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The Imbecile Lord Is Married to Five Beautiful Goddess – Chapter 106: Visiting The Wounded Bahasa Indonesia

After holding Christina’s hand and swearing the oath in the traditional Knight’s way where they chose their master and pledged to remain loyal for eternity, Alex looked at Christina and asked with a solemn expression.

“Can I examine you a bit?”


“What do you mean?”Christina asked with a startled expression on hearing Alex’s sudden question and tried to pull her hands away from Alex but Alex gripped them tightly.

“Hey, what are you doing? I am just going to check your injury and nothing else” Alex spoke and explained to her, which calmed down Christina.

“Rephrendo!” Alex muttered the spell while holding Christina’s hands and poured his mana which slowly crawled its way through Christina.

Christina’s body twitched and jolted for a moment as she felt a sudden invasion of foreign energy into her body which subconsciously forced her to raise her guard.

“Calm down! Don’t resist it.” Alex shouted while concentrating on his work.

Christina’s whole body glowed for a moment and a greenish hue covered her body wholly.

The glow enveloped Christina for a few moments and dissipated.

“Hushhh!” Alex sighed heavily and retracted his hand.

“Your soul is damaged slightly, though soul damages are serious, yours is quite minute and it’s your persistence to train yourself that is delaying the recovery.”

“Moreover, even a little damage to the soul would make one lie in bed for months so how are you even fighting in this state,” Alex asked with a solemn expression.

“I am used to this heart-wrenching pain. It doesn’t hurt that much.” Christina spoke nonchalantly while tightly clutching her hand which Alex held after all this was the first time she had touched an opposite gender except her father.

Christina’s words amazed Alex for a moment. He had never imagined that there would be someone with such a high tolerance.

Damage to the soul is not a small matter because there are no spells which can heal damaged souls.

One can only supplement and nourish one soul through various medicines and natural treasures or temper it through constant training but healing a damaged soul isn’t possible even for a god.

Moreover, even though Alex said it was nothing serious, the matter is problematic as even 0.0001 percent soul damage gives one a heart-wrenching pain.

‘She is a tough girl.’Alex muttered inwardly.

“So, Christina from now allows me to lead. I will take over the things here.” Alex

“You don’t have to. I can still…”

Alex cut off Christina in the middle of her speech and said”Listen, Lady, I am not underestimating you in any sense.”

“This war is just the tip of the iceberg. The real war is yet to come. You just need to recover by the time the real thing begins. I have a spell which will hasten your recovery and nourish your soul.” Alex said with a tone which doesn’t seek any refusal.

Christina still wanted to object but Alex’s sharp piercing gaze she was unable to refute.

“So, in the meantime, we should find that bastard who is playing a dual role.” Alex’s lips curled upwards with a smile.

Alex discussed his plans with Christina before setting out with her towards the infirmary to see the wounded ones.


At Fortress of George infirmary.

Alex walked in followed by Christina, Mordek and Frank.

Alex’s steps halted for a moment seeing the facility inside.

A cold, moist and mouldy smell filled this seemingly abandoned place.

The place was filled with dust and one could see spider cow webs hanging on the roof.

There was a limited number of beds where seriously wounded soldiers laid while most of the injured were on the ground which was covered with hay.

Many soldiers were crying and groaning in pain while the floor had been stained with blood.

Ten doctor personnel who were dressed in white while wearing a blackish apron walked between the soldiers and they seemed to be short of hands.

As Alex walked closer, other than the stench of blood, the smell of alcohol which was used as an antiseptic assaulted his nose as the doctors were clearing the wounds on the soldiers.

While Alex was taking note of everything, the soldiers were also observing Alex.

Some of them looked at Alex with respect and reverence. The King who had been a laughing stock for everyone in the entire empire now stood before them like an idol worthy of worship.

Only those who have gone outside the walls and seen his strength knew his valour and myth.

“His Majesty, The King of Nevan has arrived!!” A more solid yelled who led them inside.

Tales of his fight and the destructive move with which he swept the battlefield were still avid in their memories which had already been spread throughout the whole facility.

Of course, many were still sceptical about it as they were not present to witness the Epic scene and were eager to see the king who used to be a retard and a fatty.

But after Alex’s long and tall stature filled with his unyielding looks pumped them up.

Being in the army for years, they can tell from a single glance that this man had shed buckets of sweat to reach the current stage.

Antwan and the group of soldiers who have been saved by Alex stood up and shouted”Hail To The King Of Nevan!”

Following his notion, many tried to stand up with their wounded and worn-out bodies and greeted him.

Alex thanked them and gave a brief nod. Although the atmosphere looked quite cheering, Alex was in a foul mood.

“Christina, what is this?”

“Why is this place in such a dilapidated condition?”

“Shouldn’t the treatment faculty of the soldiers be cleaned and well maintained,” Alex asked with an irritated tone.


Frank interjected Christina and spoke on her behalf”Your Majesty, this is just a temporary measure. The treatment facility used to be far away in the city but since all people have evacuated, we decided to use this place temporarily.”

“Moreover, this isn’t as bad as it seems,” Frank explained, trying to soothe Alex’s anger.

Alex massaged his forehead, he knew that science is still underdeveloped in this world so these people don’t care much about health and hygiene.

If they knew about the science and how such conditions can affect treatment, they would have hit their head due to their ignorance.

Most of the soldiers didn’t die of injuries rather it is due to a lack of proper sanitation.

Even a person who had a 60 percent chance of survival may die due to a lack of hygiene.

Alex took a puff which sucked the foul air into his mouth and raised his five fingers.

“Five hours!!” Alex spoke, raising his hand.

“I want this entire goddamn place clean. Arrange the beds, no one should lie on the straw.”

“Uncle Mordek please tell Max and others to cut the trees and make a temporary bed with it.”

“Bring my men and clean this place quickly.”

“Your Highness! There are still wounded there. Where will they go?” Frank asked in a panicked tone.

Even Christina who was quietly watching Alex wanted to say something but he was interjected by a sudden flash of light radiating from Alex’s body.


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