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The Conquerors Path – Chapter 51: Gaining Support Bahasa Indonesia

a month later~~~~

within the borders of the Rosalyn kingdom, there was a forest within that forest a 14 year old child can be seen

well calling him a child would be too much, even though young the child was about 5 feet tall, his body was completely filled with muscle

he looked just like a bulldozer even though he is young, even a man standing close to him would be afraid, the boy had brown hair and green eyes

instead of his normally lively and happy eye’s, currently it was filled with despair, sadness and hopelessness

he was laying on the floor his body was filled with some black like webs spreading across him

poison….he was poisoned by the very people he trusted, his own family threw him out, because they couldn’t afford him, hilarious it really was hilarious

now laying on this forest waiting to be eaten by some animals, Jacob had given up but at that moment his fate changed

a person appeared in front of him, he was cloaked from head to toe and was wearing a mask, the only thing that can be seen was his purple eye’s, coming close to John, he gave his hand

“do you want to live?”

his voice bringing hope back into Jacob’s life


5 month’s later~~~

In the Moonlight Empire within the dukedom of the Girol family, within the mansion, a boy of 14 colud be seen walking, he had blonde hair and blue eyes, calling him handsome would not be wrong

but none of the maids that saw him gave him any respect, they all looked at him with disdain but he didn’t do anything, he just walked into a room

within that room lay a girl who looked to be about 9 year old, she too had blonde hair and blue eyes, she would have looked cute if it weren’t for her pale face, which some times twitched in pain

she was laying on the bed, without any improvements, seeing the girl the cold look in the boys eye’s disappeared, which was replaced with a warm smile

going closer he held the girl’s hand

“don’t worry Emma, i would find a cure for you for sure”

“yes, you would”

hearing a voice behind him, Mark drew a heavy sword from his space ring, he quickly turned around pointing at the person who appeared behind him without his notice

turning around he saw a cloaked figure whose height was shorter than him

“who are you?”

the figure didn’t give the reply to what he wanted, he stretched his fingers wide open and spoke

“become my comrade”

there was silence as Mark looked at the figure in front of him, it was only after a minute he spoke


“because i can give what you need”

his sweet tempting words shook Mark’s resolve, that day the 2 illegitimate children’s of the Girol family dissapeared


2 month’s later~~~~

in the streets of the Zakerian kingdom a 12 year old demon boy could be seen, he was dripping with blood, one of the wings on his back was missing

the boy had black hair and reddish eyes, his skin color was red too, there was a single horn om his forehead, currently he was hiding in a abandoned factory

hie eyes filled with sadness, depression and a great desire for revenge, it was during this time a voice was heard

“you seemed to be messed up bad”

hearing the voice behind him, the boy quickly drew his dagger and stood up in a fighting pose, ready too draw blood

behind him stood a cloaked figure, he held his hand forward

“do you want revenge~”

his devilish whispers drawing in the demon Amon into greatness


3 weeks later~~~~

within the Sahra dessert of the lion beasts kingdom, 2 figure’s could be seen walking, 2 girls to be exact, one a cat kin and the other a rabbit kin

the cat kin girl looked to be about 10 year old with black hair and eye’s her tail and ears too were black, while the other rabbit girl looked to be 14 years, she had cartoonish pink and pink eyes, her white long rabbit ears moved with the wind

both of them looked worn out, they were wearing ragged clothes, their figure looked completely skinny and dry

they were like zombies trudging on with just sheer will power, the cat kin girl was the first to fall, she held on the the rabbit kin

“bi-big sister Rina i can’t go on”

the cat kin held dearly onto her big sister Rina, Rina looked towards Sana, they both were the only ones to escape, now would they die in this desert?

just as Rina bend down to help she too fell, both of them layed on the sand, would their life end here?

at that time a cloaked figure appeared he gave his hand out

“do you need help?”


A month later~~~

within the Ferninands kingdom, in a small baron house, a boy of 13 could be seen walking through a small mansion

the boy had black hair and blue eye’s, his looks were average, he was walking through the mansion with a small book in his hand

his totally looked skinny and weak but the his eyes shined with his intelligence and a strong desire for power and success

the maids thst walked passed him greeted him with respect but the hidden disdain for him within their eyes was still visible, the boy knew too, but for now he could only avoid it

after the boy had walked away the maids started to talk among themselves

“3rd young master Alex is indeed useless, he doesn’t have any strength, he is always just learning about tactics”

“i heard that the master was planning to through him away due to his performance, he really has no talent for combat”

while the said boy Alex had already entered his room, as soon as he entered it he directly began reading the book in his hand, military tactics had always been his favorite

but today was meant to be a different day, as he was reading through his books a voice was heard from behind him

“you really love tactics don’t you?”

hearing the voice Alex though surprised, he turned around slowly with calm eye’s, at the same time his hand traveled towards the dagger within his shirt

turning around he saw a cloaked figure, a person capable of entering his room without anyone noticing, would be really powerful

“who are you?, did you come to kill me?”

though stuck in a dangerous situation Alex was calm, to his question the cloaked figure chuckled

“no your mistaken, i came here to give you something”

“and what is that?”

“a preposition”

“what do you mean?”

though still wary, Alex’s interest was still piqued

“become my comrade”

the cloaked figure’s words surprised Alex, there was silence for a bit before he responded

“what do i get?”

“you will receive what you desire the most right now?”

“then we got a deal”

Alex didn’t hesitate, as long as his objective is obtained, nothing else matters


2 weeks later~~~~

currently within a small street a girl could be seen walking she looked to be 12, her red hair was cut short, while her red eye’s gleamed with hunger

she wore a cloth unique to the witches with their trademark black skirt and dress, along with their black hat

but if one looked closer one could see that her dress was old and was getting worn out, this was the 6th time that Zora had failed the witch organization’s entrance exam

her ideas for alchemy was always rejected by others, even the witches organization rejected her works, everyone looks at her with disdain for her idea, the money her parents amassed for her is over

was her path over?, did she have to give up everything?

what would she say to her parents?

right now Zora was having suicidal thoughts, she couldn’t imagine the disappointment on her parents, they already went bankrupt to help her what could she do now

“in the end i am useless”

“no your amazing”

it’s at this time that she heard a voice, surprised she turned around to see a cloaked figure, the person’s purple eye’s piercing into hers

“who are you?”

wary Zora took defensive measures, to her surprise the figure gave her a bow

“i am a huge fan of your work”

“are you making fun of me?”

everyone looks down on her and calls her a clown for her supposed outside-the-box idea, to her the cloaked figure’s words were just him making fun of her, the cloaked figure shook his head

“to be able to think like no other and to move towards that dream, such person’s are incredible, you are incredible person Zora”

hearing the cloaked figure words which contained praise and conviction a small tear fell down Zora’s face, the feeling of being appreciated really warmed her heart, the cloaked figure extended his hand, a chance

“work for me”


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