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The Imbecile Lord Is Married to Five Beautiful Goddess – Chapter 157: Descent Of Nightmare Bahasa Indonesia

“Christian, how are you feeling?”

“Please Christina don’t die before.”

“We have a long way to go. You have to fulfill your revenge and still need to live with me until we get old.”

“So, Christina, please..” Alex spoke frantically and tears rolled from his eyes.

“My Lord!!” Riya saw Alex’s disheartening expression and her heart wrenched a lot and she wanted to do something to ease his pain.

This was the first time he was seeing his Lord in such despair.

“Alex, I am fine. I just need to recuperate.” Christina muttered.

Maybe because of the current situation or seeing Alex’s wretched expression, her tone was quite soft while there was no indifference on her face.

“This sword protected me at the last moment. Without it, I may have to part with you.” Christina spoke while mustering all her strength to raise the sword.

Alex was aghast seeing the sword’s current appearance.

It was a legendary grade sword and its power seemed to be locked before.

“It formed a shield around and protected me from dying at the last second,” Christina explained to Alex.

“So, Alex, don’t worry. Just do your job and bring back Catherine.” Christina muttered softly and her last bit of consciousness disappeared.

Alex was about to speak but his voice was cut off in the middle by a loud boisterous laughter.

“Hahaha hahaha!”

“This is what you get for defying me.”

“Foolish boy, who gave you the courage to appear before me alone.”

Alex’s blood boiled on hearing the mocking words.

He stared at the man who seemed to be King of Amidon. His name was Agnus and to Alex’s surprise, he had reached Transcendent rank.

Angus stared straight at Alex and laughed at his condition.

” If Wright and Nevan had accepted my condition and surrendered, you shouldn’t have gone through all of this.”

“Just like this, you will just watch helplessly when I take your wives from you one by one.”


Alex’s eyes become bloodshot and he looked at Christina and gently kissed her forehead and caressed his hair.

“I deal with them with one blow. Everything will be alright. Just take a nice sleep.” Alex muttered and took Christina’s sword which yanked a little in Alex’s hand.

Alex stood up and started to walk towards the wall with staggering steps.

“Riya carry Christina and take care of her,” Alex ordered before moving towards the city walls.

The entire atmosphere became cold and chilly storms started to blow.

A crimson glow slowly started to radiate from Alex and crimson lightning started to flicker from Alex’s body.

With each step, Alex took, the ground rumbled and started to shake.

The entire place seemed to have turned crimson.

Angus felt a huge amount of energy radiating from Alex and he immediately shouted”Shoot the flare!”

The soldiers started to recharge the flare with many crystals on hearing The King’s order but the flare took at least three minutes to recharge.

The sword in Alex’s hand glowed fiercely and burst out with lightning which flickered like thunderstorms.

Anything that was hit by lightning was shattered instantly.

The mana around the place swirled around Alex and Alex killing intent condensed into his sword and his eyes flickered with a cold killing aura.

‘The Goddess Of War uses the positive emotions of others and turns them into her power. Since I don’t have such emotions just like the Devil, I will feed on all these negative emotions and convert them into my strength.’

Alex raised his sword pointing at the sky which was followed by the loud deafening roar of the heavens.

A huge beam of condensed mass of energy of crimson color shot out from the blade.

The beam of a crimson shot straight towards the sky erupting with heavy pressure all around.

It seems at the beam of energy was going to pierce heaven and tore the sky.


The entire sky seemed to rumble. Flashes of lightning blazed in the sky. Heavy gales started to blow from all around signaling the forthcoming destruction.

Angus started to panic seeing the beam of light shot from Alex’s sword which even made the earth tremble.

“Shoot the flare! Assholes shoot the flare.” Angus screamed like a maniac.

“It still needs a minute.” The soldier shouted.

“Do it quickly, bastards,” Angus shouted with fright.

He could sense the danger coming from Alex and as he lowered his eyes, he met Alex’s piercing gaze which was enough to tear him a thousand times.

He flinched back a little seeing it and stepped back a little when he heard Alex’s loud words.

“Instead of showing mercy to the world and waiting for it to bite me back.”

“Instead of suffering such a mad sickening pain of losing my loved ones.”

“I will even set fire to the rain and watch it until it burns the world to insane.”

“Go Excalibur Of Destruction.” Alex roared and slashed, pouring all his frustration and pain.

The beam of energy that seemed to pierce straight through the sky directly poured down on Amidon.

The Flare was finally lit and in the end, it fired toward Alex but a beam of energy descended on it and destroyed it thoroughly.

The crimson beam grew larger and finally descended on the wall of Amidon.

The runes and magic circles engraved on it started to appear again but before the might of the attack, everything was shattered.

The barrier broke like a fragile piece of glass and it couldn’t even offer any resistance before the attack.

Finally, it struck down the City walls illuminating the whole area and casting away the darkness of night.



The earth vibrated and started to shake like waves of the sea emitting large rumors far and wide all around the city casting fear in everyone’s heart.

Destruction on such a large scale wasn’t something a common man could fathom in his life.

The walls exploded from the middle up and were pulverized instantly into countless pieces. The beam of light extended for ten kilometers and wiped out everything in its path.

Behind the walls, the house of people, check posts, roads, and every building shattered into small pieces and blown away.

Everything that was hit by the beam exploded and was blown away.

An explosion akin to a mini atom bomb occurred and all the soldiers on the walls were shaken by the impact and were sent flying.

Alex attack the destroyed Amidon’s front entirely and wiped off everything within a radius of five kilometers leaving behind nothing but scorched soil which was followed by a chain of explosions bursting out here and there.


It was the scene of descent of a nightmare.


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