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The Conquerors Path – Chapter 356: Choose… Bahasa Indonesia

After Austin’s declaration he became an unstoppable form of slaughter, Austin took steps forward without any fear, and stronger attacks kept coming forward but it was all dealt with by Austin, a wave of his sword to take down any attacks that wished the girls harm, sometimes he took the attack on himself to protect the girls from harm.

The unknown monsters still continued to attack them, the monsters mainly aiming for the girls as they looked like the weakest link to take down but none of them were able to harm the girls after the first attack. Austin didn’t make the same mistake as the monsters were ripped apart brutally, their murky black blood dyeing the sword on his hand black.

Thus they finished the 18th attack, while the trio had taken 100 steps, once the last attack was over the fog around them started to shake, and a bright light filled the enclosed walls, forcing the three to close their eyes, when they opened them up again, the three of them weren’t at the enclosed walls anymore.

No, they were in an open white space floating about in the unknown, the three of them were unable to speak, they could just float, with their body restricted. The body of the girls moved beyond their will as they soon floated in front of Austin, both of them some distance apart, the girl’s eyes widened while Austin too looked like he was struggling,


A husky dangerous voice was heard and just as it was heard the three regained their ability to speak, the three of them didn’t speak anything as they looked at each other in doubt, they waited for the earlier voice to speak again,

“Choose who you shall save, for one shall die…..”

As the words were heard the eyes of the three of them widened, and Austin’s eyes turned red, while he started to struggle with all he got, the girls too did the same but none could break the binding they were in, a sharp killing sword formed around the necks of the two girls, making them flinch as they stopped moving, their eyes now containing the final bits of their will,


Austin screamed as his eyes turned red, he tried his best to get out of the bind he was in but all was useless, it would seem that whatever the trial was it was definitely out of his power,

“The strongest will have to choose one to move forward with, while the second shall perish….”

The ghastly voice spoke again, its words nailing in the final orders of death that surrounded the girls,

“Make it me!”

Both Catherine and Marlene shouted at the same time, they were unable to look at each other, their eyes could only focus on Austin who even now hadn’t given up trying to get free, his eyes completely red, and he looked like a beast about to go mad,

“It should be and you should know why!”

Catherine screamed out hinting at the presence of her poison that shall kill her either way,

“No, make it me! I won’t let another sacrifice themselves for me!”

Marlene screamed out in frenzy, she absolutely didn’t want another person she considered precious to lose their life for her, she refused to let that happen again! never!

Just like Austin, Marlene’s eyes to have turned red, she feared the death that was coming to her, and above it all, she feared the collapse of her family and kingdom, as the nest ruler she should take the logical answer of sacrificing her subject to live on but sometimes logic could never win against the burying feelings that lay in one’s heart.

Meanwhile, the one that should choose, Austin still hadn’t stopped moving, he kept flapping about,

“It’s useless….”

Catherine muttered, her eyes brimming about,

“NO! it only ends when we think it ends!”

Austin screamed out to her words while thinking of another,

‘Damn this isn’t all that powerful…’

“I will never give up! I won’t let either of you die!”

‘Can this please finish? I’m hungry…’

“I will save the two of you! it’s only over when we think it’s over!”

‘Should I make fired ribs today?’

While his thoughts didn’t match his words, they still did affect the girls, as their eyes widened, looking into the red eyes of Austin that wasn’t giving up, they felt something stir deep within their hearts, it wasn’t love but it was definitely a certain type of attraction to the man that’s unwilling to let them die even when the situation was beyond dire,

“If you don’t choose the two shall die…..”

The voice spoke again, the swords around the girl’s neck reaching in deeper, as a small cut took place, a small drop of blood flowing down,

“Grhg….there must be another way! anything!”

Austin called out, hoping to achieve something better, looking for a single ray of hope within this nightmare, no response was given for a moment, after which the voice was heard again, a sickening interest within its voice,

“There is a way…..”

“Tell me!”

Austin screamed, his eyes, lighting up in hope,

“But the price you will have to pay will be high…”

The voice now contained a hint of vile happiness,

“It doesn’t matter, this time no one dies…..”

Austin spoke with a resolute expression as he looked at the two girls in front of him, his eyes peering into the two of them after which he spoke,

“I won’t let this end here, I won’t lose another friend….”

The girls could only turn silent at the extreme remorse and anger that was in his eyes, they instantly knew that no matter what Austin wouldn’t let the two of them die,

“If such is your desire, then bleed to protect these girls one by one…”

As the words were over the lights flashed again, the three of them unable to do anything, slowly Austin felt the solid ground below him as he opened his eyes,

‘Damn…..this is going to be a huge pain in the ass’

As much as he complained Austin knew that this was the better chance for him to deal with both Marlene and Catherine, having his head cleared Austin stood up, his eyes looking around him after which they settled down on Catherine who was laying close to him, Marlene was nowhere in sight,

‘This devil-like bastard sure is annoying’

Thinking so he walked up to Catherine and he shook her awake, slowly her eyes opened,


“Yeah, it’s me alright”

He said as he slowly made her sit up,

“Where are we?”

Catherine asked to which Austin shrugged his shoulder,

“Probably a place to bring us despair”

He spoke as he looked at the broken-down house they were in, both of them seemed to be in a living hall, with several home stuff available,

“Survive if you can….hehehe”

The unique sound was heard as it gave its order, its laughter being hair rising as it continued,

“Let’s see you if can protect…..”

With those words everything faded away, leaving Austin and Catherine looking at each other with severe gazes, while the smell of the dusty house filled their nose.


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