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The Conquerors Path – Chapter 46: A Slow Progress Bahasa Indonesia

after making sure that she could not move, i spoke

“what’s your name?”

“why do you want to know ?”

even though she was in a bad situation Scarlet still did not yield, giving out a sigh, i opened my hands and let her go

after being freed she looked at me warily

“what do you want?”

“i don’t care that you tried to rob me but i can help you make some money”

“what do you mean?”

Scarlet raised her vigilance and looked at me, which person would help a person who tried to rob him?, without replying i took 2 small gold coins in my hand, the coin was this kingdom’s currency

seeing the gold coins, Scarlet’s eyes twinkled, the money in my hand was enough to treat her mother for a year

“if you help me these 2 coins are yours”

“what do you need?”

“nothing much, i just need you to guide me through the city”

hearing my request she looked at me like some sort of fool but i paid no heed to it

“what do you say?”

“how would i know that you won’t go back on your word”

“i can swear on the goddesses name, is that enough”

Scarlet hesitated a bit but in the end she nodded

“good, my names Austin what’s your’s?”


Scarlet replied in a deadpan tone to which i mentally retorted to her, going closer to her i gave her my hand for a shake

seeing my whte and smooth hand, Scarlet looked towards her dirty hands, she was hesitating but i ignored her and took her hand and gave it a firm shake

“pleasure working with you Kane”

after that we both began to walk she walked in front of me while she explained about some of the area’s and their uses, we toured around for an hour before she said that she wanted to leave

before that i tossed her a gold coin and said her to meet me at my inn the next day, after that she left while i went to the inn i mentioned, booking a room i entered in and fell to the bed

‘looks like part one went well’

i knew that i couldn’t just enter in her life and become a part of it, i just have to take my time and slowly get her to accept, opening up her heart to me won’t be easy

a week later~~~~~

currently i am sitting at a small hill close to the city while next to me sat Scarlet, through the week i slowly started to gain her trust, right now we could be considered acquaintances

“hey who are you really?”

during this calm moment Scarlet questioned me

“what do you mean?”

“i am certain that you are a noble, no matter how you hide it i could see that you had a very high upbringing, and yet you do not care about my status or dirty appearance, why do you help me this much?”

Scarlet turned towards me her golden eyes filled with questions, i was silent for a moment before i reponded

“you are right i am a noble, the reason i came here was because i had something i had to do, as for why i paid you that much, it’s because i like your eye’s”


Scarlet let out a dumbfounded voice, i didn’t let her think more

“when i first saw you, i could see it in your eye’s pride, strength and a strong belief in yourself, i liked that gaze hence i thought i might take you as my friend”

Of course whatever I am saying is total bullshit

“you don’t care about my status?”

“why should i?”

saying so i removed the mask on my face and brought my hoodie down, my silver hair followed with the wind and my face shined from the light

seeing my face for the first time i could see a small blush on her face which quickly disappeared, in this life my looks is a huge plus

“this is the first time that i have a guy as my friend i am so happy”

saying so i went close to her and put my shoulder around her acting completely oblivious to her true gender, just as i put my hand on her shoulder she pushed

“wa-what are you doing?”

she screamed with her face flushed, i looked at her innocently

“what do you mean, we are both guy’s, why are you screaming like a girl?”

“it’s no-nothing”

saying so she ran away from me, looking at her running back i shook my head, standing up i stretched my body and it disappeared


—–Scarlet Pov—–

‘damn it why did he do that?’

i was currently running back to my house, that stupid Austin, how dense can he be, can’t he even tell that i am a girl

after running a bit I stopped myself, turning around i couldn’t see him anymore

‘maybe i shouldn’t have pushed him, after all it’s not completely his fault’

thinking about Austin i sighed to myself, a week ago when i had found someone short walking through the slums i thought that maybe i could mug him

but who would have thought that i ended up being caught, at that moment i thought that my life was over, i got scared thinking that my mother would be left alone but then again life had a twist for me

the guy who caught me just let me go, not only that he even paid gold coins just tour the city!, at first i thought that he had some uses with me but during the 2 weeks i found 2 things about him

one that the person was my age and the other that he was a noble, he tried to hide it but i could still see his mannerism that differed

the thing was that he was different from the nobles i knew, he didn’t put on any airs and he called me a…..friend

he didn’t even care about his status too, walking through the streets again i remember his face that he showed now, imagining his handsome face my heartbeat fasten a little

‘but he’s so dense!’

he didn’t even realize that i was a girl!, i looked towards my hand and my dress, i guess that i have no feminine beauty, how could someone see me as a girl?

sighing to my self i walk towards me home, when i reached my run down small home i could see some people outside, seeing it i ran towards them

coming close i could see 5 men and 1 who was dressed like a noble, they were holding my mother by her hair


screaming i run towards them, just as i took my knife from my dress, i felt a hit at my stomach, before i could react i flew and fell on the floor, i held my head and laid down with pain

one of the guy approaches me and constrains me

“let my mother go, what do you guys want?”

“ohh, so you don’t remember me boy?”

the person who was dressed as a noble appeared in front of me, seeing him my eye’s widen


“that’s right i was the guy who you robbed last time brat, what did you think that i would not find you?”

“you should be careful of who you rob brat, now i will let you watch the things i am going to do to your mother”

“no, don’t you dare touch my mother!”

i screamed, i tried to resist but the person who held me didn’t budge, i could see the perverted smiles on their faces, despair stared to cloud over me, just when i thought everything was over i heard a familiar voice

“let me see what you would do”


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