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The Conquerors Path – Chapter 272: When Did I Get So OP? Bahasa Indonesia

“Yeah…I will never get tired of this”

I spoke as I appeared in a very familiar room, one with an orb sitting on a table, while another similar one was held in my arms, I was back at the head city of the Darknight organization, trailing my eyes over the room and seeing that everything was fine I started to walk out of the room, where I came upon several servants, who immediately bowed on seeing me,

“Welcome back, master!”

I just gave an indifferent nod as I kept walking, this was just one among the many that was given to me, nothing special, moving to a more secluded area I reached in front of a locked room that required one to move through complex magic circle set up, plus after this, it needs one to input a specified code and it should be inputted with my mana signature, else it won’t work.

It was truly a complex safety setup up such that problems won’t crop up in the future, Opening them with practiced ease, I entered the code as I opened the door, making me come upon a spatial tunnel that took me to my desired location, smiling I walked through the tunnel as the door automatically closed behind me.

The very familiar feeling of spatial transport filled me and a few seconds later I arrived in a room, that was filled with several men,

“Hahaha….looks like brother is finally here!”

Roaring laughter filled my ears as I tried to gather myself, finally getting myself in control I straightened myself as I looked at the room, it was a typical conference-like room there being a long table with several people were sitting on it, the room was huge with several similar doors similar to the ones I used.

Focusing my gaze I looked at each of them, nodding my head at them,

“Looks like all you bastards are still alive”

“Tch….still foul-mouthed as ever, I see…”

“And here I was thinking you would change after becoming famous”

“Truly feels like you would not change”

And just as I finished speaking several other voices started to be heard around me, all the ones gathered here were men, the major difference between all of them is the fact that all of them were of different species, ranging from humans, elves, beasts, demons and even some sea folk, there wasn’t a lot but ones from at least each major species were present here.

Each one of them reeked of power and authority, some presence couldn’t even be felt, especially the catkin sitting at the end of the table with a dagger in his hands but there was one thing in common all of them looked to be middle-aged or older. A few minutes later they all finished speaking, I took the opportunity as I walked and sat at the head of the table,

“For a powerful group that is mysterious, you all are sure loud”

“Well at least we know how to keep in touch”

To my words, I received an immediate response, turning my head I looked at the only other human in this gathering, the man had brown hair and black eyes, he looked like a bearded middle-aged man with a handsome enough look, right now he was gazing at me with mild annoyance filling his gaze, I smiled at him as I responded,

“Sorry Ralph, being a bit busy you see….”

“Yeah, maybe tricking girls”

Hearing Ralph’s words I didn’t respond as I just smiled, causing Ralph to snort coldly, who would think that these bunch of guys are the true rulers of the Darknight? one of the most terrifying organizations in the world, the greatest underworld rulers that stretch over the entire world and now they were all my brothers or so they call me.

Right now I have the highest say in this organization, this happened thanks to my future knowledge, as I said before the game could be played on your choice, being the kind, villain or the anti-hero and ensuring this there is a mission for us to deal with the Darknight organization but back then it wasn’t even 1/10th of what they are now.

Even their impenetrable organization was met with the most vicious of attacks it being…betrayal.

In truth the Darknight organization is being run by the guys in front of me, each guy being the head of their respective species office and like this, they maintain a huge connection but this is only possible because the guys here trust each other with their life and consider each other as brothers.

This is possible due to the next successors of each of them being thrown into a life and death situation where they could only survive with each other’s help. Anyhow, in the end, these guys are the head of Darknight but even then they were met with a severe betrayal that almost took them down, many here even lost their families.

Especially Ralph who should have lost his two just-born children if it weren’t for me, he would also have lost his wife who would later die of sickness and shock, that’s why all of them here now think of me like family, they wouldn’t hesitate to move all their resources at my call, that’s how close they think of me.

In the end, I used this to my advantage as I arrive at the perfect moment when everything was about to go to shit, essentially playing the hero as I helped the powerful ones in the world, in the end, I was able to prevent a tragedy that should have resulted in the Darknight turning into a forgotten piece.

In the game, by the time we ‘help’ the Darknight was almost done and at least half of these members were dead, a rebirth was impossible, I essentially dealt with this earning myself the most powerful underworld organization, back then I didn’t pay much attention to it but now digging in deeper I found that the one that was responsible for the betrayal had something to do with the darker organization that supported the Hillclowd family.

This was telling something about the power in their hands, as they had almost caused the annihilation of Darknight, this was another gain as I got a powerful organization that’s willing to work with me, another one is related to the witches, where all of them would jump to help me, the only problem is dealing with them, especially the ones that might lose their control and well try to fuck me

‘Not like I hate it’

In fact, right now I am tempted to reveal more of my cards, the disciple and success of the Eleanor, the holy Son of the church of Razellia, making me the whole king of every witch, I don’t even have to do anything as just talking with them will make them feel close to me, then now there’s also me being the holy son of Orpheus, making me the child of life itself.

The church of life is after all the one with the highest number of followers, adding all this I am right now the most influential person in the world, few will be able to match my connections and even fewer will dare go against me,

‘Damn….when did I get so OP?’.


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