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The Conquerors Path – Chapter 367: War Is Neigh. Bahasa Indonesia


Marlene replied back in a stiff tone, I could feel it in her voice that she herself ain’t feeling all that good now, though this did raise my difficulty for Marlene a bit but it wasn’t completely out of my expectation, for now, I will rest a bit, thinking so I fell into a deep slumber.

An hour later-


Giving out a small groan I slowly opened my eyes as I took my head from Catherine’s head, stretching my hands I looked beside me where two world toppling beauties sat,

“How long was I out?”

I asked,

“Just for an hour”

Marlene replied with an awkward look in her eyes, my keen eyes catching her body moving around a bit weirdly, which brought a smile to my face,

‘Looks like the real effects are kicking in now’

Hiding my happiness, I looked around as I asked,

“Any problems while I slept?”

“Nope, nothing out of the ordinary”

Catherine replied to which I nodded my head, I stood up and started to stretch my body, and the other two stood up with me, a few seconds later I took the device away as I turned to the duo and spoke,

“This is where we part ways”



Both of them were surprised and looked at me with doubt, especially Catherine whose face seemed that she was unwilling, seeing so I spoke,

“As fun as this was, I have my own things to take care of, plus from now onwards you guys don’t need my held right?”

My words made them silent as they stood there in silence, seeing so I turned towards Catherine, a look of ‘hesitation’ passing through my face, as I tried my ‘hardest’ to ‘control’ myself,


I called out,


She asked back as she looked at me, her eyes meeting mine, seeing so my expression became even more ‘troubled’, our eyes kept looking at each other, until finally,

“Sigh….. it’s nothing, I will tell you about it later”

I spoke as my face turned more ‘complex’ seemingly filled with mismatched emotions as if I am trying my best to hold back a certain feeling,

“About the things we went through I want to talk about it later”

Saying those words I quickly disappeared from their sight, soon I was quickly moving through the forest,

‘I just hope she’s not fully crazy’

The reason for my expression is to show Catherine that I too have caught feelings for her, with her intellect it won’t be hard for Catherine to guess my inner turmoil, after all, after everything the two of us went through, it would be more weird and even heartless of me if I don’t have any sort of reaction or attraction to her, it’s quite common but in my case, I have something else to deal with too.

Soon having moved a considerable distance I sat upon a huge tree, my back against it as I took out a certain communication system, the whole realm itself makes it such that no communication system can work, else it would have been easy for others to gather up or help each other but as always there are exceptions and certain loopholes,

“How’s the situation?”

I asked into the device,

“About 100 deaths, 150 seemed to be hurt and all the marked ones are on course”

A sharp and clear reply made it to me, hearing so I stayed silent for a minute, in normal cases the death toll on the realm is only about 10 or 15, after all the ones entering here are the best of the best in the world, even with these dangers it ain’t easy to kill them all,

“How’s the aligned Beast council?”

I asked,

“They seemed to be moving with the information we provided, though their main focus is still on extermination”

“Um….okay, then take a quarter of the force we have kept on them and divert it to the Chaotic liberation army, I want a deeper check on them, unlike the beastmen, they are much more cunning”

I commanded,

“It shall be done”

The very sharp voice replied,

“Good, how’s the situation with them?”

I asked,

“We have lost all contact with them, as you said it’s impossible to keep any track of them”

Hearing so made me silent, the organization controlling everything in the dark is not something I can keep tabs on, trying itself will cause me a tremendous amount of loss,

“What about ‘light’ have you looked into it?”

I questioned,

“I have tried but the more deeper I try to poke the more I feel that this ‘light’ is similar to the darkness”

The same voice replied making me frown, through my huge journey across the world for power and strength, I had unknowingly ended up sensing about a powerful organization keeping peace within this world, they called themselves the War Council, and the funny thing was that I learned recently that this organization has to be in opposition with this dark organization desiring the end of the world,

‘Who would have thought a thing I made up would exist?’

The Illuminati is a stupid name I made up to trick Leonardo, yet against expectation, such an organization exists! though the name was different,

‘An organization created by the 11 heroes to reign peace over the world’

I narrowed my eyes, even in the game I have no recollection of them but even above that why haven’t I heard of it before? powerhouses capable of shaking the world take their place there, immortal heroes that stay hidden in the background.

In this world itself, you can live for eternity as long as a God gives you their major blessing, it’s extremely rare but during the war thousands of years ago, there existed such individuals, of course, this doesn’t mean you can’t be killed, it just means that you won’t age, plus a crazy boost in talents too.

And as I enter deeply into the world, I seemed to be touching upon the individuals, monsters hidden and faded in the backgrounds of normality,

‘Just when I think I know it all, greater shit will be thrown to my lap’

Sighing to myself, I gave out some more instructions before cutting off the connection, as much as I want to uncover more about the secrets of this world, I still have several capture targets waiting for me, and my survival depends on them,

“The things I do to live”

Complaining out one more time I blasted into the place where my next target for this event lay, not holding back I was a blur as I ran through the forest, no beasts or persons capable of feeling my presence, soon half an hour later I arrived at the location I desire, using the highest level of cloaking ability, I stood there squatting in a tree as I gazed at the scene in front of me,

‘It seems miscalculations arose here too’

Right in front of me, several cloaked individuals could be seen, and in the center stood Sabrina, her hands seemingly tied up, as she was fixed in the center of an ominously looking circle clearly drown with blood, soon the ominous circle lit up and chains started to rise from it and plunged into Sabrina who started to shriek and cry out.

But the unexpected happened, as the circle suddenly dimmed and burst apart along with Sabrina who became different flesh parts, not only her the others using the circle too died and burst apart, the smell of blood filling the entire place,

“Fuck, she’s the wrong one too!”

A curse was called out after the explosion, and different individuals appeared, all of them powerful, I even caught the glimpse of the other eleven-ring holder,

‘She’s just as smart and ruthless as always’

I smirked at the scene as I went on my way, knowing that the true disaster is just beginning.


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