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The Imbecile Lord Is Married to Five Beautiful Goddess – Chapter 122: Finding The Antidote Bahasa Indonesia

The girls surrounded Alex and 2cried sorrowfully.

“Sir, please don’t kill us.”

“We will serve you till the end of our life.”


Alex was held by the six girls on all fronts and their smooth skin rubbed against his armour.

Alex felt that his eardrum would burst if this lady kept on crying.

“Calm down…We will not kill you?” Alex spoke and assured the girls.

“Sir if you spare us, we swear we will follow you and serve you till our last breath.”

“We will also warm your bed every day and will take you to nine heavens.” A lady spoke and leaned on Alex’s chest while the other bowed down holding his arms and legs.

“Girls, calm down,” Alex spoke with his back drenched in sweat.

He could feel a murderous vibe coming from behind which terrorised him like never before.

Christina looked at the scene and found it utterly disgusting.

After knowing about what was going on she couldn’t help but look disgusted at these ladies who were selling their bodies.

Seeing these ladies sticky around Alex somehow made her more angered.

If not for Alex, she would teach them a nice lesson.

Moreover, she wanted to see Alex’s reaction.

Alex, who was in the midst of a hurricane, felt his senses becoming dull and found himself standing between two death doors.

One of the women extended her hand and wrapped it around Alex’s neck and tried to bring his face closer.

Christina’s eyes flashed in anger seeing the boldness in this girl and she thought of stepping forward, however before she took a step…



As the woman wrapped her hand around Alex’s neck and was about to pull him closer, Alex’s hand moved like a whip and hit the woman’s face with a heavy force.

The punch burst her face into pieces and blood sprayed around her whole body and her face just disappeared entirely leaving behind the body along with her neck.

The corpse of the lady falls to the ground with a large thud.

Blood gushed like a fountain from her neck and sprayed Alex’s face painting his face red.


The other women who were sticking around Alex trying to get closer screamed in horror and jumped back seeing Alex’s cruelty.

They fell on their back while looking at Alex’s bloodied face which gave them a chill down their spine.

Even Christina was surprised by Alex’s abrupt punch.

She couldn’t understand what happened and why Alex killed her suddenly with such fierceness after all he was the one who suggested Christina not to kill unnecessarily.

Alex wiped off the blood on his face and walked toward one of the women who flinched back seeing his gaze.

She tried to get up but Alex’s silhouettes flickered followed by a faint breaking sound of bones.

Alex directly appeared before the woman and pressed his legs on her knee and with a heavy stomp, broke her bones.

“Arggggggggg!!” The woman screamed due to the sudden outburst of pain and tears gushed out from her eyes like a broken dam.

“Girls, I think you all are misunderstanding something.”

“I am a gentleman, not a man who thinks with the lower part.”

“Did you think you could fool me with your sweet innocent acting and dig your nails into my skin which contained poison?”

Alex spoke while clicking his tongue as he couldn’t even imagine how many might have already fallen prey to their schemes and how many more were going to fall if he didn’t kill them.

These girls may look like a cheap whore but in fact, they all are specially trained venomous girls

Since they didn’t awaken mana, one may lower their guard around them and then these girls would seduce the dumb heads and while doing the dirty deeds, they would kill them with poison in their nails.

The other women were horrified to see the man knowing all about the manoeuvres.

“Christina kill them,” Alex ordered with a sharp tone.

The woman cried and started to plead with Alex for mercy and even fell on their knees.

“Girls you have your chance but you didn’t accept my kindness.”

“Since you are incapable of bearing my kindness, you have to bear my wrath,” Alex spoke and pulled out his sword.

Christina already moved behind the women and with a swift swing, she cut all their heads.

Alex turned back, ignoring the bloodied corpse and started to look for the antidote.

According to the memory, there was a small chamber under the commander’s bed.

Alex walked towards it and raised the mattress and took out the two wooden planks.

Inside it was a heavily decorated box.

“Is the antidote inside?” Christina asked, raising her brows.

“Let’s open it.” Alex tried to open it but saw that there was a magic rune engraved on it.

Alex opened his fist and put it on the chest and muttered the spell.

A magic circle appeared and passed through the box.


The rune engraved on the box broke and Alex opened it to see a vile test tube which contained a golden liquid.

Alex stared at the antidote with a sorrowful expression and held it tightly.

If he had done this earlier, he could have saved the lives of many, the poor people who were sacrificed for the greed of higher class people.

Alex could somehow ascertain that Bright and Amidon were working together but he didn’t know the extent of their partnership.

Moreover, he might get a clue from these whores if he did a soul search but doing it many times a day would harm his brain as the soul memory search takes a huge toll on one’s body. After all soul search can be said to be a type of forbidden spell which shouldn’t be used carelessly.

“I have got the antidote.”

Alex turned to look at Christina.

“Are you sure it is the antidote? What if it is something else left by that man to trick us?” Christina asked while looking at the golden liquid.

”What if this liquid is a poison similar to that toxic gas, and a more potent one on top of that.”

“We will know about it eventually. By the way, what do you want to do with these camps?” Alex asked Christina’s opinion.

“Let’s take anything we find useful and we will burn the remaining,” Christina suggested.

“Then let’s take the spoils of war if there are any,” Alex muttered and both of them started to look for anything which they might find useful.


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