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The Conquerors Path – Chapter 39: Problems(2) Bahasa Indonesia

as the violet haired women walked there was a pressurizing aura around her, she didn’t do it on purpose but was unconsciously released

she walked and reached in front of Max smiling behind her veil she gave Max a small hug

“it’s nice to see you dad”

“ho…ho looks like you still remember your old man”

Max laughed and relaxed completely opposite to his normal character

“i didn’t think you would arrive so fast, looks like you were very worried”

“i was but after seeing how calm you are right now, i can tell that the problem is not much”

after that she turned her head to the Emperor

“you look healthy Claus”

“haha…i am fine but how are you Mira?”

“i am doing well”

Mira Lionheart the 2nd child and daughter of Max Lionheart, a world class beauty who was once courted by many men

at an young age itself she had displayed a terrifying amount of talent in magic, just in her 30s she had reached origin level 10 being in the peak

a once in a 1000 years seen genius taken in as the disciple of the current leader of the magical tower, an imperial who had reached the top in power

with both beauty, strength and background many men’s had tried to court her only to end in refusal, even the Emperors of both the Ezraeil and Moonlight had tried to court her but to only end up rejected

“enough with the pleasantries, what happened to Austin?”

Mira spoke with a slightly cold voice, the Emperor sighed and started showing Mira the same recording

unlike Max there was no change in her expression as she watched the video but the small flickering of emotions deep in her eyes said something else

the more she watched the more surprised and pleased she became, unlike other’s she could clearly define Austin’s potential and future from this video

from it she could proudly proclaim that his potential might be higher than hers!

not only that her nieces too awakened certain bloodlines which would mean that their potential was not low too

‘brother would be proud’

after seeing it she walked towards Grace to comfort her

while she was comforting Grace the door of the room in which Austin was currently getting treatment from opened and an old women walked out from it, seeing her come out everyone waiting outside quickly moved towards her who spoke

“don’t worry he’s fine, he might wake up in an hour or two”

after hearing the old women’s word all of them let out a sigh, after that they moved on to talk among themselves

a few hours later~~~~~~

Austin who was laying on the bed opened his eyes

‘damn..my head hurts’

walking up i could fell my body was sore and a bit uncomfortable, the last thing i remember was the harp flying towards me

sitting up straight i checked my body and didn’t see any permanent defect, seeing that i was fine i let out a sigh

‘looks like it all worked out fine and I even awakened my bloodline’

thinking of my bloodline a weird smile formed on my face, after i received the information about my bloodline i was left a bit speechless at first

instead of the hidden hero it should have been the hidden pervert, this ancestor of mine was really quite the man

my bloodline belonged to a certain human that used to live in the era of wars 1000s of years ago, it seemed that he traveled around the world making a harem and saving damsels in distress

his abilities and powers were leaning to that direction to


Bloodline: The Hidden Hero

Description: The bloodline belonging to a man who had done so much for the world but was forgotten. He hid in the dark and protected the weak.

>several women’s had fell in his arms due to his lethal charms. At a certain point of time his harem was a force to reckon with

>due to dispair he almost once destroyed the world



1st ability: The adaptor

Rank: F~~SSS

Description: you are able to adapt to anything, from the pressure of a dragon to even a goddess

>be it to anything to everything your body will adapt to it, from curses to charms nothing will affect you as you will “adapt” to it



2nd ability: The Innocent Charm

Rank: S

Description: You will be more charming or to be said innocent to people around you

> when you meet a person as long as that person’s not an enemy that person will be more receptive of you

>you will be more pleasing to a persons eyes, even for person without senses you will be more pleasing to them



3rd ability: The Contract

Rank: Godly

Description: you can put a certain contract on your women’s whom you have slept with

>once the contract is bounded their are loyal and affectionate to you even after death

>once bound there feelings and desires are passed throughout their bloodline



4th ability: Borrow

Rank: SSS

Description: as long as you have slept with a women and has her permission you can replicate a certain power of theirs for yourself


there was some more special abilities too but what had really scared me was the 3rd ability, that was brutal

the 3rd ability was basically a slave spell put on those womens, it means that no matter what as long as a women was involved with my ancestors and has that contact, if in the future her descendants who awakened their bloodline came close to me as long as they awakened their bloodline it’s a guaranteed love

this contract spell is taking away the chooice for any women’s with the bloodline contact on them, what’s more terrifying was that among my ancestors women’s almost all of them agreed to it!

how much did they love him?

‘well that explains Lora’s behaviour’

shaking my head i looked towards my arm which had a small tattoo of a harp, focusing my will i brought it out, then suddenly the beautiful harp appears in front of me

the harp was sky blue in color which had purple strings in it, the bow itself had many designs on it too


Item: The Musical Bow- Sphinx

Rank: Godly Supreme(broken)

Description: An item which was made possible by the combined will and sacrifice of a man

>a bow which fired an arrow that almost ripped the world apart

>a weapon that even caused fear to gods


looking at the harps description i had some complicated emotions, actually this bow was the 2nd reason why i choose to be an archer

Even if you are strong having a weapon that was powerful was still a bonus, there are several weapons who became divine weapons after having being used by several powerful figures

But since the usage of bow as a personal weapon was new there were not many powerful bows, even Eleanor’s bow was something that grew along with her

when the main protoganist had saved Elda and won over Nora by a fighting for Elda in the historic world he also had recieved something good from it but at the end there would always be a sentence

<it’s too bad that he was a swordsman and not an archer, otherwise he might had a chance with the bow that the gods fear>

i was actually planning on entering the historic world once to look for it but who would have thought that the bow had a relationship with my bloodline

that’s right the bow was used by my ancestor and the harp was one of his women’s or to be more exact it belonged to the women whom he loved the most


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