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The Conquerors Path – Chapter 342: Tough Fight Bahasa Indonesia

Third Person POV:

‘Things will be hectic soon, I just hope all my preparations work’

Austin thought as he kept running through the forest he was in, nothing in this realm was enticing to him, well there might be some but their locations were already known to him, all that was left was to pick them up,

‘It’s good that she accepted it’

Thinking so the image of Sabrina flashed through his mind, she had taken in his proposal, thus making his job easier,

‘She will be fine for now’

Austin knew it, she wasn’t an idiot, after all, this was something that Austin had some to learn along the way, this world wasn’t completely similar to the game, sure it had the beauty, elements, and girls but it also has its own real-life problems that didn’t exist in the game.

This world isn’t just about the girls, organizations wishing harm upon the world, kingdoms, and empires slowly brewing in their plans for war, lots of issues cover this world, and not always does it revolve around the capture targets but most do, Austin always had a thought,

‘How does each arc take place?’

In the game, Austin would choose a target and the game would move on, at that time what about the other targets, are they just frozen in life? that logic would work on the game but this was the real world, where each action had a reason, just because Austin was going after a capture target doesn’t mean the rest won’t have their own situation.

This was where Austin began to watch, each of the arcs that should have taken place after you chose a girl was taking place in an order, one situation with a certain target might be connected with another, as the first situation finish’s the second one rises, it always has an order, if you know the game then it would be easy to keep in track the next arc.

But then for how long will it go on? Xiao hadn’t reached the ‘endgame’, it was said by the game producers that the ‘endgame’ will be started after capturing all the targets which literally meant that there was no end game, as there existed targets that even till his death hadn’t been captured, so what would have to be the end?

The question drove Austin mad, and there was also the raising tension that the world was changing fast, his knowledge about certain things are still useful but elements he has no idea about were starting to pop up, hence Austin put on an extreme importance on information, he could take in Orpheus’s help but even she has some limitations on the worldly plane she couldn’t break,

‘Sigh…..in the end, I can only face things as they come’

Ending his spiraling thoughts Austin soon reached the place that he had aimed for, his existence slowly fading away as he gazed at the scene in front of him. In front of him, he could see Marlene, yet unlike her usual self she was beaten up and hurt, an extremely disgusting wound could be seen on her backside, as blood gushed out from several parts of her body.

Yet even then not a hint of fear could be seen on Marlene’s face, her back was straight, and her eyes were strong as she held her spear, there were about 25 people that was hovering over her, each of them strong but what was even more unbelievable was that majority of them were of the sea!

“Is this treason?”

Marlene asked with a commanding tone, her beautiful blue hair dyed red with blood swayed behind her, and her azure-colored eyes were cold, even in such a state the commanding presence of the future Empress of the sea could be felt by her, the inhabitants of the sea facing her were trembling, it was the natural control the ruler of the seas has on them.

In a normal state even if all of them had gathered together they wouldn’t have been able to deal with her. When a citizen challenges its ruler, they wouldn’t be able to use their whole strength but right now around Marlene stood several beast folks, each one of reputation within the Academy,

“Don’t be all moody princess, this is the academy test, here you are just another student and your disappearance will be another sad incident”

A lion beastmen spoke, his eyes sparkling up as he gazed at the perfect figure of Marlene but he couldn’t even enjoy it as a blazing water hit his chest pushing him back,

“Humph, you are not even worthy of even getting my gaze”

Marlene spoke with disdain, right now her situation wasn’t all that good, even with her vigilance she had fallen for the trap, their preparation was too well,

‘If it wasn’t for this, I could have easily dealt with this!’

Marlene’s seething eyes went towards the making in her hand, something which was sealing off half of her abilities, and even the tools she had prepared for her safety were suppressed, Marlene’s eyes traveled to her enemies, most of the ones that attacked her belongs to the last years, the very peak of the academy, students who will be exiting the academy are powerful and experienced people,

‘I need to break their link’

Her eyes focused around, even with her strength limited she is a force to be reckoned with, even with all the enemies covering her, she had taken down 10 thus resulting in the situation where her enemies are afraid to make a move on her, all the 10 she attacked had been killed, Marlene had shown no kindness to the people that wants her dead,

‘First Move Of Flow: Water Flow Of Consume’

A large number of water elements started to gather around Marlene enforcing it to the tip of her spear, giant water pillars gathered around her, her eyes peered into her enemies, as she held her spear before her, the authority of an Empress leaking out of her as she thrust her spear forward, causing all the water pillars around her to move towards her enemies while the concentrated energy in her spear shot forward,




The energy blasted forth as it cut through the center of the formation, taking the lives of all that stood in her path. The muscles around Marlene’s legs tightened as she blasted forth, trying to break out of her encirclement, using the confusion she made it through but just as she did her senses screamed danger as she used her spear to block.


A sudden powerful hit shook her body as she was blasted back, blue blood leaving her mouth,

“You are not going anywhere”

A rough voice was heard, as another 10 people emerged, each of the more powerful than the previous group,

‘Looks like this will be a fight to the death’

While Marlene fought to the death, Austin leisurely sat above a tree enjoying the breeze and the fight as he ate some snacks,

‘Reach the critical scene soon’

Austin wished.


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