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The Imbecile Lord Is Married to Five Beautiful Goddess – Chapter 186: Unconditional Trust Bahasa Indonesia


Catherine squealed while pondering Alex’s words for a moment.

“What do you mean by that?”

“Moreover, wouldn’t you be there to oversee things?” Catherine spoke while waiting for Alex’s response.

She doesn’t know why but every time she spends with Alex she had that unconditional faith that he would keep her safe and protect her from all trouble giving his all.

She didn’t know why she feels this way nor did she know the basis of such trust but it was a feeling that appeared on the day when Alex broke into the prison tearing everything in his path to Amidon and rescuing her.

Alex’s appearance, which was filled with blood and chivalry, was an unforgettable memory for her.

Alex was momentarily at a loss for words after hearing Catherine.

He could feel the unwavering trust Catherine had in him which greatly amazed him.

He didn’t know how she developed such trust in him when both of them till now didn’t open up to each other, unlike Riya and Christina.

Moreover, Alex unlike the other two hadn’t made any advancement toward Catherine nor did he seriously try to melt her heart.

In truth, he was trying to keep a bit of distance from her, for now, to sort out his feelings.

The first thing he wanted to find out was whether Catherine was Ava’s reincarnation or not, which was very important not only for him but also for Catherine.

If he loved her just because she was his Ava from his previous life and later came to know although she had the same facial features as Ava she wasn’t Ava and everything was just a coincidence then wouldn’t it be wrong to her?

On top of that, he also doesn’t want to love to heal his heart thinking of her as a substitute for Ava.

But now thinking about all of this, Alex chuckled with small laughter.

‘It doesn’t matter whether you are Ava or not. The only thing I needed to do now was to fall in love with you and accept the real you, Catherine Wisseman.’Alex muttered inwardly with a smile which baffled Catherine who wondered whether she had asked some silly question.

Alex walked towards Catherine who sat on the ground with dishevelled hair and dirtied face which added some freshness to her making her look cuter.

Alex kneeled on one of his legs and took the end of Catherine’s hair and started to caress it.

“Catherine, your words made my heart flutter and I am very much happy to know that you trust your useless husband so much.”

“Hearing these words made me overloaded with sweetness,” Alex spoke with a large grin on his face

“That wasn’t what I meant?” Catherine spoke with a flustered expression and Alex could notice her reddened ears as Alex stroked her hair.

Seeing that she didn’t refuse the intimate gesture, Alex felt that he had taken the correct steps.

“But Catherine, I won’t be always with you nor will be other wives.”

“In case of a big war when all of us have to head towards the frontline and you would be left behind.”

“What will happen when someone will backstab you at that point? Let alone others, what if your Uncle Lampard backstabs you.” Alex spoke with a solemn expression.

“No, he would never,” Catherine spoke with a resolute gaze.

“There is no doubt in it. He would never betray even if it cost his life.”

“But what if the cost isn’t his life but rather the life of his child or family.”

“Huh!..That!” Catherine’s words choked on her throat as she heard Alex think and was unable to refute the claims.

“You can’t blame them in this type of situation. Instead of that, you should blame yourself for being weak and that the preparators tried to use other families to harm you.”

“One should believe in himself the most before believing in others.”

“I am not saying that you have to achieve overlord rank nor I am saying you should march on the battlefield but you should be strong enough to protect yourself in any uncanny situation.”

“And you can’t give the excuse that you don’t have potential. Hard work and potential go hand in hand. It’s just like multiplication.”

“If your potential is low, you have to work harder to get the same value.”

“Moreover, out of all my wives, you are the one who has the title of Queen who will stand beside me walking hand in hand. Wouldn’t it look bad for your hubby if they feel that you are just a weakling?”

Catherine nodded her head after hearing Alex’s long speech. She knew that she was too short-sighted and became arrogant thinking everything can be solved if you are wise enough.

But her kidnapping incident where she had been kidnapped right under the nose of the huge army proved that everything is useless before superior strength.

“I will work hard and will make sure not to disappoint you.”

Catherine spoke with her eyes burning with passion.

“My Good girl!”

“Blah…. Who is your good girl?” Catherine spoke with an irritated tone.

“By the way, Catherine, do you perhaps know a guy named George?” Alex asked with a curious expression.

“George…Let me think for a moment.” Catherine muttered while pondering for a while.

Alex’s heart started to pound heavily as he saw Catherine’s wrinkled brows.

‘Does she remember?’

“I have a quite good memory but even after that, I don’t seem to know this name. Is this guy from Wright or does he work under me?” Catherine asked.

Alex facepalmed hearing her question and wondered why she was thinking so much if she didn’t know about the name or she was trying to remember the name she didn’t know but felt familiar with.

“No, I heard that guy is a good artist when I passed by the street.”

“You resume your training quickly, you still have to finish 30 laps.”

“What?” Catherine screamed.

“Can’t I do it tomorrow? I promise that I will take things seriously so cut me some slack today.”

“No!!” Alex shouted and he didn’t melt even if Catherine’s pleading attacked his heart.

And in this way, Catherine walked on the path to hell prepared by Alex.


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