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The Conquerors Path – Chapter 266: First Princess Done, Next The Second Bahasa Indonesia

“So, did you like the play?”

I asked, to which I only got silence, I didn’t mind, as I held Olivia’s hand and moved forward, the disguise was back on, and there was no indication of our ‘activities’, magic was very useful, the only downside being the fact that Olivia was much more silent, pulling her with me, and with that, we started to go around the majority of the places.

Within 10 minutes Olivia was back alive, I made sure to pick the ones that would interest her, stuff like couple royale, which is much more brutal than it sounds, especially with Olivia in it, all her anger for me was unleashed on those poor couples, luckily we have healing magic otherwise they would be walking around with bruises for a while.

Then we went for the balance of love, where we have to prevent ourselves from falling into a bucket of water, there would be two wooden ledges and both me and Olivia had to walk through them with a string connected between us, the ledge was made such that it was extremely hard to walk on it, but both of us passed that with flying colors

By the end of it Olivia was truly having fun, now being a little late, we entered the restaurant that I had booked,

“Did you have fun today?”

I asked as I swirled the glass of wine in my hand, Olivia sat opposite to me as she drank hers, the whole situation around the restaurant was romantic,

“I had fun”

Olivia replied not hiding her feelings,

“I’m glad”

I replied back with a fond smile, silence reigned between us but it didn’t last for long,

“Tell me Austin, in the future will you marry me? or do you see me as just a path for a better life? or will your feelings change for me when someone better comes along?”

I froze for a moment when I heard Olivia’s question, looking into her eyes, I could feel some sort of odd emotions,

“Could this be about your mother?”

“How did you know?”

Olivia asked back a bit surprised but I just smiled at her,

“Oh! I forgot that my mother treats you like family and that both of you are close”

‘Oh~closer than you think’

I didn’t say that out as I just smiled again, looking at the confused face of Olivia my expression became serious,

“In the future, I will definitely marry you, I will make sure that I will only be the man in your life, I don’t really care about your status and I never thought of using you as some sort of ticket of glory, if you do think that then you don’t know me well”

Saying so I lowered my voice, making sure that I have her focus I continued,

“As for other women’s? I don’t know, I can’t guarantee you that I won’t fall for someone else but I can guarantee you that even then you would always have a place in my heart”

Olivia’s eyes remained serene after I finished, lying here might be the best in the short term but in the long one it would be the worst, sometimes mixing lies into your truth can create the best of answers,

“I see…..”

That’s all that she said as she drank the rest of her wine and soon the waiters came with our food, placing them on our table, the smell of the food soon filled our noses, a minute later both of us were diving into our food, each of our moment impeccable and graceful, after finishing it we left.

Walking through the streets none of us said a word, only silence lingering between us, but I wasn’t going to let that go for long as I held Olivia’s hand, there was no rejection as her hands naturally intertwined with mine, there wasn’t much needed to be said between us as we trailed over the streets, the silence between us being our greatest comfort.

Soon we reached the end where we had to depart, Olivia turned towards me, she seemed to have understood something as she gazed at me, moving forward she laced a kiss on my cheeks,

“I haven’t fallen in love with you but you maybe have created a small dent in my heart”

“I’m glad”

“Then see you again master~~”

With a chuckle, she left,

‘She’s bolder’

Looking at Olivia walking away, I could see it, our date helped to uplift a barrier that surrounded the both of us, but I’m not gonna let her rule above me, after all, I am her master, giving one last look at Olivia I started to walk away, the days still young and I have another troublesome princess to deal with.

A few minutes later I was back at the Archery club, the statue of Eleanor shining in the moonlight, not a single soul in sight, I walked through the club, moving towards an area where another troublesome individual lay. A few seconds later I am standing in front of a door where the sound of arrows being shot could be heard.

Without any hesitation I pushed forward as I entered, coming upon the sight of Carmel practicing, her black hair shining in the night, while white light shinned around her, the place I was in was a specialized area that Carmel used at night, no one other than her knew about it, its the best place to meet her without those to biting on to my ass.

‘Looks like it’s her’

The current Carmel is completely different from how she is, the main difference being her shots, normally her shots were imbued with her feverous admiration of archery but the ones’ I see know, they are all shots to kill, each and every arrow is imbued with the desire to take a life, within a second three more dolls fell with arrows in their head.

Watching it I could not help but nod my head, her skills were the real deal, I could see that she was focused on her fight, hence her lack of focus when it came to me, plus also the fact that she was sure that no one could enter here, getting to this room requires one to follow a certain pattern, without that you are lost.

Finally seeing that she’s finished I clapped but at the first clap itself she shot an arrow that reached my face in the blink of an eye, luckily I expected it as I dodged,

“Is that how you treat your junior?”

I spoke with a joking tone,

“What are you doing here?”

With a cold voice that was never seen before and an even colder eyes that chilled one to their spine, right now Carmel was completely different than how she is, no more is there any cheerful smile or a fun twinkle in her eyes, this was someone different, relaxing myself I spoke,

“I came to meet you Carmel or should I call you….Carmelia?”


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