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The Conquerors Path – Chapter 93: A Good Time Bahasa Indonesia

I opened one side of her bra as it fell to her side, her big left breast popped out in full view, Her nipple was erect, which meant she was getting turned on too from all of this.

I immediately brought her to the front as I leaned forward and took her nipple into my mouth, She moaned into my ear which made me more aroused, I sucked her nipple into my mouth and used my tongue to swirl around it.

“Ahh❤~~~that feels so good~~~Suck in harder❤”

I sucked her nipple harder at the same time, biting it gently that resulted in her moaning out into my ear again

“That’s it~~~~❤”

I continues to suck on her nipple, at the same time my other hand went into her other breast nicely gripping on it, at the same time I pulled her bra down fully while, one of my hands pulled her nipple while my mouth bite her other nipple, surprisingly at that time Clara spoke

“That’s enough for now~~~I want to pay you back to~~~”

I lifted up my waist as Clara pulled out my shorts, leaving my dick open in the open to see, Clara took my dick in her hand and lightly stroked it

Before I could say anything, Clara opened her little mouth and leaned forward, Her warm mouth felt more amazing, I wasn’t sure if it was because this was happening now but I could only close my eyes as I indulged in the pleasure I was feeling, my body melted while my mind blanked

Clara began slowly moving up and down on my dick, taking about half of it in her mouth, one of her hand over towards my ball playing with it, her tongue continued to play around my dick, In just over a minute, I could feel the undeniable feeling in my balls and knew I was going to cum soon, I grabbed Clara’s head and held it in place as I quickly fucked her gorgeous face, She let out a surprised sound but didn’t stop what she was doing.

After a couple of pumps between her small lips, I shot my cum down her throat, When I was done releasing all of it deep inside her, I let go of her head, Clara didn’t say anything as she swallowed my sperm with a happy look

“Ha, Ha. So good.”

At this point, my legs were open with Clara positioning her head between it, I once again wanted to fell her in my dick, but seeing that Clara was touching herself with one of her hands, I thought of a good idea where we can touch each other at the same time

I gave Clara a short kiss that lasted only for a second or two then whispered something in her ear, Clara’s face turned redder but she didn’t deny it, She stood up as she even seductively removed her panties, after that I lay on the bed as she went on top of me, with her dripping pussy directly in front of me

My dick was still hard, Releasing it once was not enough for me, I curled one of my arms around Clara’s thighs, intending on devouring her pussy as if it were my last meal, Clara started to lick my dick all over as she placed herself over my face, she guided her rear end down over me to begin my task, She stuck out her tongue proceeding to slide it back and forth, making me shudder in pleasure.

I remembered what I was supposed to do as I licked and nibbled all along Clara’s inner thighs, Starting at the outer parts, I slowly worked my way to her already soaked pussy lips, each of which I gently sucked until it was swollen twice its normal size, Once Clara’s labia were fully engorged, I parted them with my tongue and began licking up & down with long stiff tongue strokes.

I gripped her ass at times, massaging, releasing then gripping it again, Clara tried to keep all of her weight off of him which began to be extremely difficult as the sensation I gave her spread throughout her body.

Her taste was delicious that I was getting addicted to it, our lewd smell was also spreading out the room, causing us to feel hotter all over our bodies, I varied the intensity of my licking so perfectly that Clara felt her peak getting closer especially with her heightened state of arousal.

“I’m close!”

I gave Clara a notice so that she won’t be surprised but Clara acted like she never heard anything, still playing with my dick inside her mouth, Sucking and licking while massaging my balls.


I let out huge loads of cum as Clara continued to suck it all in her mouth, The timing couldn’t have been more perfect as every muscle in her body suddenly contracted, including her legs.


Followed by a series of loud muffled moans coming out of her and a huge gush of fluid which all exploded from her pussy, needless to say, my face got a good soaking, Not that I was complaining, just the opposite as the satisfaction I get from bringing a woman orally to an explosive climax was very exciting.

I held Clara close, kissing her and whispered how good it felt while also running my hands all over her smooth legs, I slowly slid my hands between her legs as I gave one soft slap on her clit with my two fingers


She let out a loud involuntary moan and begged

“You want to do it already?”

Clara gave me a mischievous smile as she felt that I couldn’t wait a little longer and wanted to stick my dick in her now.


I didn’t respond as I continued showering Clara with kisses, at the same time, sliding two fingers deep inside her very damp pussy, which induced her to let out a scream.


As she was soaking wet, I didn’t wait any longer and moved between her legs and placed my still erect and ready for another round dick at the entrance of her sweet pussy, Clara’s lustful face quickly changed to a smile

“Mhnn❤, push it in.”

I tapped my dick on her clit, Clara moaned, getting into it as I moved my dick between her sopping wet pussy lips, but not pushing it inside, feeling just a bit of her warmth.

“Oh❤~~~put it in now❤~~~I want to feel your hard dick in me❤”

Clara moaned, moving her waist up, trying to get my dick in her.

“How bad do you want it?”

It was my turn to tease her back and seeing her face full of desire makes my dick even harder, resisting the temptation to just bury my dick inside her.

“So bad~~~❤”

Not giving her any warning, I slid my dick inside her warm and wet passage, Clara moaned loud while trying to tempt me with her alluring voice

“Oh yes❤~~~~fuck me! Fuck me hard❤!”

