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The Conquerors Path – Chapter 97: Subduing The Empress(3) Bahasa Indonesia

My mind ran at full speed thinking out the ways to deal with this, as for asking her to share?, c’mon this is a woman that burned herself to be with me even when the bloodline hasn’t being awakened,, by now she has a deep obsession to me, thinking about it, this world really had many dangerous women’s

I looked back to Lora, peering deep into her eyes which was waiting for my reply, I smiled as I looked at her with a ‘loving’ and ‘adoring’ look, my hand left her face as I took her hand and placed it on my chest, I smiled as I spoke

“Of course, how can’t I not feel the bond that shares between us, can’t you hear it my heartbeat, it always goes up when I am near knew, after all to me you are the most perfect woman”

“I love you Lora”

My actions along with my words were like sweets to Lora as her eyes lit up, a happy and adoring smile came upon her face, for now I had decided to indulge her in her desires, after all she would be very helpful to me, along with it I will check her progress, I will see if I could make her accept others, if not then…..

Lora smiled as her body trembled with delight, she wrapped her hands around my neck before she came to me for a kiss, her breasts pressed against my broad chest, as her lips joined with mine

My hands held her body as I kissed her, at that time Lora began to bite my lips sucking on them, she started to taste my lips like a dessert, I too didn’t hold back as I began sucking on her lips too

We were like two hungry predators as we fiercely ate each other up, we were sucking on each other as we pressed our body against each other, seemingly trying to become one

Lora bit my lower lips as she fiercely sucked on it, her hands were on my neck holding me tight, I didn’t back out as I too bit her lower lips causing Lora to open her mouth, I took the opportunity by putting my tongue into her, our tongues soon met each other

Our mouth stayed attached to each other, as our tongues battled, my saliva flew into her mouth, Lora drank my saliva like it was some sort heavenly drink, finding my taste divine to her


The sound of our saliva’s being exchanged filled the room, plus the thought of cucking the Emperor in his own house was very exiting, we continued to kiss for a few minutes before letting go, a bridge of saliva connected us as we separated, Lora looked at me for a moment before she dived in again to my lips but I stoped her, she looked at me with a confused expression, not knowing why I wanted to stop

“We can’t do it here, plus I have more important things to discuss”

Hearing my words Lora seemed disappointed, I smiled as I cupped her huge breast, my hands sinked into it as I started to grope it, causing to earn a moan from Lora


“Don’t worry I will make sure to plough you well later but right now we have important things to discuss, like the Emperor”

It’s only after hearing my words did Lora agree, I left her breast as I hugged her lithe waist, at the same time Lora placed her head on me, with that we began our talk, there are two main reason that I wanted to do this, first was to learn more about the Emperor’s plan

While the second one was to get closer to Lora, I know that she love’s me but we haven’t exactly spend a lot of time together, be it Eleanor, Clara or my mother, we all have a close relationship

I know their likes and dislike and most of the things about them, this creates a stable relationship, You can’t just expect only feelings to sustain a relationship, you must also know when or not to make a move

After talking about out plan for a bit I began to tell her about my adventures, of course I left out the adventures about the girls, I spoke to het about what I faced and what I love to do and at the same time I asked her’s too, with that the next hour was spend with us talking with each other, filling the room with laughs, making it a sweet atmosphere

An hour later, we were still sitting on the couch with Lora on my lap, her head rested on my head with a smile, one of my hand held her wasit while the other tenderly stroked her head

“This is fun, I never knew that simply sitting and talking to someone can make me feel so happy and satisfied”

Lora spoke as she turned her head towards me, a satisifed smile adorned her face as she heard my heart beat and took in my scent, she had never felt more fulfilled, she never knew that such small things could make her feel like this

She look at the boy….no her man who was giving her such a feeling and smiled, she had thought that I would directly jump for her body, though it was disappointing that I didn’t yet a sweet feeling filled her heart making her feel that I desired not just her body, I smiled as I kissed her forehead

“Don’t worry I will make sure that you will feel more of these feelings, I will make sure to fill you with happiness, my Lora”

Lora smiled hearing my words, she came forward as she pecked my lips, she laid her head back on my chest as she relished in me pampering her somehow today the world seemed to be filled with colors for her, she wanted this, she wanted her everyday to be like this

She sniffed my body scent which seemed to relax and motivate her mind, her mind steeled once again with her decision, she would spend the rest of her life with me, that would never change


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