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The Conquerors Path – Chapter 83: Loving The Maid Bahasa Indonesia

I kissed her lips softly, my hands began to move around her body, feeling her skin through the clothes, I hugged her tightly and pressed her body against mine


Clara sighed dreamily and twisted her body inside my arms, I continued pressing my lips firmly against hers, I then moved my tongue and slowly inserted it into her mouth

Clara made an expression of surprise, but her expression turned soft immediately after She then moved her tongue excitedly and entwined it with mine

The temperature inside the room increased slowly, Sweat began to appear in our skin due to the heat brought by our intertwined bodies, but neither Clara nor I stopped our kiss

After kissing for one minute, Clara began to feel out of breath

She tried to move her mouth away, but I pressed forward and sucked fiercely her saliva, Clara’s face turned red, and she tried to struggle more fiercely, but the pleasure brought by the kiss was so great that her body had turned soft

I continued sucking her lips, moving my tongue slowly inside her mouth, our saliva mixed completely and her breath passed directly into my mouth, I wanted her I wanted to taste her entire body and make her mine, When I finally felt that she was about to fall unconscious, I ended the kiss

“Pant, pant…”

Clara panted fiercely once our mouths separated, She was looking at me with tears in her eyes and a blushing expression


She stared at me seductively before lowering her head in embarrassment, Seeing that expression, I felt my blood burning inside of me

Unable to endure the desire, I lifted her and threw her into my bed


Clara shouted in surprise, but I immediately sealed her lips with another kiss, Clara opened her eyes wide when she felt my mouth again

She then closed her eyes and hugged my waist softly, I began to move my hands through her body, beginning with her breasts, then her waist, and finally her ass

I could feel the elasticity of her breasts and ass despite her clothes, her ass deformed each time I moved my hands, changing to different forms each second


Clara moaned softly and twitched below my body, I realized that she was already wet, so I moved my hand towards her pussy over her clothes

She jumped in surprise when she felt my hand there, but her body was pressed below mine, so she could not move, I then smiled teasingly and moved my hand up and down softly


I smiled and moved my other hand to her breasts over her clothes I then pressed them fiercely and pinched her erect nipples, Clara opened her eyes wide due to the pleasure and her mind turned blank, for a second, she could only open and close her mouth repeatedly

Seeing her cum so easily I smiled with a sadistic grin while whispering softly on her ear

“So my little bitch, do you mastrubate when your alone?”

Clara’s ears turned red, she tried to look aside, but I did not allow it, Clara could only look at me while trying to hide her embarrassment


She called my name pitifully with puppy eyes, I smiled again and kissed her eyelids softly, I then moved my mouth to her cheeks, then to her neck, then to her shoulder, at the same time I gave small licks to her horn, I licked her horn while pinching her nipples over her clothes


Clara twisted her body comfortably and tried to suppress her moans, but my hands continued touching her body without stop, I caressed her legs and then put my palm against her abdomen, doing circles in her skin

“Do you often mastrubate?”

I asked again, my voice was the last straw that broke her determination, Clara was unable to suppress her moan when she felt my breath against her skin

“Uhh… Ahn… Sometimes… Wh-When I… ahn… When I think of you”

I smiled in delight when I heard her answer

“I see, so my little Clara is a pervert”

“Indeed I am a pervert bitch but that’s only when I am with you~~~~❤”

I laughed and kissed her mouth again, our tongues then began another round of fighting and interchange of saliva until Clara was out of breath again

I took a deep breath and inhaled the sweet scent coming from her body, I already was almost unable to control my lust, the only reason because I was not attacking Clara yet was that I wanted to make her first experience a pleasant memory

However, I was becoming unable to endure, so, I began to take off Clara’s clothes slowly, her beautiful blue dress was already covered with sweat, but I did not care

Clara put on a startled expression when she felt my hands removing her clothes but quickly began to take off my clothes too, In seconds, both of us were completely naked

I threw our clothes away and slowly observed Clara’s body, I could see her beautiful white skin glistening with the sweat, and her plentiful breasts and ass contrasting with her petite body

My dick was already erect, but it became even bigger after seeing her beautiful naked body, Clara cried in surprise when she saw my partner in all its splendor

“So big…”

She muttered with a bit of fear and expectation in her voice, I smiled again and slowly approached while looking at her body with a burning gaze, clara’s body shrunk timidly under my glare, but she could not escape from my arms, an instant later, I was already before her

Then, under her expectant gaze, I gently laid her in the bed and kissed her lips.


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