I obliged as I leaned down with my face buried between her big firm breasts, I then began thrusting in and out as fast as he could, ramming deep into her womb, I felt I was in heaven.

“Ahhh❤~~~~Sooo deeppp❤~~~”

My hands moved towards her breasts that were bouncing in front of me, one of my hands roughly began squeezing her breasts, while my mouth sucked her other nipple

“Suck my nipples❤~~~Austin~~Just like you did a while ago❤”

I did just what she said, going back and forth between her lush breasts, sucking, nibbling and biting, every once in awhile, I got so intoxicated playing with Clara’s melons and her loud moans when I added pressure to her nipples that I stopped fucking her.

But every time I stopped, Clara would move her waist so I would resume on pounding her, Few moments passed, I felt that Clara was close as I felt her pussy walls tighten around my dick as she screamed from extreme pleasure,

“I’m close!❤~~~~~I’m coming!~~~~I’m coming on your dick!❤”

I leaned up and shoved my tongue down her throat while I fucked her through her climax, our tongues swirled around each other, and I began to feel my balls tighten with my sensitivity heightening.

“I’m coming soon,”

“Yes!❤~~Oh❤!~~do it inside me~~~Ahhhh❤…knock me up~❤”

Those words were like a lightning bolt straight to my dick, and in seconds I was coating Clara’s womb with my hot semen, painting her womb white, Clara bucked her ass up, meeting each thrust as she moaned,

“Fill me with your seed❤~~Yes! Ahnn!…❤Yesss!”

Once I was done, filling her up completely, I collapsed on top of her and rolled to her side, Clara looked into my eyes with complete bliss while panting, gasping for breath, before I could do anything, I was surprised as Clara went down on me, taking his dick back into her mouth.

“Oh?, someone’s feisty today”

I didn’t say anything else as I felt that I should just enjoy Clara bobbing up and down my dick, occasionally giving it long licks that sends shivers down my spine, Clara continued this for a few minutes, while I watched as she stroked my dick with her hand while sucking the head of my dick, it wasn’t long until I felt that I was reaching another orgasm, but I didn’t want to only cum in her mouth, so I pulled back and instructed

“Get on all fours”

“Are you ready for another round my sexy bitch?”

I added, looking at Clara’s ass hole that was fully exposed in front of me, Unexpectedly, Clara pushed her ass out, even more, searching for my dick, She gave me a look with one of her brows arched up that urged me to start shoving my dick deep inside her.


I pushed his dick deep inside her in one go, hitting her womb and pushing a bit in, There was a slight resistance at first as she wasn’t expecting it, but once I had penetrated deep enough, my dick easily slid inside in and out of her.

Clara let out a whimper and moaned,

“Ah! ❤Do it faster this time!”

I slapped her ass as I suggested,

“Let’s move together.”

Clara moaned again as we both moved with me penetrating her repeatedly while she began to ride my dick, meeting me in the middle of my thrust, At first, her movements were timid and slow, but after a couple of minutes, she began to get used to doing it and began to move faster.

Soon, my entire length was disappearing rapidly inside her as we matched our movements, I watched in complete satisfaction as Clara bounced back on my dick


The sound her ass slapping onto me sounded in the room, I grabbed each of her ass cheeks for balance as I picked up the pace. A mixture of moans and whimpers escaped Clara’s mouth.

“Ahhh❤~~~ahhhh~~so gooodddd❤”

Although she seemed so focused on what she was doing, I realized what Clara was doing, She was determined to take my dick up her womb, With each thrust, another whimper escaped her mouth, Then suddenly, without warning, she leaned forward and then in one quick push back took all my length back inside her.


I just kneeled behind her, seemingly allowing Clara to adjust to my dick, filling her completely, touching the entrance of her womb, partially breaking in, Slowly, Clara began to move back and forth, fucking herself on my dick, Once she got used to the feeling of my head hitting her deep entrance, she began to accelerate her pace

After a few minutes of steady increase, Clara finally began to actually bounce back on my dick, her ass slapping onto my thighs, Clara’s constant hard and fast thrusts that made me experience the pleasure that I could never imagine before

“Ahhhhhh❤~~it’s breaking into my wombbbbbb❤”

I focused at Clara as she moaned whimpered then began breathing erratically while her hand went towards her clit, She began rubbing herself frantically while continuing to impale herself on my dick, Finally, seemingly reaching her climax, she screamed.

“Oh, yes❤! I’m coming again! I have never come like this Yes❤!”

Her thighs began shaking, clearly going through a mind-blowing orgasm from having her pussy fucked deep and hard, Watching her quiver on my dick got me boiling, pushing her onto her, fucking her deep and hard.

Each deep thrust had her letting out indescribable grunts from as I continued pounding her sensitive pussy, A few seconds later, I collapsed onto her as my hot cum shot straight to her womb, giving me a feeling of satisfaction, knowing that his Clara’s womb was full of my cum, A bit exhausted, we both lied together beside each other, Clara turned to me, facing me directly, giving out a satisfied smile on her sweaty face, I pulled her into my embrace, as I hand played with her meaty ass

“Want to go again?”

With that sounds of our maons continued to hear within my room for a long time


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