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The Conquerors Path – Chapter 314: Plans Of The Past Taking Effect Bahasa Indonesia

Sabrina Mammon Galen Delon, the second princess of the great Elven Empire, was born into the loving elven royal family, she was adored and loved at a very young age, and she was born to a family that stood at the top, power, status, money, everything was at her fingertips but she had a secret that no one knows, she could remember everything.

The feeling of being in her mother’s womb to everything that happened in her life, all of them clearly plays in her head and that also means the terrible events that she so dearly wishes to forget, in the game, she was a top-tier target that’s extremely hard to conquer, her range might even compare to Celestinia, though in this case, some did manage to conquer her, me being one of them.

Her intellect and observational details were high, her true bloodline hidden was heavy and the power that chose her is trying its best to break her, in truth her level of schemes was higher than Emily and Sabrina knows about Emily’s true self, that’s the main reason she was even capable of being friends with Emily, both of them wore a mask.

For Emily, it’s her true self and for Sabrina its everything about her, her bloodline makes her extremely kind and loving but the power that chose her wants to break her into something eviler and the tragedies that followed her were of its making,


Name: Sabrina Mammon Galen Delon

Sex: Female

Age: 22

species: High Royal Elf

Talent: 10/10

Power: Origin Level 6

Title: The One Who Remembers, The Carrier Of Nemesis, Holder Of Forgotten Relics,..etc

Love: 10%(Curious)

Description: Blessed with so much that now what she holds has turned into her curse.

> Self-righteous and kind at heart but forced to mature and change due to what blessing she had got, wish to just have one fun time without her blood making everything good for her.

>Now have a heightened interest in you, a small spark that you too are one that hides his true worth, play it all well and you might have a kind and good-hearted girl forever loyal to you.

Difficulty: SS(Be careful of what you say for she always remembers)


‘Just as I thought’

Sabrina’s the same as I had imagined her to be, her bloodline in a way makes others extremely good around her, its a passive skill such that no one’s capable of being their true self around, they will unconsciously try to please her, try to be what the cultured tags as simp.

The worst thing is that it doesn’t discriminate between power, rank, or anything, everyone would try to make her happy, its a terrifying power but this does not mean that they will obey all her orders, unlike Angelina’s power that breaks the will, this one just seems to transcend everything, thus making Sabrina truly alone,

“Emily seems to think she will have you in her hands but it would seem that it’s the other way, isn’t it?”

Sabrina asked with a smile, her eyes blinking with curiosity to me, someone that’s showing the capability of resisting the will of her blood, I chuckled at her words as I responded,

“I do know of her true self and her interest in me and that’s all”

“You do not care that she hides under her mask?”

This question by Sabrina had a deeper meaning,

“I do not, just how many people live under their masks? we all hide our true selves as we live along the world, that’s who we are and we just go along with it, its our life after all”

“You are a fan of Earth!?”

Sabrina shouted out her voice now containing a higher pitch with the unmissable quaking of excitement and a hint of craze, making me taken back for a bit, before which a sly smile came up my face,

‘Looks like it worked’

Earth, it’s my pen name or the name that now resounds the world, just as I had told before, to make money, I started to sell out books and poems, making me rich, such that I myself have a cemented flow of money but I might have underplayed the popularity of my books and poems, my works cover all the range.

Stories that would make you cry, books that would move you, my physiology books are leading the world right now, in fact, I am pretty sure that I have a cult-like followers, waiting for my books, in earthly terms, I am a super influencer, unlike posting stuff my books could change the world dynamic, that’s how famous and appreciated my books are.

When I started them, the main focus was, of course, making money but I did have secondary objectives, my books have even dealt with certain problems plaguing the world and even lead to some worldly development! ideologies from Earth that focused more on mental growth had terrifying effects here.

And thus I completed my other objective, getting enough power to change the world flow with a single book from me but among all my books, there was one series that I made just for Sabrina, a book meant to help her guide through her lonely times, in truth Sabrina shouldn’t be like this, all the tragedies in her life should have pulled her into the abyss, making her take ‘that’ power, turning her……evil.

But thanks to my books their stories and details helped Sabrina overcome the dread that was holding her, for it, Emily will always have my thanks, releasing my books doesn’t mean Sabrina would just read them, no I needed the best friend of the elven princesses to recommend the book to her, Emily not knowing that she in a silver platter was gifting me her friend.

In fact, I have a strong feeling that my powerful cult is being funded by this beautiful princess in front of me,

“Wow, you seemed to be a big fan”

I responded with a questioning look to which Sabrina quickly collected her calm, understanding that she lost a bit of her control,

“Indeed I have read some of his books, you could say it helped me”

“Oh…he? how do you know that the great writer that shakes the world, Earth, is a he?”

I asked with great interest making Sabrina flinch, she seems to have caught on that she made a small blunder,

“Enough, tell me what you know about my situation?”

‘Changing topics are we?’

I thought with a smile, yes, it’s difficult to her get, that is only if you are aiming for her now, I will help her slowly get her gratitude and then during my help, I might ‘accidentally’ leak that I am Earth, seeing how much crushing she’s doing on my pen name, I don’t think getting her heart after that might be a hard thing,

“What’s in it for me?’

I asked, making Sabrina thoughtful, she’s definitely intrigued by me, who is resisting her blood,

“How do you know this?”

“Sigh…princess are we to just keep questioning? we all have our secrets if you truly doubt me here”

Saying so I took out a slip and placed it on the table,

“This might help alleviate some of that pain of yours, after it works, contact me, then we will have a more focused discussion”

Saying so I stood up gave the girl in front of me a nod and started to walk away, my plans are already in motion, waiting for the sweet girl to fall into my trap after all the big bad wolf is hungry.


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