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The Imbecile Lord Is Married to Five Beautiful Goddess – Chapter 102: Did You Like The Firework? Bahasa Indonesia


An earth-shattering and deafening roar erupted from the collision which shook the entire walls of the fortress.

A sea of flames exploded and burst forth from the impact which started to spread around walls like a wave of the sea.

Christina’s pupil contracted to see the explosion and her heartbeat hastened for a moment and subconsciously her lips opened with a tone filled with worry.


The defensive walls started to crack even further and from the sea of flames, a figure was shot like a cannon and slammed against the wall at the back making a huge hole.

Flames had enveloped all of his body but fortunately, due to armour, the flames hadn’t penetrated inside it.

Blood gushed out of his mouth and dyed the heavy armour in blood and the blood trickled slowly from the helmet.

The fire burning in the armour extinguished after a moment leaving fumes of gas evolving from the armour which was cooled by soft breezes of wind.

Alex felt dizzy and his body started quivering for a moment due to the impact which took him by surprise.

Everyone was shocked seeing the invincible armoured man getting pushed back.

No one knew what kind of face was under the helmet not even knowing whether it was male or female even though the voice was like a male but no matter what this armoured person had gained the trust and respect of the soldiers from Wright’s side.

Though they are still on their guard from inside, they couldn’t express the gratitude they were feeling toward the stranger.

But Christina who knew the person inside the armour started to run towards him but she stopped as he stood up.


Alex cursed under the helmet as he felt a strong burning sensation under the armour.

Due to fire, he had suffered burns on his face and his chest.

That bastard had used a secret technique to burn his remaining life force to get a huge boost and breakthrough into Epic rank.

Burning life essence can be done naturally if you are above the transcendent realm as those above it have transcended the limit of humans and had long life spans but to do it blew that realm you need forbidden techniques.

Alex didn’t know how Amidon got his hands on such a forbidden technique but it was surely bad news still he concluded that only this man knew this technique as other master ranks didn’t use such means.

The opponent’s terrifying strength struck him hard during the collision making his right hand go numb but more than that he was worried about the exploding flames.

This man had become a ticking time bomb that can explode at any time.


A sinister metal screeching laughter echoed and from the flames, the enemy appeared.

Half of his body was on fire. His hair was burning and his chest had become as dark as charcoal.

Looking at him everyone was sure that this man was on his last legs.

“Even if I die, I will take you with me. With you gone, there will be no one to interfere and stop Amidon from destroying this place.” He roared at the top of his lungs as a breath of fire erupted from him.

“In your dreams!” Alex shouted and took out the helmet to get some fresh air, shocking everyone.

For a moment everyone’s heartbeat hastened as they saw huge scary burns on his face which may look quite hideous but on his face, it wasn’t as hideous as it should be.

The lips along with cheeks had been burnt exposing the white teeth.

But soon, his face started to glow and the burns started to disappear as if they were never present.

Everyone who witnessed him became dazed for a moment even Christina was in no better condition.

After all, how could he not be surprised when the difference between the Alex he knows and Alex who was fighting here was identical to heaven and hell.

As soon as his face was healed, the heavenly appearance along with his indomitable temperament was enough to shame most of the men and wreak havoc in the heart of maidens.

He has long thick blonde hair, combined with his smooth white skin with a perfectly carved face.

His crimson eyes had a unique shine within them. He had sword-like eyebrows, a thin nose and a sharp V-shaped slick jawline that made his face stand out even more.

“Dieeeeee!” The enemy who sawed him roared angrily and channelling all his strength into his leg, he lunged forward towards Alex.

The soldiers and Christina were worried about Alex as they saw him recovering bit by bit and thought to gain some time for Alex to heal himself.

But they weren’t able to move an inch closer towards the explosive energy and pressure.

Christina gritted her teeth while enduring the pain of the explosive force and tightened the grip on her sword, she slashed with all her strength but the explosive fiery energy overpowered her attacks and envelope it completely.

The enemy flung his left wrist towards Christina sending massive fiery flames which exploded before him.

Gathering her strengths, she swung her sword diagonally which cut the cloud of flames coming toward her apart but from the narrow gap, she saw the man changing his direction and charging at her.

“Bitch!!Since you want to die first. I will take you down first.” He roared and jumped toward Christina.

He empowered his weapon with a fiery mass of energy which radiated heat as hot as lava and with red flames on his sword, he stabbed his rapier at Christina, deciding to teach this bitch a lesson.

The soldiers and defenders were terrified witnessing the scene. Even though many of them wanted to help but they couldn’t and their interference will just become a burden for Christina so they just have to believe in her.

Christina stepped back while charging her sword to attack.

However, before the enemy could step ahead a shadow of a figure flashed before her and the fiery man figure disappeared from her sight.

Alex used flight magic and held the man while carrying him into the sky.

He gritted his teeth to contain his burning finger under the gauntlets. The skin was burning repeatedly even under the effect of the healing spell which gave him an unbearable urge to itch his fingers as a layer of skin peeled up and regrown.

Alex, holding the man’s shoulders who were burning in flames and gathering his strength, threw him into the sky.

The man was thrown straight into the sky like a thruster from the rockets.

But even in that condition, he moved his hands closer forming a hollow cup-shaped sign while the fiery mass of energy started to gather.

The flames condensed in his hand to his limits and shot down towards Alex like a fiery beam of fire which looked like a punishment of heaven.

Like a flame thrower, the huge fiery pillar reached Alex and wanted to burn Alex down into ashes without leaving everything.

Alex’s pupil contracted as he felt the intense heat coming down on him and he took a deep breathe while clenching his fist tightly

His clenched was shrouded with a crimson hue and it started to emit a sparkling glint.

Raising his fist while his body floating in the mid-air, he twisted his body a little to generate as much force as possible and shouted while punching the incoming fiery beam.

“Mighty Punch!”



A creaking sound of something shredding apart was heard which emitted a high pitch shrill noise and the fiery beam descending suddenly towards Alex split apart into two halves and bifurcation into two halves the beam of light fell on the surface causing a huge explosion while emitting a sea of flames rushing everywhere.

A concentrated mass of air seemed to emerge from Alex’s body which manifested into a huge crystallized fist which split the beam of light shot towards the Master rank.

The Master rank felt a life-threatening danger and ran his hands and feet while trying to evade it but the mighty punch from Alex reached it within a second and hit his body turning his vision dark for eternity.

The only thing the man saw before his death was a huge enlarged manifestation of a fist which smashed him making his entire body burst into a bloody mist.

The flaming energy contained in the body expanded suddenly and detonated in the sky forming a mini-burning sun.


A horrible outburst occurred in the sky which brightened the whole sky with a blinding flash of light which momentarily blinded the vision of the onlook for a moment.

Everyone who looked at the scene felt as if their heart was about to come out of their mouth due to the shock.

If the explosions of such scale occurred on the ground then they were sure that half of the fortress wall might have been blown away causing countless casualties.

The ear-rupturing sound of the explosion still lingered in the atmosphere even after the sky started to clear up from the flames enveloping it while under it Alex might figure hovered in the air which made the soldiers look at him with esteem.

Let alone the soldiers near the Fortress, the commander of the other side shook the screen of the window and looked up to see a small lighted spot and clenched his fist.

He could feel the horrible power of the explosion even from afar but more than that he lost all the master ranks that had been given to him.

“These useless scums. I can only resort to that if the situation becomes worse.”


Meanwhile, Alex’s body floated above the Fortress and watched the explosion with a solemn expression, he flew back and landed beside Christina and spoke with a faint smile.

“Say, did you like the firework?”


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