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The Conquerors Path – Chapter 231: Meeting(2) Bahasa Indonesia

I spoke and it was only after hearing my voice did Ron recover from his daze, his calm eyes sharpened for a moment but they disappeared as they came, exhaling out he smiled as he spoke,

“Really, it seems that I have severely underestimated you and your group”

“I will take that as a compliment”

I replied back with a smirk, I could tell that his motive wasn’t just to form an alliance it was also to get a dig at what kind of person I am, I have to admit that he’s good at leading a talk, every movement of his was planned and calculated, even in the game he’s an adverse opponent to face but back then it was just a dispute over a certain even.

As a gale game the story was always focused more on the girls, hence I don’t have much information about him from the game but here now in real life I could tell that he’s not one to be trifled with but for me, I have nor fear, heck I have a yandere mommy goddess spoiling me from behind, just a word and he’s done.

And even leaving that aside just with the blessing that I have, I am unkillable, I could even revive the dead, granted under some conditions but even then I could make any dying team win in a heartbeat, after all, I was easily able to bring back Nora to her tip-top condition when she had fought the three killers before.

It’s an op ability to use in a team battle, imagine having your enemies completely drained but the next moment they would be in their peak condition, even their mental strength would have returned! this was more than enough to sow despair in any battle,

“Humph, just a handsome brat thinking that he’s great”

A slightly disdained filled voice reached my ears, causing me to look at a demon, that had reddish skin and four eyes on his face, his looks were subpar but a suffocating pressure released from his body, just one look was enough to tell that he was not to be messed around with, focusing on him I spoke,

“Got a problem four eyes?”

“You bas-“

The four eyes weren’t even able to finish his words as a huge sword aura focused on his body, making him shudder, behind me Mike was now looking at the demon with frigid eyes, it wasn’t only him the rest too had hardened eyes, they were just waiting for my signal to burst forth but it was then the aura from Ron was released suppressing Mike’s,

‘He’s strong’

Focusing my thoughts I looked at Ron who even now has a calm smile on his face, seeing this I sighed I was fed up with this shit, from the beginning till now he’s been testing me, there’s no way that a subordinate of his would speak up at our meeting, not unless he’s being told explicitly to cause trouble,

“Guys do what the fuck you all want”

And that was what they had to hear as the next moment Mark disappeared from where he stood, in a blink of an eye he was in front of the four-eyed demon as his greatsword moved forth, with a thud the demon was sent flying, meanwhile Rina had a battle-hungry smile as her arms doubled in size as she punched forth intending to crush one of the demonesses that stood behind Ron.

Jacob gave us a battle-hungry cry as his massive body moved with surprising speed as he punched towards Ron! meanwhile, Alex and Mika stood in front of me as guards, Mika’s rapier was in her hand while Alex’s eyes scanned the surrounding for any unexpected movement, a small dagger lay in his hand.

All of this had happened in a second some hadn’t even understood what had happened, time seemed to slow down as Mike moved forth for a hit, Rina’s bloated hand arrived at the demoness, while Jacob’s hand was dangerously leaning towards Ron’s head, who was still focused on me, seeing it I simply rose my hand and gave him the middle finger, not like it meant anything here but still it felt good.


Jacob who was moving forward to hit Ron has blasted away as his body hit a wall, Rina’s hand had been stopped by a barrier that had been created around the demoness that she had aimed for but cracks had already started to appear around the barrier as the battle-hungry smile on Rina’s face extended,

“What’s the meaning of this?”

Ron asked with a frigid tone, to which I arrogantly leaned back, placed my one leg over another as I spoke,

“The fuck do you care? I came here since you called and ever since then all you do was test me, who the hell do you think you are? my daddy? did you think that because you’re a price you sit on some high horse? or do you think that you shit gold?”

My words traveled through the room stunning the demons who never expected such a crass language to leave my mouth, even Ron looked surprised but the people who came with me smiled as they knew how I was, in the end, I am still am a noble and within that accord, I should keep a certain grace but why should I care? even the Lionheart family has a military-based style.

My current grandfather had already told me that if I didn’t like someone I had the full right to fuck that person over! and that was what I was about to do,

“You bastard! how dare you!”

A demon that was free attacked me but he was stopped by Alex and Mika, within this Mike returned with a heavily beaten up four eyes on his hand, looking at it the rest of my crew smiled, Mika again drew his greatsword to beat the rest but it was then that the door to the room was opened as hundreds of demons flooded in their auras raising as they prepared for battle.

Different types of weapons filled their hand as they pointed at us, by now my group had already returned to my side, protecting me from all directions, in the end, they cared about my well being above anything else,

“At ease”

Ron waved his hand indicating for the demons to put their weapons down, hearing it they did but even then their vigilance didn’t decrease as they surrounded us,

“You made a big mistake today Austin”

“Oh…bite me”

I gave him a snarly reply causing Ron’s eyes brows to twitch, looking at my group for a moment a hint of envy passed in his eyes before which he spoke,

“Get out”

And that what we did was we were escorted outside by a group of angry and pissed off demons, soon we were shown the way outside the huge black place that had a special shine, this is after all the area that was allocated to Ron and many powerful demos belonging to his faction patrolled the area.

Soon a small commotion arose as we were in a fashion thrown out of the palace the demons that were watching it were already talking with each other,

“What now Austin?”

Alex spoke as he came to me, to this I just gave a simple reply

“Now we prepare for war”


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