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The Conquerors Path – Chapter 268: Princess A Princess Bahasa Indonesia

“What are you looking at?”

Carmelia asked as she noticed that I was focused on her, watching as she savors the food that I made, shrugging my shoulder I spoke,

“Nothing, it’s just I have the habit of watching people eat my food, their reactions are always one that pushes me to make better food, plus your reaction is pretty interesting”

“Oh? how?”

Carmelia spoke, even now her hands moved as she kept stuffing her mouth with style,

“Well, Carmel always has her reactions on her face, you could tell that she loves it while for you it’s more complicated, there’s barely any movement but each of them is cuter….”

This earned Carmelia’s attention as her cold face filled up with doubt but then again she just shook her head and focused back on the food, unwilling to leave her attention from it, I smirked, both of them had this same problem,

“I guess Carmel, is dying of jealousy?”

“Well, she deserves it, back then she got to taste your food, now it’s my turn”

Carmelia replied, I didn’t say anything as I looked at it, I knew that right now Carmel is watching everything even though she was not in control she could still feel everything that is happening around her, it was the same for Carmelia, that’s the main reason she didn’t put on any guard against me because she knows me.

After this, we didn’t speak much as we kept eating our food, and half an hour later we were done, Carmelia gracefully cleaned her mouth,

“That was delicious”

“Thank you, I could cook every time we train”

“That’s good or how about being my right-hand man?”

Hearing this I was surprised, what she was offering isn’t anything small but it was impossible, shaking my head, I questioned her with a wry smile,

“Are you giving me such a position so that I would always be cooking for you?”


A direct and quick answer,

“You are crazier for food than I thought”

After this, there was just silence as Carmelia awaited my answer,

“I am sorry but no, I have no interest”

“I see…..that’s a pity”

She spoke as her cold eyes sadly gazed at the food on the table causing my lips to twitch, here I was getting the feeling that I wasn’t much compared to the food at the table,

“You know I could come to train here whenever I am free, plus I’m trying new foods out, you can be the first one to taste it”

“That sounds good”

Carmelia spoke, her eyes shining, and even her cold demeanor melted a bit, then I didn’t stay for long as I had some basic talk with her and left, this was only the beginning, I have time to get closer to her.


“How are you doing mysterious?”

I asked as I took a seat, in front of me was the disguised Celestinia, whose always quick to give a jab,

“Well, I can say I’m better than you”

“So you heard…..huh”

I gave a wry smile leaning on the chair, right now its the next day, before coming here I visited Olivia, giving her the normal release but this time I was more gentle, I’m slowly making a transition from rough to loving, while I do enjoy the dominance what I want is a loving relationship, of course, I enjoy the servant play but I want our relationship above that.

So I’m making slow progress there, after that I came directly here, recently my visits here haven’t been regular, taking cuts and breaks, well that is part of my plan and the fact that I don’t have a lot of time to spend, Celestina’s hunt will be a long one and I have to be extremely patient,

“Yes, looks like the demons are giving you a rough time”

“They are but I have plans to deal with them”

“Can’t say that about your dwindling faction”

“Your tongue is as sharp as ever”

I retorted, things by now have reached a boiling point, I have only one-third of the original members that used to be present but the ones that are left have already shown signs to increase in strength and ability, their loyalty was unquestionable, within sometime my retaliation plan will begin,

“Hey, have you joined any faction?”

I asked and she shook her head,

“Then are you willing to join mine? I could use someone of your capabilities”

I spoke with just a little bit of hope which didn’t last long,

“No, I’m not interested in any club or faction”

“I see, that’s sad, I could’ve used someone with such a brilliant mind”

“Oh~is that a praise from the legendary Austin?~should I dance in euphoria?”

Celestinia spoke with a fun teasing voice, so I decided to go along with it, straightening my back while putting on an arrogant look I spoke,

“Well mortal you should be thrilled! for I am generous enough to compliment you!”

“Ohh!~~yes, I can feel your grace!”

Celestinia over reacted her arms shaking in the sky as if she was praying to a god but soon we looked into the eyes of each other and started chuckling,

“Hahaha….nice acting, though a bit overboard”

I spoke,

“Well yours is not too far, have to say your arrogant look is on the spot”

Celestinia spoke with a smile, I shook my head as I spoke,

“Well I had seen too many arrogant young masters during my travels, so I could make them with perfection, especially after pummeling all of them to the ground”

“That looks like fun”

“Oh, that was fun”

Soon both of us just had small talk for the next 10 minutes simply catching up with each other, by now we were two good friends, finally, in the end, Celestinia inquired,

“Tell me Austin, you’re so famous yet I never heard of you ever having any relationship, do you already have someone in mind?”

“Oh? could it be someone is interested?”

I asked back teasingly, hearing my question Celestinia just shook her head,

“No, I’m just asking for a friend”

“Sure, sure I will believe you”

“C’mon I’m serious here”

Celestinia stressed as she looked at me, seeing this I acted doubtful on the outside while on the inside I knew that she was digging up info for Scarlet, finally after a minute of silence I spoke,

“Well, right now I’m seeing someone, she’s kind of special to me, other than that I did have some dates here and there but nothing special, I was never able to find that special someone”

“And what about this girl? do you like her?”

This question caused me to look at Celestinia ‘weirdly’ but she paid no mind to it,

“Well, I did say that she’s special but I can’t tell that if she’s the one, she’s beautiful, her reactions are cute and I love to see her embarrassed but I am still on the fence, feels like something is missing, something…..”



Both I and Celestinia spoke at the same time surprising each other, well only she was surprised while I knew how this would end, after all, I did have to steer the conversation tell here.


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