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The Imbecile Lord Is Married to Five Beautiful Goddess – Chapter 129: Who The Hell Are You Bahasa Indonesia

Inside The Throne Room.

It was a jubilant occasion and the atmosphere was filled with much joy and mirth.

Everyone present out there had a happy and joyous expression and why wouldn’t they be happy.

After all, their Kingdom had achieved good results and if this keeps going on, soon they will be emerging victorious in the war, so it wasn’t wrong for them to enjoy the glory.

“The Queen Of Wright Is Making Her Presence.”

A loud shout echoed and the door of the throne room opened slowly spreading light which filled the throne room.

As soon as the door opened, a lady entered with light and gentle footsteps followed by Longard behind her.

Each step she took made her look more graceful and stunning.

She was a beautiful fair-skinned woman, she was 1.78 metres tall with long auburn hair accompanied by misty deep black eyes, a cute nose and pouty red lips.

She had a fully matured figure accompanied by her wonderful body curves that could put another woman in shame making her an extremely beautiful and alluring woman.

As soon as Catherine entered, everyone cheered for her from the bottom of their hearts. There was no sign of disrespect or discourtesy on anyone’s face.

As she walked on the red carpets, Jefferson quickly ran towards her and bowed on one of his knees and spoke”Your Highness, your servant is at your command.”

“Do you have any command for this servant?”

Seeing Jefferson’s hasty approach many snickered after all many knew just how big boot licker Jefferson is.

While many were disgusted at him, many still supported him in his endeavour and wished that his constant show of love may melt Catherine’s heart.

“Jefferson, we will talk about that later. Let’s finish the official procedure first.” Catherine muttered.

“Yeah, sure, sure!! Why not?”Jefferson muttered and stood up, leaving the way for Catherine to walk.

Catherine walked on the stairs and sat on the thrones and rolled her eyes over everyone present out there.

“First of all, I would like to express my sincere gratitude for all the support you have shown in the period of war.”

“Second, on this eve of a small win which our soldiers have brought us, I would like to host a banquet tomorrow.”

“Now, let’s start the meeting,” Catherine spoke.

Duke Neil, who was the Prime Minister, took charge and started the meeting.

“Your Highness, before we proceed further. I would like to inform you that Madam Christina had arrived in the capital and wanted to meet you.”

“Okay, I will meet her after this. Organise the meeting place for us.” Catherine replied.

“Your Highness, Madam Christina wanted to meet now and with her King Of Nevan, had also come to visit us.”

As soon as Duke’s words fell, the entire place went into silence.

The silence lasted for a moment followed by loud shouts.

“What is that idiot doing here?”

“Wasn’t he lying on the deathbed?”

“Wait, I have heard rumours that he had recovered.”

“Rumours are always rumours. How can they be true?”

While people started to mumble among themselves, Duke Neil coughed and drew everyone’s attention.

“You are all busy in the preparation for the war, so you all might have missed the recent developments.”

“According to the reports sent by Madam Christina, King of Nevan was the primary factor that led us to victory in Fortress of George.”

“Moreover King Of Nevan is at the late disciple rank, so I asked all of you to keep your tongue in check after all he is the rightful King of both Nevan and Wright.”

“And since he has become normal, things are going to change very soon.”

Catherine heard Duke Neil’s words and raised her brows, there was a subtle trace of change in expression.

No one knew what that subtle change was. Was it happiness or a trace of panic but whatever it was Catherine’s mood seemed to have turned ugly on hearing King Of Nevan’s words.

“Okay, Please invite him here,” Catherine ordered.

With a loud announcement, Christina entered followed by Alex with a large grin on his face.

Since he is going to make an appearance, he should make it big and shake some muddy waters which might be left in the pond.

He looked up to see Catherine’s face and a deep frown appeared on his face as he felt Catherine’s face quite familiar.

Everyone’s breathing seemed to cease for a moment as they saw the man that was beside Christina.

That man, his presence was enough to cast a powerful influence and give a strong impression on the eyes of the onlooker.

Moreover, they couldn’t even take their eyes off him.

Longard who stood at the side tried to compare the Alex he had in his memories to the one who stood before him now and by all means, it was the difference between heaven and hell.

Jefferson gritted his teeth in anger and muttered inwardly,’ How can this dumb idiot be more handsome than me.’

‘It can’t be happening.’

Jefferson was unable to take any more and stepped forward trying to intercept Alex and spoke with a small bow” Greetings, Lady Christina.”

Alex raised his brows seeing the man’s imprudence who ignored his authority and smiled

‘We have a brave soul here. I will surely enjoy peeling off some extra layer of arrogance from him.’


“Lady Christina, are you speaking the truth? I mean this man, is he really the King of Nevan?”

“He looks more like someone from your family.”

“For example, take his bright golden hair which is quite similar to yours.”

“Maybe he is an illegitimate child of your family or from your side family who has run away and you find him now, “Jefferson said with a mocking smile.

Many people shook their heads thinking that this guy had lost it while many laughed off Jefferson’s words as a joke.

Christina’s eyes widened and he clenched the hilt of her sword while looking at Catherine.

Catherine knew that the matter of family held quite a soft spot in Christina and she would execute anyone who dared to speak like this to Christina but surprisingly there was no change in Catherine’s expression even though Jefferson openly mocked her family and Alex.

Unable to take it anymore, she was about to pull out her sword when she heard a gentle tap.


Everyone heard the sound of a small footstep and looked around to see Alex taking another step forward.

And as soon as his foot touched the ground the whole atmosphere in the throne room froze with a deathly aura.

Everyone felt a chill that permeated deep within the bones evoking fear in the deepest part of their soul.

As Alex started to walk instead of the tapping sound of footsteps, the sounds of water splashing were heard.

Everyone’s eyeballs contracted in fear and as soon as they looked down they found themselves standing on a pool of blood instead of the floor.

Some even shrieked and squealed in fear while in some, the voices seemed to be stuck in their throat.

Alex raised his head and his eyes shined with a crimson blood colour and his gaze landed on Catherine who shuddered for a moment.

With a loud irritated voice, Alex shouted” Bitch, who the fuck are you?”

“Where the hell is my Catherine?”

A boisterous noise echoed through the throne that shook the entire place.


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