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The Conquerors Path – Chapter 7: Information(2) Bahasa Indonesia

So yeah there something I have to tell you guys

I have changed the names of the realms

I changed human realm to Silviya realm and Demon realm To Silvie realm

That’s all!!


Anyway enough about dragon’s, the next species is the beastmens

They are divided into diffrent tribes and spread across a single empire,among them the four

main clans are:

The Lion Tribe

The Tiger Tribe

The Wolf Tribe

The Cat Tribe

each tribe has other clans below them and is ruled by the main clan like a council, there is no single king, surprisingly such a system really works well for them

unlike the elves the beastmens are more inclined towards close combact than magic, though they use magic in combat

each clan has its own specialty, such as the cat tribe being great assassins, the tiger tribe being great treasure hunters.

All the clans had come together to create an exotic world of their own which is a great tourist spot in this world.

After that we have the dwarves, they actually dont have their own country but a city, known to be impenetrable to all.

Due to their low birth rate the dwarves have a lesser populations, so they came together to create the dwarven city.

built with high metal walls and technology, the city is literally impenetrable. Another thing about the dwarves is that they own about 56% of the worlds weapon production.

A scary number to say the truth as they only Iive for smithing and drinking, it is said that the dwarves have more money than they can spend.

After them comes the humans unlike the other races the humans are not well knit nor do they have any speciality.

That was what the other races had thought but the humans took their weakness as strength and expaned their ways.

we started producing magical weapons and as a group of extraordinary thinking we started learing the specialty of others and started to excel in them.

humans also has their own share of extraordinary experts and powers

currently there are 2 human empire and other human countries surrounding it, both the empire’s are equal in strength.

The empire i am currently in is the Ezraeil Empire currently ruled by Claus Ezraeil the 8th, he took control of the empire 15 years ago.

The other is the twilight empire, ruled by Maxwell twilight the 8th.

surrounding them are other countries who strength canot be scoffed at, they themself have specialities and strenghts.

like the country of Angria which completly focuses on magic, it is said that even the commoners their knows basic magic

The country of Avalon focues in kinghts and they are basically close combact oriented

so these are the basic in the human “realm”, why realm you ask?,

This is beacuse the Silvie realm and the Silviya realm are not exactly on the same plane

The realm containing humans,elves,beastmens and dwarves was made by the goddess Silviya and the demon realm by the godess silvie

to travel between each realm one needs to use a transport gate and as for the demon realm??

they have countless different types of demons, where there exist only 2 empire ruling them all, The Efeth and The Olane empire.

The Efeth empire is ruled by the Efeth demons and the Olane empire is ruled by the Olane demons

Other than this there is another race created by both the godesses, the aquatic species that live within the sea.

A great aquatic empire ruled by both the mermaid and whale tribes.

unlike what people would expect there is no large rate war or dislike between the races, infact they live in harmony, where different races live with each other

well that is after what took place thousands of year ago, for some reason there was a war between the goddess Sylvia and Sylvie

The war escalated to such degree that millions died and blood had made the world red, but no one actually knew why there was a war between the godesses

well…..except for me who had played the game, there was a hidden quest to be completed and i had found the reason

its nothing great, it was a small disagreement between the goddess, the godess Silvie wanted to live and interact with her creations forming a harmony

but Godess silviya just wanted let her creations as they are, with no interactions

so…..yup a great war occured beacuse of that, you can imagine my surprise when i found about it.

opening my eyes and rubbing my sore body i decided to take a walk

“oh yeah before that, hey system show me all the application you can provide me”

[yes, host]


The Support System






looking at the given choices a few doubts arose in my mind.

“hey system what’s information?”

[Its as the name implies, you can check into the information and buy certain information at a certain price]

[ And before you ask the “price” is referred to counterattack points which you earn while conquering each capture targets or doing something determinal to the main protagonist]

while listening to the systems explanation my expression becomes weider and weider, so basically i have to touble the main protagonist.

‘Damn that God is quite vengful’ ,throwing my thoughts away i click status, suddenly a blue screen appears in front of me


Name: Austin Lionheart

Age :8

Total Points: 0

Looks:9/10(not bad you can live with just your looks)

talent:7/10(nothing compared to your siblings)

>Note: Hidden Bloodline(locked)

Titles: None

Partners Conquered: None


“hmmm, so i have a hidden bloodline, but he didnt have it in the game”

‘maybe he didnt awaken it ‘


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