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The Imbecile Lord Is Married to Five Beautiful Goddess – Chapter 139: Unknown Enemies Bahasa Indonesia

The commander gazed at the scene with a horrified expression.

His mind became numb, unable to think what to do next as the children made their way towards the huge doors.

He tried to think of the next step when he heard a series of bellows and two men fell on their knees and started to beg.

“What are you two doing?”He asked, taking a step back.

“Chief, please don’t kill them. My child is among them.”

“Please!! We beg you, please spare them.”

“Many of these are the children from the surrounding villages.”

The Chief froze on hearing their words and turned his attention towards the group of children who were slowly making their way here.

“Don’t tell me..”

He was too afraid to even speculate what was going on.

Most of the people here were the common man and if one was found talented they were sent to special forces so all the people guarding here came from the nearby villages.

He was the only one who had reached early Disciple rank and there were three squire

ranked under him.

Except for this everyone here was unawakened.

So, it was natural that their family had been around here but he couldn’t understand why these small kids were following the enemy’s orders or who was the enemy could come up with such an evil tactic.

“Form a team and go down there and rescue the children.”He ordered under the expectant eyes of the people.

Their eyes widened with relief on hearing their Chief’s order.

After all, no matter what no one here was cruel enough to kill these small innocent children who hadn’t even reached the age of ten.

But as soon as they opened the door and started to move toward the children, the enemies that were hiding suddenly acted up and started to attack.

The small group who came to rescue suddenly became alert and tried to defend the children while asking them to leave.

But to their absolute horror, the kids as if soulless puppets carried on their march, and all the pleas of the guard fell on deaf ears.

Unable to understand what was going on, they tried to protect the kids.

The Chief looked at the scene with a grim expression.

“We are in deep trouble.”

Gritting his teeth and placing a stone in his heart, he mustered the courage to give an order that he didn’t want to give.

The only way to prevent the worst-case scenario was to abandon them.

Closing his eyes and clenching his fist, he ordered”Close the gates.”


Everyone shouted with a dumbfounded expression.

“I said close the gates before the enemy entered the place.”He shouted with an angered tone.

Even though he was committing an unforgivable crime, he had to do this otherwise if the enemy passed from here, many people were going to be killed.

As soon as his orders fell, the guards with heavy hearts closed the gate and in a way cut off the path of retreat of those who went down to save the children.

The ones fighting with the enemies looked back to see the gates closing which made their bodies freeze for a moment unable to understand what to do.

Being surrounded by enemies from all around and now the closing of gates was skin to abandon them.

They were not worried about themselves, rather they were concerned about the small pitiful children who had been forcefully dragged here.

Only God knows what kind of sorcery this was and how did such an enemy appear here.

One of the men, noticing the situation becoming grim, yelled.

“I will try to hold on while you all grab as many children as you can and run away from here.”

“Yeah, I agree with you. These children were powerless and had been under some sort of spell which was forcing them to advance only.”

“Now that their goals have been achieved they are going to be discarded.”Another one shouted.

But before the gate could close, the mana started to swirl up in the sky and a huge sword of ice appeared over their head, scaring them.

The sword condensed in the air was over 30 metres in length casting a huge shadow on the fortress under the bright moonlight.

The sword vibrated and shook a little bit and its tip aimed towards the gate.

All who looked at the scene felt their heart gonna burst out of fear as they saw the sword slowly descending.

The people outside the Fortress stopped their motion and were terrified to see such a huge sword condensing over their heads out of nowhere.

Some even shivered thinking about the mighty powerhouse who had appeared here out of nowhere.



Wild shrieks and cries started to revert as they saw the swords moving towards them.


Before the sword could touch the gates, a streak of light flashed which passed over the huge ice sword.


As the flashlight passed by the sword, it was split apart into two halves suddenly, and then the ice started to break with a crackle and dissipated into thin air.

The guards who fell to the ground looked at the scene with shock and disbelief and they wondered what happened.

A shadow appeared who stood on top of the embankment while looking down at the scene before him.

There was no armour and he wore simple clothes along with a cape behind him which made him look like a noble.

As he rotated his head, his gaze fell on the certain person deep down the forest who stood there holding a magic staff.

The person holding the staff was a woman who raised her head and soon her eyes met with Alex which gave her a chill.

A jolt of current passed through her body as she looked at Alex which warned her of the crisis that was coming.

“Go and kill that man!!”She shouted to her man and raised her staff in the air.

Ten magic circles appeared in the sky unexpectedly followed by her motion and from each of the magic circle, a sword started to appear.


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