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The Conquerors Path – Chapter 254: Hero Playing In The Devils Hands Bahasa Indonesia

“Austin is with them?!”

Leonardo replied, astonishment and disbelief filling his voice, he couldn’t believe that Austin was such a person, from all that he was he understood that Austin was a gentleman, he risked his life to get rid of corruption and is known to be the only one capable of dealing with it, Leonard himself agreed that he was a bit jealous of him.

Austin seemed to have everything in the world, beautiful and caring family, looks to kill for, a talent that outshines the rest, and confidence that puts down others, Leonardo himself had to agree that even he felt a little inferior in front of Austin, Leonardo dreamed to become someone like him but now things were a bit different,

“Yes, we highly suspect….no we know that he’s part of the dark side”

“Can you explain?”

Leonardo asked reigning in his heavily beating heart, if the world got of such information it would definitely be shaken, the leading figure of the current era belonged to the dark! this news will definitely hit the top, thinking of this deep in his heart a hint of joy bloomed, he knew that was bad, yet he couldn’t hold himself back.

All this while he thought that Austin was a godly figure, nothing imperfect but now knowing the truth, some sort of anxiety in his heart settled, moreover his heart started beating faster at the thought of Elda, whom he fell in love with, at first sight, something about her was drawing him in, just her smiling was making Leonardo’s heart beat faster.

Her innocent aura was the icing on the cake, making him want to desire her more but he wasn’t good at any of the love related stuff, plus Elda seems to have no interest in anyone, there’s also the rumor that she would only accept anyone that beat Austin, this was also another reason why Leonardo tried to improve himself.

He had seen Austin’s fight with three princes, it was total domination and Leonard knew that he hadn’t reached such a level but now knowing this he felt like he had another chance,

‘Maybe we could go closer when she joins the Illuminati?’

Leonardo fantasized, meanwhile ‘Barley’ in front of him was staring at him with a thin smile, his intentions completely hidden, he couldn’t read Leonardo’s thoughts but having heard his happy outburst he could understand some things, seeing that Leonardo was happy at taking him down, he no longer has any hesitation, he would make this so-called protagonist suffer,

“Here, this is some of the information we could gather about him, he’s quite clear all we got about him are speculations”

Leonard coming out of his daydream took the file, as he read through it, ‘Barley’ started to speak,

“As you can see there was a rumor surrounding him, it was said that Austin didn’t have any talent and that he was kicked out from the house, this while not true has some truth in it”

“What do you mean?”

“Well you see he wasn’t kicked out but he ran away from home, he couldn’t bear the shame that he had no talent, this was something we verified”

Hearing this Leonardo’s eyes widened, he could see that the speculations were true, watching Leonardo’s expression, ‘Barley’ continued,

“So isn’t it quite suspicious that he came back this strong?”

“It is but wasn’t he capable of dealing with corruption? doesn’t it make him more reliable?”

Leonard asked, quickly catching onto suspicious hints and ‘Barley’ smiled and nodded,

“That’s right but think like this, doesn’t this make him less suspicious? with such power who would think that he was capable of joining such a disdainful group? his powers are the perfect alibi”

“I see…”

Leonardo nodded her head, his belief that Austin was not good increasing by the second and that’s when it hit him,

“Wait doesn’t this mean that Elda is in more danger than ever?”

“No, from what we could tell kidnapping Elda isn’t Austin’s mission, he is after al their ‘best’ product, the dark side will have something more heinous for him to do”

“Then shouldn’t we take action now?”

“No, we don’t have enough proof, you should know which family Austin belongs to right? without ironclad proof, the Lionheart family will raise blood”

“Yeah, I’m sorry I didn’t think that far”

“No problem, you’re still young, you have time to grow”

‘Barley’ spoke with a natural smile, making Leonardo feel more at ease but then his eyes furrowed as he asked,

“But is Austin that heartless to give up his own sister?”

“Why don’t you read the file and understand more”

Hearing it Leonardo dived back into the book and a minute later he slammed at the table, his eyes reddened,

“That disgusting bastard! I didn’t take him to be such a vile creature, he must be killed!”

Leonardo spoke with a cracking voice, disgust and disbelief filling his voice, the information was about how Austin would kidnap women rape them, and take their power for themselves, by now the number of women that had lost their chastity to Austin was beyond count he was just a sex fiend!

“Calm down, this was all we could salvage but after we get all the correct information we could take this demon down!”

‘Barley’ roared with ‘disgust’ and ‘hate’, Leonardo then nodded his head,

“To think I once admired him looks like my eyes were blind”

“Don’t worry, everyone did fall under his charm, it’s normal”

It was then that Leonardo’s head lit up, yes! all of them were being fooled by Austin!, suddenly he remembered all the powerful people that respect him, all those students that follow him and suddenly he felt a burning desire to protect them from this vile evil,

‘I must subtly start dividing his friends from him’

Leonardo decided, his disgust for Austin just growing,

“Sigh…..I wish I could just punch him in the face”

“Don’t we all but for greater justice patience is needed”

‘Barley’ spoke with a friendly smile,

“Speaking of which, are you a student here?”

“Yes but don’t look for me, in the light we don’t know each other, got it?”


Leonardo nodded his head and just then a serious expression came on ‘Barley’s’ face as he spoke,

“Speaking of this, if Austin ever asks you if you’re close to someone just completely close him down”


“He might target you, after all the holders of the legendary weapons are a threat to them, and knowing his status I am sure that he knows about you, and from what you read, you could tell what kind of person he is, right?”

“Yes, I can’t help but feel disgusted thinking about it”

“So, be careful if he ever asks that you are close to anyone, especially girls, completely react like they don’t mean anything to you, by now he must know that you have an honest character so hearing you’re outburst he will lose his motivation”

“I understand, I will be careful”

“Good, then sign this”

Saying so ‘Barley’ forwarded a contract,

“What’s this?”

“A death contract”


Leonardo asked his eyes widening, ‘Barley’ showed a ‘bitter’ smile as he spoke,

“Don’t worry there’s nothing that will harm you, this is just a precaution so that even if you are caught no information would ever be leaked, I am sure that you will join in the future, so it’s better to get rid of the issue now”

Leonardo stayed silent as he started to read through the document, the Claus was simple if he starts to tell the truth about Illuminati he dies, that’s all but it was pretty brutal, but just then he heard Durandal’s voice,

‘Sign it’


‘What he said was right, you will definitely join this place in the future, plus this is quite normal, after all, there is never true loyalty, only true benefits’

Hearing Durnadal’s words Leonardo stayed silent, finally, after a minute he signed it and as he did a black thread rose from the contract and filled his body, soon he could feel a connection with the contract,

“All good?”

‘Barley’ asked,


“Good then, here’s you’re first mission, it’s simple and I am sure that you will do well”

Saying so ‘Barley’ forward the information about Leonardo’s mission, watching him go through his mission seriously, ‘barley’ smiled in happiness,

‘Welcome to my net, little prey’.


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