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The Imbecile Lord Is Married to Five Beautiful Goddess – Chapter 137: lsn’t lt A Waste To Kill Such A Beauty Bahasa Indonesia

While a huge battle finally broke out between Amidon and joined forces of Wright and Nevan, in the capital a distinguished guest was brought before the King.

Inside a huge luxurious room.

A man sat on the throne-like chair with a large smirk on his face while holding a golden cup filled with wine.

A sharp and hard sound of the clanking of chains reverberated in the room as a person was brought forward being treated like a prisoner.

Taking a sip, his attention was drawn toward the source of the sound and he chuckled seeing the woman who had been handcuffed and chained glaring at him with fierce eyes.

There were small cuts and bruises on her body and her lips were stained with blood.

“Lady Catherine, how did you like the treatment of Amidon?’

“Is it to your liking?”

“Angus, don’t you have any shame?

“Instead of fighting and winning like a true warrior, you are resorting to such underhanded tricks,” Catherine spoke with disgust.


Loud laughter echoed as Agnus laughed to his heart’s content on hearing her words.

“Pretty girl, don’t you know everything is fair in love and war.”

Catherine didn’t reply to his words and just stared at him coldly.

“Tell me, why did you kidnap me?”

“Wouldn’t it be better if you just kill me and take over my kingdom?”Catherine asked.

Angus raised his brows and his figure disappeared from the spot and he appeared before Catherine within an instant.

Catherine was startled by his speed and fell back onto the floor as she took a step back.

The handcuffs and chains had bound her movement and she stumbled against the chains which pulled her down due to the heavyweight.

Angus smacked his lips as he saw Catherine’s figure so close and held her chin while staring at her eyes.

“Isn’t it a waste to kill such a beauty?”

” Why don’t you become my Queen Catherine?”He asked with a serious expression.

“Have you gone mad? You have been too drunk in power to forget that I have been married by The Emperor of Kinley’s wish.”

“If you try to force yourself on me, you are just going to attract his wrath, Agnus,” Catherine spoke with a smirk.

She sighed in relief inwardly as she saw the frown on Agnus’s face.

Using The Emperor’s name to threaten Agnus was the only thing she could do now.

Angus snorted coldly on hearing her words and held her chin tightly.


A small groan escaped from Catherine’s lips as Agnus pressed her chin harder still she didn’t avert her gaze from him but rather glared at her more fiercely like a fierce lioness.

“I would rather die than let myself fall into your hands.” Catherine threatened her and bit her tongue slightly and a small trail of blood dripped down from her lips.

Angus’s eyes burned in anger and he stood up and sat on the throne.

“You know that I can’t kill you, so you are playing tricks on me.”

“Catherine Wisewoman surely suits you well.”

“Although I would love to have you, you were never one of the things I wanted because I already made a deal with some.”

“By selling you, I will surely profit a lot.”

“You will soon see a new home.” Angus grinned with a sinister smile

“Until that day, stay here and watch how Wright is being destroyed before your eyes.”

“The very Wright which you had raised with your efforts.”

“And don’t worry about that idiotic husband of yours. I will not kill him, I will just use him as a pawn.”

Catherine was stupefied by Angus’s last words.

“What do you mean?” She asked as she felt a bad premonition about it.

“Sorry Queen, our sweet time is over.”

“Take her to the prison.”

“By the way, if you want to know more you can accompany me on my lonely nights.”

Catherine was pulled away by two women but Catherine struggled a little and spat on Angus’s face which he avoided quite easily.


“Make sure to properly treat her in prison,” Angus spoke with a smirk.


Strong winds brushed past Alex’s face as he rode on Leo.

If not for the current situation, he would have surely enjoyed himself.

Leo was quite faster than a horse and was much more versatile compared to the horse as he can even run on rough terrain.

As Alex calmly observed everything, Leo, who was running on the road, suddenly changed his direction in the middle and took the road towards the right.

“Leo, what are you doing?”

“We are straying away from the designated path,” Alex shouted but Leo didn’t seem to heed his words.

Rather he increased his speed with a roar which seemed to say that he caught something.

Alex wanted to hit this lion and pull its hair but decided to trust Leo for once while thinking that Leo might have found a shortcut

But little did he know that Leo was taking him to a place where a disaster had already taken place.


In an unknown place.

Flames of destruction raged everywhere engulfing everything. Muffled screams of pain resounded through the air and filled the place with terror.

The small thatched houses continued to crumble.

The brittle bricks made of mud and wood were unable to endure the high temperature that landed on its surface.

The sun was still high in the sky but the black smoke covered the entire place and created a cloud that obscured everything around the place.

A peaceful day in the small town had transformed into a hellish scene.

Everyone was working and doing their usual jobs until the sky above them was covered with dark shadows and a hell of a nightmare descended upon them.

Among the screams of agony and misery, a small faint sound of footsteps was heard.


With each step he took, his body trembled and jerked a little.

Seeing such a scene, every hair on his body stood up.

With a scream, he shouted.

“What happened here?” Alex shouted as he saw a charred corpse along with a broken house and large deep craters making the place look like a small war zone.


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