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The Conquerors Path – Chapter 274: A Happy Family Bahasa Indonesia

“Oh! look at you, it’s been one year and you have already changed so much!”

A beautiful woman with a kind smile said as she hugged me, I too smiled as I hugged her back, she had peach color hair and green eyes, giving her an exotic look, she was Athena the wife of Ralph and someone whom I see as an elder sister and she too sees me like family, important family since I had saved her born children that should have ended up dead,

“Come! I have made all you’re favorites!”

Saying so Athena left the hug as she started to pull me towards the dining table where I came upon two twin kids of year 3, seeing me they rose from their seats as they ran towards me, using their small arms they desperately wanted a hug, seeing all this a kind smile automatically came to my face as I took them both in my arms, holding one on both sides,

“Look at your two! Aria and Josh, you’ve both grown so big!”

“Welcome back big brother!” X2

Both of them said at the same time, both of their words sounding immature and funny at the same time, I chuckled at it as I placed kisses on both their cheeks,

“You know I have got gifts for the two of you”


Both of them raised their arms and cheered as they both placed kisses on my cheeks, soon I carried them both to the seats but just as I was about to sit Athena came forward as she tried to take them off me,

“C’mon here both of you”

“No” X2

It was an instant rejection causing, Athena, to sulk,

“Looks like both my children have been stolen”


Again another instant reply as both Aria and Josh used their small arms to hug my head, unwilling to let go, seeing this Athena just chuckled,

“You know they really missed you”

“Yeah…..I’m sorry but you should know that I have been busy”

“Yeah, I can understand, so scored any girls yet?~”

Athena spoke with a teasing voice, to which I chuckled, holding the kids tighter I spoke,

“Well, I did start seeing someone”

“What!, who?”

And just like a gossipy lady, she came closer to me with sparkling eyes,

“Who’s the lucky lady to become my sister-in-law!”

Saying so she struck a pose as she placed a hand on her hips while her chest was pushed forward, I could only helplessly chuckle at the antics of this older woman,

“Big sis Athena at least try to act your age”

“Hey! my age is just my mentality!”

Athena directly rebutted, I just gave up and tried to take a seat but it was quite difficult with both of the kids in my arms, Athena noticed it as she seriously spoke,

“Kids come here, it’s hard for Austin to sit”


Seeing that Athena was serious the two of them easily relented, meanwhile a certain middle-aged man was at the door watching all this, seemingly forgotten,

“When did I become a side character at my home…?”

His quiet whisperers were filling my ears as I tried my best not to burst out laughing, taking two rapped gifts out I gave them to the kids,

“Here both of you enjoy”

“Thanks” X2

Saying so both of them took the gift as they ran away, excited to see what it is,

“They are as lively as ever”

I spoke as I saw them with run off, Athena chuckled at it as she started to walk towards the kitchen,

“Wait here, let me just get the food”


“Ralph, come here and help me!”

Soon Athena’s voice turned 180 as she looked at Ralph, shouting at him to follow her, and Ralph like the good husband simp he is obediently nodded his head as he followed after Athena, meanwhile, I was laughing my ass off seeing this, earning me a grudgeful gaze from Ralph which was quickly subdued by Athena.

They might not look like it but both of them were powerful fighters, Athena is an Origin realm 9 mages while Ralph is an origin realm 10 warriors, both of them together would make a terrifying combination to fight against and I can testify for that, though in the end Athena kind of retired as she preferred to have a more happy life with her family.

I knew that she genuinely thinks of me as her little blood brother, she did actually have one who ended up dying at a young age, hence she’s extremely spoiling of me when I come here, making poor Ralph take the brunt of all her anger if he did something bad against me, then he’d have to face his terrifying wife who wields the power to take a whole town out of the map.

In the beginning, she had issues with ralph as it was because of his negligence and arrogance that Aria and Josh almost ended up dying, though this didn’t last for long as they reconciled pretty quick but this did give me the opportunity to become their family, even if Ralph shouts and complains he still sees me like family,

“Whose hungry?”

Soon Athena returned with a trolly full of food, seeing it all I couldn’t help but comment,

“Big sis Athena, you really did go all out”

“Yup! can’t have my little brother not having the best!”

Athena proudly said as she started to arrange all the food on the table, soon the smell of food filled my nose, even I have to agree that Athena is a good cook,

“Go on try it”

Encouraging me she pilled on the best into a plate as she served them to me, I happily took them up as I started to gouge on them,

“It’s superb!”

I gave my comment as I started my dive into the lavish food prepared in front of me, Athena smiled at my comment as she soon started to put more food into my plate, while Ralph could only stand at the back and look at me eating all this food with puppy eyes, soon like this I spent my time maneuvering all the food,

“Have to say, big sis, you outdid yourself this time”

“Hehehe…I know”

Athena said with a smile as she started to clean up the table, at that time both Aria and Josh appeared with the toy that I had gifted both of them,

“Big brother, let’s play!”X2

Unwilling to say no to these two angels I went along with them as I started to play small games, during this time Athena did try to make me say the name of the girl I am dating but I just easily skirted around it, promising her that I could introduce the girl in the future,

“So Austin, any leads on ‘them’?”

Athena asked but this time her voice was cold, while the mana in the surrounding was shaking, both Aria and Josh fell asleep and were taken to their room, leaving me, Ralph, and Athena,

“Indeed, right now I am dealing with the family that has some connection to ‘them’, I am trying to get in through the young lady of the family”

“Oh?~you’re gonna play with her?”

“No, I am gonna break her, making her regret ever thinking of meeting with my family”

I replied in a cold tone matching Athena’s who just smiled at the response, while she might seem all lovely one must never forget that she rose through her position through blood and death, you don’t be the wife of one of the leaders of Darknight having a soft heart,

“Good, once you have everything tell me, I too have my own scores to settle”

Athena spoke with a cruel cold smirk, I replicated it as I replied,



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