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The Conquerors Path – Chapter 74: Time To Go Home Bahasa Indonesia

Austin’s POV:

It’s been 2 days since the time I slept with Eleanor, during these two days we stuck to each other, just like a newly married couples, we enjoyed the happiness in each other’s company

But all sweet things must come to an end, currently Eleanor was standing near the door of the cottage waiting to leave, there was a reluctant look in her eyes

Yet she had to leave, being the sole backbone of the bow association is not an easy job she herself as a lot of things to do, smiling I walk close to her and pull her into a hug

Eleanor closed her eyes and layed her head in my chest, my hands slowly stroked her back sending shivers of pleasure up her spine, during these two days my touches became an addiction to her

“You don’t have to worry, I would soon be joining the Babylon academy, so we could enjoy ourselves throughly then”

As I said it one of my hands moved down her spine and gave her bountiful ass a nice squeeze earning a moan from Eleanor, I could see her breathing increase, I was tempted to take her now, but I held back there was more important things to do

Raising Eleanor’s chin I gave her a kiss before letting go, nodding to me Eleanor gave my cheek a kiss before she disappeared, now that she disappeared my expression became a bit tensed, at that same time a snort was heard

“Hump, are you finally free now?”

Turning around I saw a small black coloured blue eyed wolf laying on the sofa, there was an angry expression on her face, as if facing a great betrayal, seeing her I smiled

‘well I am fucked’

This was what I was worried about, as I swept in the flow along with Eleanor I had forgotten about Luna, it was only later that I remembered about her and by then it was too late but even then I have an idea

Putting on a smile I walked towards Luna arriving near her I tried to lift her but she just humped and moved away from, clearly displaying her dissatisfaction, rasing an eyebrow I asked

“What is it Luna?, why are so grumpy today?”

“Humph don’t act like you don’t known, how was it having a human women at your chest?”

Every word Luna spoke was filled with sarcasm, hearing her words I smiled, then I spoke with a mischievous tone

“Oh?, could it be that your great self is jealous?”

Hearing my words Luna turned her head sideways

“It-it’s nothing like that, it’s just that you seemed to be more happy having her on your chest, maybe I-I thought that…”

Listening to Luna I smirked

“That what?”

“it’s nothing”

Seeing Luna being a tsundere I smiled, with quick steps I come close to the sulking wolf, picking her up I placed her on my laps and started petting her head, Luna always loved it when I did it

“Luna that women is very important to me but that doesn’t mean that you are any less, you are just like family to me”

“But I just don’t want only that”

I could hear Luna’s rambling from my laps not at all knowing that the cute wolf was making secrete plans of eating the said women when she gets stronger

‘Just you wait when I take my human form you would forget all about that women’

Luna was having many vicious thoughts in her head while I continued to pet her head

“I found my inherited memories about my hidden legacy, I would soon be leaving to that area, you would not be able to accompany me now right?”

Hearing Luna’s question I was stunned for a bit before I recovered, through the years I really have gotten attached to this little wolf, she’s been with me for a few years now and the thought of her not with me does make me feel a bit lonely

Feeling my emotions Luna smiled, though she too would miss sleeping close to me

“Don’t worry it would only take me a few months at most before that I would be back”

“Um, I know but that dosent mean I would not miss you”

“Humph, at least you know your priorities”

Even though she sounded lax I could still see her lips moving up for a smile, we continued to sit at such a pace for some time and then suddenly Luna disappeared from my lap

“She’s still the same, always trying to keep a tough front”

I could only shake my head at such an action, standing up I stretched my body a bit, looking outside I could see that the sun was up, memories of a few women’s passed through my mind

“well, I guess it’s time to head home”


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