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The Conquerors Path – Chapter 260: A New Addition Bahasa Indonesia

Sonia POV:

“What is there not to love about you?”

Austin said, his words ringing deep into Sonia’s heart, Leonardo had shown her what type of person he is, she had lost her goal and felt like an idiot, her heart pained and felt dead, yet she wasn’t as devastated as she thought she would be, deep within her heart a sense of relief filled her, she was hurt for sure.

She felt lost and useless but it didn’t hurt her as bad as she thought it would, only a looming feeling that she had lost something, her obsession and her reason to move forward were lost, and her body was filled with dreadful scars that would make anyone reel back, yet when she heard Austin’s words something in her broke, her flood of emotions was let loose,


Her scream ran across the room, and her fists tightened as she started to hit his chest, she didn’t want to hurt him, he was here helping her but she wanted to vent, her feelings were let loose as she reigned them upon Austin, her words were powerful yet weak, she felt worse and mostly used, she had spent her time like an idiot.

Running behind a person that didn’t look at her, losing sleep and friends over a love that was false, filling her body with scars that would make a boy near her repel back from her, she had long forgotten when she wore a short dress with her arms in the open, all her feelings of rage and loss were poured out, finally, it became quiet,

“What is there not to love about you?”

Austin spoke and with that he started to list all the things he liked and noticed about her, shocking Sonia to the core, she knew that he liked her but deep within somewhere in her heart she felt like all of those were lies, her natural pride had long disappeared, making her feel that she was not worthy but now hearing him talk all about her she felt……..embarrassed yet happy.

She never thought that having someone talk about her and pay attention to her felt so…warm, she had spent all her time running after Leonardo and now having someone pay attention to her felt good, she knew the pain of watching, someone, in the dark not knowing if that person would ever look at you.

In her shock she had even raised her head, looking directly into Austin’s eyes, she could see his purple eyes that were gleaming with warmth and sincerity, he truly wanted to know her better and this once gain rose some kind of anger in her, she just couldn’t accept it…..no her lost mind felt the need to vent,

“You Love me? so will you love a woman who looks like this!”

Saying she extended her hands ripping off the covers in her hands, displaying her scars, she ripped some clothes from her stomach displaying the scars there, her body was filled with them, showing him what she truly looked towards Austin but all she got was a calm look from him, with his eyes gently looking at her,

“Do you think I haven’t seen them?”

It was only when she heard this did she remember that he must have seen them before, coming upon them when she was taken to the infirmary, Sonia before had shown her scars to others but all she got were a look of repulsion, they all hid it well but she could tell that they felt uncomfortable in her presence, even Leonardo once had the same reaction.

That was the main reason she started to cover herself but now here Austin was looking at her body with not even a hint of dislike, moving forward, he held her hands as he earnestly looked into her eyes,

“Sonia, why would I not like you because of this? your beautiful unwillingness is the main reason that I started to fall for you, even if you had scars on your face it won’t change that fact”

Hearing his words Sonia’s eyes started to shake again, her heart started beating faster, unexpectedly she felt happy but then a white light filled her eyes and the next moment she opened them only Austin’s smiling face filled her vision,

“Now would you care?”

He spoke, she was confused at first but then looking at her hands she could see that her scars were gone! everywhere she looked, she only saw her pristine beautiful white skin, making her dumbfounded, with eyes wide open she looked at Austin who was smirking at her response,


Is all that came out of her mouth, she felt lost once again,


Austin asked, bringing her out of her thoughts, she held her arms that no longer felt rough or tough, even Leonardo never tried to heal, him using the words that the scars were her achievements and proof of her hard work, and she liked the dumb girl in love went along with it, but now seeing her beautiful hands free of ugliness.

She felt a weight lift from her heart, turning her head towards Austin she leaped into his embrace once again hugging him as she cried,

“Thank you!”

Her words were drowned by her tears, as she hugged and cried again, her heart feeling sweet, happy, excited and many other emotions, the emotions she had lost returned this time 100s of times stronger, hugging the man that gave her a new choice in life she cried, this time for a different reason and just like that Sonia fell asleep.

Meanwhile, Austin sat there hugging her, looking at her peaceful sleeping face he smiled, he did wrong here, there was no mistaking it but he would live the rest of his life making it up to her, he didn’t lie when he said that he liked her, he had seen how hard Sonia had worked and he had also seen her beautiful kindness.

What man didn’t want such things in a woman? he himself was moved a bit by her actions, kissing her forehead he spoke,

“Don’t worry I will never make you cry again, this is a promise”

Saying so he hugged her as he went into a deep sleep.


Sometime later Sonia opened her eyes, confusion filled them before everything that happened replayed in her mind, making her mood a bit worse but it was then that she noticed the situation she was in, making her blush a bit, quietly moving herself so as not to wake up Austin, she looked at his sleeping face.

Moving away the hair that hid his face she looked at him clearly, marking each of his features in her mind, once again she marveled at how perfect he looked, Leonardo didn’t hold a candle to him, slowly moving her hands she held his face, her eyes misty as she spoke,

“Thank you”

+99,999 affection

Her words were filled with many emotions, her eyes now contained a heavy dark hint that was not there before, it would seem that she didn’t come out of the incident fully okay, holding Austin’s face Sonia tried her best to hold her burning feelings back, her innocent yet kind heart was beating fast,

“I promise, this time I won’t be an idiot”

+99,999 affection

[It would seem that the future was bleak]

The system thought…


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