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The Conquerors Path – Chapter 329: Trapping Another Princess Bahasa Indonesia

“Hey, tell me where we are?”

Celestinia shouted as she catched up to the person that had saved her, her hands reaching towards his shoulder, which was deflected away,

“Don’t you have someone else to annoy?”

The figure within the cloak asked, seemingly tired of the girl in front of it, Celestinia who finally had the desired attention spoke,

“Why did you save me?”

She asked to which the person shook its head,

“Just because I felt so”

“Then so be it, can you help me navigate this place?”

“You want my help?”

The cloaked figure asked in surprise,


Celestinia nodded her head, her eyes now filled with her lofty pride as she spoke,

“I will reward you well, I will pay back my debts”

She spoke, her eyes trying to peer into the darkness in front of her, being unsuccessful, while the person in question remained silent,

“Why do you think I will help you?”

He asked,

“First being the fact that you haven’t attacked me yet, a helpless girl in the midst of this place, from my observations I was able to see that you are a person of decent character”

“What makes you say that?”

The cloaked figure asked, genuine curiosity filling its voice, to this, a smirk came up Celestinia’s hidden face as she pointed to her face,

“Simple, due to the reason that you haven’t any desire to attack me or have any question at who I am, just my looks guarantee that I am of high standing, kidnapping me would earn you a good reward”


The cloaked figure nodded its head telling Celestinia to continue,

“But I see no such action from you, your neither curious nor desire to know me, which means you have been with considerable beautiful people”

“Might be”

The figure added, a deep hidden meaning in its voice, the proud smile on Celestina’s face widened as she continued,

“The fact that you were able to easily deal with origin level 4’s and roam around here means that your strength isn’t lacking, and for you to have survived till here means that you have an understating of the place, thus making you my best bet”


The cloaked figure spoke, now its attention captured by Celestinia,

“You were clearly acting like a spoiled brat before to gauge my character and response”

The hidden figure spoke, a hint of admiration in his voice,


Celestinia spoke, now her expression turning more serene and calm, her eyes being calculative of the danger around her,

“As expected of the dragon princess”

The figure’s words caused Celestinia’s eyes to widen, while a hint of curiosity filled her eyes, no fear could be felt from her, why would she fear if the person in front of her knew her true status? she was a dragon, her father was the Dragon Emperor, even if she’s killed her father will raize the ground, not that anyone would dare,

“You know me, yet you acted in such a way?”

She asked curiosity filling her voice, it was the first time she was facing someone that didn’t cower or desire something at her precise, to her identity there would always be awe and greed, greed to get close to the Dragon Princess, to reach the top in a single step,

“What does your status have to do with me? I only care for people I know, the rest are always the same to me, they are just strangers….”

Saying so the figure began to walk forward, while the curious Celestinia began to follow, her eyes shining,

“So who are you?”

She asked,

“None of your business”

He responded, making her curiosity shine brighter,

“How am I to help you back if I don’t know who you are?”

She asked to which she got her reply,

“I care nothing for your gift or help, I saved you because I felt like it and I do not desire to reveal my true identity”

“If you say so”

She shrugged her shoulder not minding it but deep down she made her plans to know who her helper was, if she couldn’t she could still know by force, once her powers returned rightfully to her,

“So, what are you doing here?”

She asked, trying to loosen the stifle the atmosphere between them,

“I am here searching for a certain hidden world”

“Oh? that’s interesting”

She replied as her eyes focused on the map in the person’s hand, getting to know that the place the figure was heading to was the Dragon God’s testing grounds,

‘Its sure death’

She remarked as she looked at the map, knowing whoever the person is won’t survive against the Dragon God,

“You know I know this place”

She spoke earning its attention,


Is all it asked,

“You will die”

Is all she spoke, the topic of the Dragon God’s testing grounds being a secret,

“That is not of your concern, just tell me where, I shall take that as the compensation for helping you”

He spoke, irking Celestinia a bit,

‘Fine, die’

She smoothly gave out a death sentence and just as she was about to speak her legs trembled, as her vision started to get a bit blurry, soon she fell to the ground,

‘What’s happening?’

She thought, her mind a bit muddled, turning down her natural senses and high mind, that kept others at bay, soon she felt a body hold her lifting her up, her hands refused to move, all she could feel was the person holding her back, looking at her,

“You have been poisoned”

The cloaked figure spoke, making her understand, the whole of the place was a poison-filled land, before it was of no worth to her but it would seem that the lock placed on her had a higher effect on her than she could have thought,

“Here drink this”

The hoarse voice spoke again, placing a bottle on her lips, she didn’t hesitate as she started to drink, soon the liquid had filled her,

“It would take some time for you to recover but we can’t stay here, soon night would descend, and it would be more dangerous then, so excuse me princess”

He spoke, as his arms wrapped around her body taking her softly and throwing her to his shoulder like a sack of potatoes!

‘Am I no longer good-looking?’

A sense of confusion filled Celestinia as her lips twitched, seeing how she was handled, she was beginning to think that this was all a dream but she didn’t get to think a lot as the figure started to move with her rushing towards a certain location, moving through the forest with practiced ease, soon reaching a cave.

Entering inside the person placed Celestinia on the ground gently as it moved to close the cave with a stone, putting the cave to darkness but that didn’t last for long as a fire lit the place, Celestinia sat leaning onto the wall, while the one who brought her here sat opposite to her taking up the other spot,

“Do you treat all girls this way?”

Celestinia asked with a weak voice,

“Nope, only the ones that I don’t care for much”

“You’re interesting, it’s the first time I have met someone so casual of me”

“Well I am one of a kind”

The figure replied, making Celestinia smile a bit in her veil, a smile if her face shown would steal any man’s heart,

“How long have you been here?”

She asked, curious,

“About a month, the place I am searching for is not easy to find”

“Indeed, it would be tough, since you have saved me I shall tell you the reason I declined you to enter”

Saying so she began to explain all about the trials set at the place,

“Since you aren’t a dragon you won’t need to fight but the chances of your succeeding are 1 in thousands”

She finished speaking as she waited for the person to digest the information she gave but the reply took her back,

“Doesn’t matter I will still try”

“You! don’t you get it?”

She asked but she only got a calm reply from the person as it gazed at the flame,

“I get your reason but I still wish to try, that is just my desire”

Seeing how adamant the figure was Celestinia remained quiet, simply resting but soon a growl let her stomach making her embarrassed,

“Hungry are we?”

A teasing voice was heard but she refused to reply.


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