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The Conquerors Path – Chapter 262: Little Sisters Bahasa Indonesia

“So you are finally back?”

I asked with a teasing smile, causing Sana who was still on my lap to look at the ground shyly, this again prompted me to kiss her cheeks, making her ears shake left and right,

“You know I missed teasing you like this”


For this I got a cold snort from Sana feeling that she was a bit angry, this side of hers was only seen by me and Rina, no one else had the grace of ever seeing Sana be shy,

“I’m sorry, you know it’s just being so busy, I have forgotten the last time I was free”

Hearing my words Sana looked at me, coming up on my tired face, a hint of guilt passed through her eyes,

“I-I am sorry”

This time she apologized, I just smiled as I patted her head, once again causing her tail to dance,

“You don’t have to be sorry about anything, it’s true that I haven’t spent some time with you and I am truly tired but there is something you can do to cheer me up”

“What’s that?”

Sana asked her eyes shinning with resolute vigor, I smirked at it as I whispered into her ears, I could see Sana’s whole face become red, while her eyes were shaking sideways, I waited patiently for her answer, finally after what seemed an eternity Sana shyly nodded her head,


And with that she placed a kiss on my cheeks and slowly lowered her head, her ears and tails were at my mercy, normally only the chosen partner could have this chance but for me, in her heart, I was already in that position.

Moving my hands I slowly reached towards her cute ears and I started to play with them, I could see Sana squirming in my lap as she bit her lips, this once again caused a hungry smile to come on my face, her ears were soft and tingly as I slowly yet sensually ran my fingers through them, the more I did the more Sana squirmed on my embrace.

Then my hands when towards her tail slowly, making sure that she didn’t notice it, reaching it my face moved forward as I bit Sana’s ears softly at the same time my fingers ran through her tail giving it a gentle squeeze and pull,


A moan leaked from Sana’s lips at my unexpected attack, her eyes reeled upwards while her body jerked forward,

“Oh~~is that a moan I hear?”

I spoke as I blew hot wind into her hears, once again causing Sana’s body to tremble but that was just the tip of the iceberg, as Sana’s entire face was red, while she was looking at me with an aggrieved pout,

“Big brother!”

“I know, I’m sorry but seeing your reactions I couldn’t help but tease you, you’re just that cute”


My words did their magic as she was back at her cute side, again I didn’t let go as I started to tease Sana at every chance I got, making Sana a blushing mess, finally, after 10 minutes I let her rest,

“So tell me Sana how’s the academy? did you make any friends?”

“Yes, one or two”

Sana replied as she weakly leaned into my body completely relaxing herself, at times I would catch her taking a sniff of my body but I pretended not to see, I didn’t do anything sexual to her, just playing with her ears and tails to make her blush,

“Really? you made friends?”

I asked her feeling quite skeptical,

“Yes, they kept annoying me to be their friends, and no matter how much I said no they still tried, in the end, I gave in and I’m having fun with them”

“Oh, that’s good”

I said with a smile as I patted her head but on the inside, I wasn’t anything but happy, while I have no problem with Sana making friends, I don’t completely believe in coincidences, both Sana’s and Rina’s pasts are quite unique, even though I helped them destroy the facility where they were experimented on, I still have a feeling that it was not the end.

A power like that and a research that was conducted with such hidden precision couldn’t be anything amateur, back then it was easy for me to destroy them but it didn’t feel right, and now with these, I feel like something else was at play

‘Looks like I have something new on my hand’

My mind buzzed as I thought of different possibilities but I showed none of them outside, silently patting Sana’s back, I smiled at her as the both of us enjoyed each other’s embrace, we just kept talking to each other about the small things we went through and as such time passed as the night descended.

Finally, under Sana’s unwilling gaze, we separated as I headed toward my room, reaching it I opened them, and as soon as I did a very familiar figure rushed in as she hugged me, her soft arms wrapped around my neck, while her legs wrapped around my waist, her familiar sweet scent invaded my nose,

“Big brother…”

She happily whispered into my ears, I smiled as I caught her body by her bubbly yet soft ass, my hands sank into them as I hugged her tight, well I didn’t stop at it as I started to get a nice feel of the ass, Elda looked at me as her lips met mine, soon we were entangling our tongues, our lips desperately needing each other.

Elda’s honey-like saliva entered my mouth, while her soft tongue played with mine, my hands were at their fullest as I gripped her ass, enjoying changing their shape, finally, after a minute Elda took her lips back, a bridge of saliva connecting our lips,

“I missed you”

“Didn’t we just meet this morning?”

I replied back to Elda who pouted back and hugged me,

“But I still missed you!”

“I missed you too”

I said with a smile as I brought her towards the bed laying there as I placed Elda’s soft and gentle body above me, my hands wrapped around her waist, while I planted a kiss on her forehead, by now we spent most of our nights together, sleeping in each other embrace,

“So how was your day?”

“Nothing special, just the normal, though Nyla kept asking for you, she seems excited about a fight”

“Well, tell her that I don’t mind fighting her when I am free”


Saying so Elda’s legs covered over mine as she started to run her hands around my chest, looking at Elda’s face I knew she had something to say,

“What is it, Elda?”

“Well, it’s about big sis”

“Sigh….what’s it?”

“She’s asking for my help, planning for some kind of double attack”

“And what did you say?”

“I said that I will think about it”

Hearing Elda’s answer I became quiet, moving forward I kissed Elda’s lips, tasting her lips for a second I pulled back,

“Do, whatever you feel like, I don’t own you, Elda, I will always trust your choice”

Hearing my words Elda nodded her head, she came forward as she took a peck on my lips and tightly embraced me, her soft lithe body blending into mine, I hugged her back,

“Good night Elda”

“Good night big brother”

And just like that, I started to fall asleep as my plans for Olivia tomorrow ran at full speed.


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