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The Conquerors Path – Chapter 323: Talkie Talkie Bahasa Indonesia

“It would seem that Leonardo is tired, so anybody else that wants to talk about something?”

I spoke, trying to diffuse the atmosphere left behind by Leonardo, it worked as they all shook their head,

“Okay, then the meeting is over”

As I finished speaking everyone stood up and they started to leave for their own stuff, leaving behind two girls, Nyla and surprisingly Nathalia,

“You have something to say to me too?”

To my question Nathalia nodded her head, seeing it I moved my focus towards Nyla who was now looking at me with a serious face,

“So, what do you want to know?”

I asked,

“Tell me everything you know about this half vampire”

Nyla asked to which I sighed,

“Well, I can but under no right do you try to force her for anything, the people under me have that protection”

I spoke with a commanding tone, while my eyes were cold but this didn’t push Nyla back as a twisted smile that showed her fangs came to her face,

“Oh….. my~ quite protective aren’t ya?~”

She spoke, her tone playful but I didn’t fall for it as I kept my strict face,

“I am serious, if you try anything then you will have to face the consequences”

“Okay, I will be respectful”

+100 affection

Seeing that I wasn’t backing down Nyla agreed,

“Okay, then what I know is…..”

Slowly I started to talk to her about Sonia, a story mixed with truth and lies, about how I happened to run to her in a training room, getting to know about her situation, I explicitly talked to her about what happened between Sonia and Leonardo, of course making sure that Leonardo is the villain here.

Then I talked about how Sonia went into depression, it’s then when she ‘awakened’ her other side, this was much more believable and safe than the truth,

“…and today she woke up, just as she did for some reason she jumped up on me and started to drink my blood”

“She drank your blood?”

Nyla asked me with a frown on her face,

“Yes, is that a problem?”

I asked with an innocent look, pretending I have no idea what that meant,

“Sigh…yes it is a problem”

Nyla said shaking her head as she took a seat,

“What’s the issue?”

I asked, now this time a frown filling my face, seeing it Nyla shook her head as she asked me,

“What do you know about Vampire culture?”

“Nothing much”

I lied,

“Well, the first feeding of a vampire is very important as it acts as an imprint, normally it’s done by the parents, since the blood is from the source of birth it won’t be an issue but it’s different for a stranger”

Nyla spoke, her eyes now focused on me,

“The blood that she first drinks marks a sort of happy radar but it’s much more important for a half vampire, long story short she’s now bonded to you, her entire life now in your hands….”

As soon as Nyla finished speaking a dull silence filled the room, I looked to be in deep thought for a moment before I spoke,

“Is there any way to break it?”


Hearing the reply I stayed silent, pondering, it took a while before I spoke again,

“What does this entail?”

“Basically she will obey all your orders and see you as a very close kin, you would also need to give her blood on a regular basis”

“That’s all?”

I asked, confirming,


Nyla nodded her head, her eyes peering into me, looking to see my decision, I knew what she was looking for and I for one wasn’t going to disappoint,

“Nyla, can you do me a favor?”


She immediately replied,

“Two more times battle”

I spoke,


She demanded,

“Two more and I will train with you”

“Three more and train with me”

Nyla immediately countered my proposal, making me think,


I spoke, staying firm


She too was staying firm,

“Two and I will help you out one time”

This time she didn’t immediately reject as she kept thinking, after a few seconds she nodded her head,



Seeing it we shook hands, later she sat back as I spoke,

“Then I will have Sonia meet with you, help her get used to her vampire side teach her everything, especially about our pact, and try to see if there is any way to free her”

Hearing my words a very different kind of smile came to Nyla’s face,

“You are just as I thought….”

+300 affection

“Did you say something?”

I asked but she shook her head,

“Nope, I will do it, just leave it to me”

Saying so she stood up as she prepared to leave, waving her hands at Nathalia and whispering something to her she left, leaving both of us alone, my eyes soon focused on the beauty in front of me who was moving around nervously.

Her mix of green and blue hair was arranged nicely to her back, reaching till the end of her back, her skin was tan, while her cute sharper ears were moving around, due to her dwarven lineage she was on the smaller side, her three eyes were moving around nervously, while the purple colored blush on her face now reaching her neck, just from her movements I could tell that this was the first time she was alone with a guy.


Name: Nathalia Befureez Milaz

Sex: Female

Age: 16

species: Dwarven/demon

Talent: 10/10

Power: Origin Level 5

Title: The Princess Of dwarves, The Origin Creator, Cutie….etc

Love: 50%

Description: A girl born with gifts that envied all that gazed at her, single handily created a path to her success and was blessed by the minor Goddess of crafts herself.

>Due to certain events of the past, she has extreme fear and awkwardness around the opposite gender, wished to change it but she never could, and still dreams of her prince charming.

>Due to the bloodline attraction she finds you to be the first boy she isn’t repulsed by, in fact, she feels happiness and content when she’s near you, wishes to know more about you, and perhaps develops true love.

Difficulty: C+(She now looking for some love, remove that pant and shake those balls to win a heart)


Seeing her information I could see that her love for me has stalled at 50%, it was quite normal my bloodline only makes her very attracted to me, it’s within my hands to make her truly love me, just her reaching 50% of love, shows how powerful my bloodline is, the cases of Lora and Vena were special, they were well…..


Yup two crazy women, well focusing on the current situation I put on a charming smile as I spoke,

“So, Nathalia, what do you need? is there any problem in the faction?”

“N-No, it’s just I too wanted to help you, I-I mean the faction!”


I thought seeing how she’s clutching onto her skirt while her three eyes were running around the room, refusing to look at me,

“Really? that’s great, how do you want to contribute?”

I asked with a gentle tone, making Nathalia more relaxed,

“We-Well I ca-can make some prod-“

Just as she was taking she clutched her mouth as if she had accidentally bit her tongue, seeing it I shook my head at her clumsiness, while feeling a bunch of sweetness inside.


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