes lining the streets to witness the event and looked in the direction of the palace where a huge platform was carved high up on the ground.

Now everyone was completely impressed by the deeds of their kings.

A huge number of infantry and cavaliers lined up before the palace flaunting their strength.

Each of them emitted a fierce aura and their eyes were filled with a coldness that can make many tremble in fear.

Alex, who stood on the wooden platform, stopped ringing the bell.

Leo followed by Riya, Catherine and Christina walked up to the platforms and stood behind his back.

A huge projection erupted above the castle making him visible throughout the city and his voice amplified by mana devices started to ring loudly.

“Citizens of Nevan, we have seen the fall, we have seen poverty, we have seen darkness.”

“Our state once laid low allowing others to trample us.”

“Each one of us has gone through a phase of our life where we only lay low while hoping for a better future which only God knows when will come.”

“It’s not only you but also me and my wives who had been pressed down by fate which wanted us to bow before it.”

“But no!”

“We have already been living like flies who can be crushed by others so does it matter if we die trying to spread our wings and soar to the sky.”

“Our time for glory is now.”

“From today onwards, I am Alex, who had been disowned from the Royal family of Kinley, will spread my wings and encourage you all to do the same.”

“I who used to be known as Alex Von Stan whose surname Stan had been snatched will be known as Alex Von Leonhart and the joint Kingdom of Nevan, Wright and Amidon from today onwards shall be renamed as the Kingdom of Leonhart.”

“My citizens are all lions among lions who fought on the erosion of time. So, everyone, let’s do our best and create the history of a wonderful kingdom whose history would be engraved in golden words.”

“So, raise your head so that you don’t miss this moment as I raise the flag of our Kingdom.” Alex roared as he raised a crimson-coloured flag on which the symbol of a golden lion face with two canines was engraved.

Following the hoisting of the flag, Leo came forward and sucked the air into his nostrils, opening his jaw wide and giving a terrifying roar which shook the entire city.

The terrifying breath emanated from Leo transmitted throughout the city making the hair stand up on the skin of the listener due to excitation.

The flag fluttered in the wind like a crimson dragon engraving a deep sense of patriotism in the heart of the people.

The people stared at the scene with teary eyes while cheering loudly for their King and Kingdom.

Today was a very important day not only for the King but also for them. Only a stone-hearted person wouldn’t feel anything in such a situation.

Alex stared at the wonderful scene while glancing at his army.

Aeon, Ben and Antwan had finally reached the Master rank while Max was in the middle of the Disciple rank due to his late awakening.

Riya had finally stepped into Transcendent while the harsh training of Catherine had finally paid off allowing her to enter Disciple rank.

Though Christina hadn’t broken up, she had already rebuilt her lost foundation and her injury had been healed fully.

His journey had been delayed a little but the results had been satisfactory.

The stage had been set, the plot had been drawn, and the characters had been set. The only thing that remains now was for him to act and crush anyone who had ill intentions toward him and his wives.

“My Coronation ceremony is right around the corner. I know everyone can’t wait for it anymore.” Alex smiled faintly as his majestic voice permeated into everyone’s ears.

“So, my citizens as I return with glory from Zenith. So wait for me.”

“Pass on my order. Dispatch the army. Our destination is the Empire capital Zenith.”


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