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The Conquerors Path – Chapter 224: Senior Bahasa Indonesia

‘She did go overboard’

The complete area was suited for archery, for one the Archery club was not in such a condition in the past, it was only after Carmel took charge did the situation turn around, she didn’t hesitate to remodel the whole thing, she made sure to match everything to her taste and liking, she’s a bonafide fanatic of Archery and Eleanor.

Looking at the cool and calm beauty with a bow, I couldn’t help but agree that her charms right now are extremely tempting, in the story she was another hard target to get close to, it took me at least many tries before I could even succeed, the reason for it being that she’s the type that’s easy to get along with and will easily consider you a good friend but the problem is that in such a way you will be pushed into the…zone.

Yes, the one zone that all the male friends fear from, the one zone that describes any guy feeling as nomal…..yes! It’s the friend zone!,

‘Sorry I only see you have a friend’

I had already lost count of the number of times that I heard this dialogue from Carmel, this was the hurdle to get over for Carmel, one wrong move and you would end up in the friend zone, in fact right now she has two male best friends that had fallen into the friend zone, her two friends that are the vice presidents of the Archery club.

They are her childhood best friends who grew along with her, the successors to two powerful duke families, they loved her so much that they chose the path of archery to be with her! sadly both of them were rejected by her, they were pitifully thrown into the friend zone, in fact, both of them are major hurdles that none must overcome if they want to win her heart, in the game they were like lap dogs that tried to bit on to anybody that looked like they were getting close to her,

‘She’s still the same’

Looking at Carmel that was lovingly cleaning her bow, I couldn’t help but chuckle, in the game, her admiration for Eleanor was something else, this stemmed from her inner desire to be free, there’s a secret that none knows about Carmel, its that she doesn’t want to be a crown princess, she hates the feeling of being tied down by her responsibilities.

Her greatest desire was to be free, travel the world, eat the most rarest of food, she wants to feel the wind on her face, the excitement of battle, that’s her greatest desire but sadly that will never come true, she will now and forever be tied down by her responsibilities, the burden of being the next ruler will always weigh heavily on her, they were chains that tie her down.

Even if she wants to she can’t escape, well how can she? she’s born with one of the noblest bloodlines, her parents loved her dearly as they taught and rose her, she was given the best of treatment, her life was the epitome of grace, there was nothing she couldn’t have but ironically due to this she can’t have the one thing she wants.

Being a smart woman Carmel knew that if she gave her status away then she would be the target of many, she’s strong but she hadn’t reached the level of omnipotent, the moment weakness arises she will be taken down, here her beauty without the power to protect it would be devoured before she could react.

And that’s the reason that she admired Eleanor, her stories, the defiance of her fate as she rose to power, all of these legends created a fantasy within her that she could maybe….maybe one day break out of her shackles too, in fact, she’s a half disciple of Eleanor, Carmel should have been a full-fledged one but a certain situation arose that didn’t let that happen.

Eleanor though still considers Carmel important to her, she had talked about Camrle to her before and her regret of not being able to take Carmel as her disciple, in the game Carmel became really close to the disciple of Eleanor that village boy, heck she almost had fallen in love with him, he was another hurdle that had to be overcome.

Though in the story later down she was accepted fully as Eleanor’s disciple, which will make her my senior, and as a loving junior shouldn’t I help and ‘care’ for my senior? suppressing my true thoughts I arrived in front of the group that surrounded Eleanor, all of them had a strong aura of mana and each one of them had battle-hardened gazes.

By now most of the attention was on me who kept walking behind Ferox as I reached in front of Eleanor, stopping in front of the group Ferox spoke,

“President, this is him”

He pointed at me as he gave me the way, stepping forward I kept on my best smile as I moved forward for a handshake, Carmel too smiled back at me in a relaxing vibe as she shook my hand,

“Aye~~looks like we have MR. popular attending our club”

Carmel spoke with a joyful and chipper voice, to which I gave my own reply,

“Well it’s nice to meet the Princess Of Bow”

“Oh~~quite the one at a talk, I see~”

“What can I do, I’m just built differently”

I gave of a shoulder shrug at my last words, which earned me a chuckle from Carmel and the girls in the group while the guys just had their brows furrowed, looks like I will be enjoying my time with the girls more. Leaving the handshake Carmel covered her mouth as she chuckled,

“Hehehe~~with just this I can tell that you will definitely be popular with the girls”

“Humph, look at my face does it look like I need words?”

I spoke back with an arrogant word and posture but my voice was laced with comedy, which earned me another chuckle from well the girls again, while the boys just looked unimpressed, looks like I won’t be making male friends here, by now Carmel had warmed up to me a bit, using this chance I scanned her,


Name: Carmel Twilight

Sex: Female

Age: 20

species: human

Talent: 10/10

Power: Origin level 6

Title: Princess Twilight, The foodie, The Princess of Bow, star breaker…..etc

Love: 0%

Description: A woman with a strong and cheerful personality on the outside that hides a sorrowful and weak side on the inside, needs someone that she could totally be open with, someone that could see the true her

>She wishes for a charming prince to come and rescue her from her never-ending boredom of nobility, a single man that could truly make her feel loved

>A little bit curious about you

Difficulty: S(C’mon man! she’s weak right now! run into that holy shrine and make her see a new path! a path with you, P.S: be a bit careful or you could end up a porcupine of arrows! well not like you haven’t experienced that before )



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