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The Imbecile Lord Is Married to Five Beautiful Goddess – Chapter 134: Heavenly Massage[2] Bahasa Indonesia

Alex looked at the blood that had been collected from monsters and beasts.

First, he analysed the content and then mixed it in a container with proper proportion.

After mixing it properly, he sipped his finger with the blood and drew a grand magic circle using the blood.

As time passed by, the blood started to dry up and many minute scriptures were drawn on the floor.

Inside a huge magic circle, Alex made three interlacing magic circles in it.

After that, he laid the mana crystals at the edge of the circles and as soon as he placed all the crystals at the designated position, the blood coloured edges of the dried circle started to glow faintly on being touched by the mana crystals.

“Now, you two sit down here,” Alex ordered Longard and Mordek while pointing them down at the two small circles inside the bigger one.

As both of them took their position, Alex sat down in one of the circles and placed his palm on both of their backs.

“Are you ready?” Alex asked with a heavy voice.

Both of them nodded on hearing Alex’s words but before Alex started the ritual, he muttered softly, stunning the duo.

“Brace for impact.”

With these words, the magic circle started to emit a white glow and the crystals placed on it started to vibrate.

Alex muttered the spell and a sudden influx of mana started to occur inside him and the mana from the crystals started to pour into his body.

Alex gritted his teeth as he felt a strong headache due to the sudden influx of mana which he slowly channelized into Longard and Mordek’s bodies.

[Host, are you sure about this? You are going to exhaust yourself and may lose consciousness for a few days because the spell is going to take a huge toll on your body.]

Alex heard the system warning but he decided to ignore it, after all, no matter what, he needed to do this

After all, Amidon had many Epic ranks on its side and currently, Alex was the only one who could take them down.

“Stop bickering like a girl. You are going to mess up the spell.” Alex spoke angrily and focused on the things he had in his hand.

A strong gust of gale started to radiate from the circle while Mordek and Longard felt a strong outburst of pain in their body.

They felt as if strong waves were crashing inside their body and their vessels seemed to be ripped apart by the sudden influx of mana.

Their vessels which had been coagulated by impurities for years started to expand and contract rhythmically as the mana forced its way.

A dark greyish substance oozed out from their skin which emitted a foul odour.

Everyone closed their nose on smelling the foul disgusting order.

“What the hell is that?”

“It’s disgusting.”All the soldiers present out there murmured softly not wanting to disturb Alex, otherwise who knows he might hang a sword on them.

Mordek and Longard who were undergoing the process wanted to scream due to the intense pain but no voices came out of their throat.

The pain they were feeling now was akin to all of the bones in their body being broken apart.

Their eyes glowed with a faint bluish light and bluish fumes of air started to be exhaled from their mouth.

The mana crystals started to become smaller and finally diffused into nothingness.

A fierce glow started to evolve from both Longard and Mordek as the mana started to concede around them.

Mordek and Longard, who were on the verge of losing consciousness, suddenly felt revitalized due to the influx of mana from all around.

They felt their breath becoming stronger and all the pores on their body opened up which started to suck mana fiercely


A small cracking sound followed by small outbursts which blew away Alex.

But fortunately, Christina jumped in and held Alex who seemed to have lost consciousness and was sweating profusely.

Christina looked at the two glowing bodies whose shine covered the entire room.

As the glow disappeared everyone looked at the two figures who emerged from the bright light.

Seeing Mordek and Longard, their eyes almost popped out from their socket and their jaws almost dropped onto the ground.

“How can this be possible?”

“What did his Majesty do?”

Amongst loud chatters, Mordek who had finally made a breakthrough to Epic rank looked at his hands and a deep frown appeared on his face.

He looked at the glowing skin and ran his hand on his face to find that there was no beard on his face and the skin was quite smooth like his younger days.

He turned his head towards Longard and shrieked loudly.

“Bastard, who the hell are you?”

“Where is that old man Longard?”

“And who the hell are you and what do you mean old man Longard?”

“I am just 38 years old and I am still in my young days.”

As both of them bickered for a while, they felt a growling sound from their gut and both of them suddenly had an urge to puke.


Mass of dark substance started to fall out as they went on puking.

Christina, who was unable to stand it, looked at Alex who had passed out due to casting the spell and ordered the servant to take Alex to his room.

After an unknown amount of time and having a good night’s sleep without any nightmare, Alex woke up from his bed with a yawn.

Stretching his back lazily, he got from his bed and as he looked at the place, his expression froze.

“Wait!! I was not dreaming, was it?” Alex muttered as he recalled the things that happened recently.

“Shit!!” He cursed out loud and walked out but stopped seeing many servants lining up in rows to greet him but he was unfamiliar with each one of them.

“Where is Christina? Take me to her” Alex ordered and started walking.

“Your Highness, Lady Christina has left.”

“Huh!!” Alex stopped in his tracks and turned back to look at the servant and asked “Where did she go?”

“She had left for war.” The servant answered while giving a heart attack to Alex.


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