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The Conquerors Path – Chapter 234: Bath(2) Bahasa Indonesia

And imagining how this thing goes through different women’s shrines, she couldn’t help but gulp as she momentarily imagined his cock going into hers…

‘No! what the hell are you thinking! You are his mother!’

She shook off her outrageous thoughts thinking that it might destroy her pure relationship, she knew that her son wants it but she keeps hesitating, she knew that people usually considered her to be beautiful and sexy, and a large part of her wants to advance forward but still, some hesitation fills her mind, deep inside her, she desired to feel that warmth and comfort of her son in a different way…no matter what she had to do to feel it.

Just within a week of meeting him, he was able to set her heart free and happier, making her heart flutter for a man for the first time in her life. But she knew better than to act out her inner wishes, her eyes focused dangerously as her fingers over his cock began to move on their own,

“Oooh, you’re amazing mother….”

Austin let out a surprised groan as her fingers continued to rub his cock in a very stimulating way, her hands were the softest thing he ever felt, a smile crossed Orpheus’s lips, hearing his compliment, motivating her even further while mitigating her bashfulness, she was doing a handjob for the first time, but strangely at this moment, all she cared about was making him feel good, she then saw the pale pink tip of his cock and moved her hand over it out of sheer curiosity,

‘How soft and smooth!’

Orpheus inwardly mumbled in amazement as she pulled down the foreskin, She felt that his glans were so soft that it almost felt like her fingers would melt by caressing over them, she circled her fingers over his glans, caressing it from different sides, her motherly instincts rose in another way,

“Go faster….”

Austin said with a smile, Orpheus’s eyes became determined as she gripped his thick rod a bit tighter and began to move her hands up and down, the way her hand was moving seemed as if she was trying to squeeze out something from his rod, and she could feel his cock pulsating after getting stimulated by her hand,

“Nngh, perfect…more…”

Austin groaned as he appreciated her handjob skills, Orpheus continued to give him a handjob while moving her hand at different angles to target his erogenous spots, she just wanted the best for her son, however, even though Austin felt like ejaculating, he held back since he was not satisfied with just a handjob but wanted more!

Orpheus started to knit her brows when she saw that his cock was not getting smaller at all no matter how long she had been rubbing it, nor was he cumming, which completely puzzled her, making her wonder if she was doing it wrong but then, remembering how her son had a feel-good expression, she knew that he was at least finding it pleasurable,

“It isn’t getting smaller…Maybe I am too inexperienced?”

Orpheus said with a sigh as she continued to rub him but only saw his cock getting slightly bigger instead of cumming,

“Actually, mother you are doing well but I want something else too”

Austin said with a grave expression Orpheus could feel her son’s desire and nervousness, hence she spoke,

“What do you want?”

“Really? Then…”

Feeling a bit ‘nervous’ Austin nudged her face upwards and asked,

“Can I kiss you?”


Orpheus was taken aback by his sudden request of wanting to kiss her, she felt her heart leaping in joy but was still a bit of hesitation remained,

“B-But I am your mother…”

“Yes…A mother I would gladly die for to get a kiss…”

Austin replied with an enamoring gaze, making her heart skip a beat, she could feel his conviction and his deep feelings for her, the years of her life flashed through her life, the desolate feelings that she had and how lonely she was, then her current memories flooded her, it might have just being a week but this was the first time since her birth that she felt at peace, her thoughts melted away Orpheus’s every last inhibition as she involuntarily leaned upwards to meet his pale crimson lips,


Orpheus’s lips interlocked with her son’s cold yet warm lips, both Austin and Orpheus felt a tremble through their spine, the connection between them applied, their souls flushed out mind-tingling pleasure, just this kiss turned their relationship upside down, her fundamental feelings for Austin had changed, Orpheus’s lips involuntarily danced to the tune of his lips while Austin felt as if her lips were as soft as cotton and tasty as candy.

Orpheus’s felt her son’s lips gently and softly caressing over hers as if he wanted to taste more of her, She was feeling a tingling sensation in her heart as if it was going crazy and a strange warmth spreading over her ears, cheeks, and chest, Austin cupped her cheeks as his kiss became hot and breathy, sending electric sensations over her lips, traveling all the way over her body, making her body heat up even more,


Orpheus felt as if she was experiencing a whole new pleasurable experience as she involuntarily let out low moans from the back of her mouth, however, her mind was struggling with accepting the fact that she was really kissing her son

‘This can’t be happening!’

This thought echoed in her mind repeatedly till she believed that this was not a dream after a long steamy kiss, Austin separated his lips and closely looked into her eyes,

“You are so ravishing, mother, I want to taste even more of you, Can I?”

Orpheus’s face flushed even more after hearing his sweet words, which seemed to enchant her soul, she knew what Austin wanted and felt happier that he was interested in her. But at the same time, her heart was galloping in embarrassment and nervousness, thinking about removing her dress before her son and her man, especially one she was fond of, Austin caressed her head,

“Do you want to stop?”

Orpheus shook her head, her eyes now shining with desire,

“No…I also…want to be closer to you. You can go ahead and do whatever you want, my love…”

These words were like music to Austin’s ears,


Austin softly said as he held her hand and pulled her up,

“Mother I want you to undress yourself, I want to engrave each and every part of your sexy body to my mind, I want it as your man”

Orpheus smiled in embarrassment and delight, hearing Austin calling himself her man, they didn’t need many words, the connection between them was more than enough for both to know what the other wanted, She nodded and took off her apron, Then she began to slowly unzip her dress from behind till it reached her waist, Since it was a one-piece maid dress, she raised her arms as she folded and pulled up her dress till she completely removed it to reveal a camisole slip and long leggings which perfectly stuck to her voluptuous body.

Even though her slip was looking conservative, it couldn’t hide the inviting plump and upright boobs hidden underneath. Even the slip had been pushed front so much that her enticing cleavage was visible.


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